2013 Dove Awards Nominees Announced

The 2013 Dove Awards Nominees were announced yesterday.

There are a number of common threads to this year’s nomination list. First, most of the Southern Gospel nominees are connected to either Wayne Haun, Bill Gaither, or John Hagee.

Second, a rather significant percentage of this year’s Southern Gospel nominees are distributed by Capitol Christian Distribution (formerly EMI CMG); this would cover Gaither Music Group releases (Gaither Vocal Band, David Phelps, Isaacs, et cetera), Difference Media releases (Canton Junction, Aaron & Amanda Crabb), Spring House releases (Jason Crabb, Oak Ridge Boys), and releases by Jeff & Sheri Easter and the Booth Brothers. Stow Town, distributed by Provident, picked up quite a few nominations for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Devin McGlamery, Collingsworth Family, and Beyond the Ashes. 

Curb Records (Michael English) and Crossroads and its assorted imprints (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / Mountain Home, Little Roy & Lizzy Long / Vine) also picked up several nominations each.

From a nominations-per-label standpoint, the most significant change from last year’s nominees and awards list is that Daywind had a much larger presence last year. (A pertinent factor this year, though, is that last year’s Daywind winners, The Perrys and Karen Peck and New River, probably both did not release albums of new songs during this year’s eligibility period.)

The nominees in the Southern Gospel-specific categories are:

Southern Gospel Performance of the Year

  • “Glorious Freedom”, Gaither Vocal Band
  • “Sometimes I Wonder”, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • “Stubborn (Psalm 151)”, Michael English 
  • “What The Blood Is For,” Jason Crabb
  • “Why Can’t We,” The Isaacs

Southern Gospel Song of the Year

  • “Glorious Freedom,” Gaither Vocal Band
  • “Hold On,” Canton Junction
  • “Sometimes I Wonder,” Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • “Stubborn (Psalm 151),” Michael English
  • “What the Blood Is For,” Jason Crabb

Southern Gospel Album of the Year

  • A Tribute to the Songs of Bill & Gloria Gaither, Booth Brothers
  • Canton Junction, Canton Junction
  • Glorious Day, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • Pure and Simple, Gaither Vocal Band
  • Some People Change, Michael English

Southern Gospel-related nominations also appeared in quite a few other categories:

Song of the Year

  • “From My Rags To His Riches,” Devin McGlamery (featuring Dailey & Vincent)
  • “Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored,” Gaither Vocal Band
  • “Hold On,” Canton Junction
  • “I’m Learning,” Aaron & Amanda Crabb
  • “Sometimes I Wonder,” Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • “Take Him To The Place,” Aaron & Amanda Crabb
  • “What The Blood Is For,” Jason Crabb
  • “Why Can’t We,” The Isaacs

Producer of the Year

  • Ben Isaacs
  • Wayne Haun

Inspirational Song of the Year

  • “Satisfied,” Jason Crabb
  • “Take Him to the Place,” Aaron & Amanda Crabb
  • “When Love Whispers Your Name,” Beyond The Ashes

Bluegrass Song of the Year

  • “Come to Jesus,” Gaither Vocal Band
  • “He Washed My Soul,” The Little Roy & Lizzy Show
  • “Living in the Kingdom of God,” Dailey & Vincent
  • “Peace That Covers All The Pain,” Dailey & Vincent
  • “Standing in the Need Prayer,” Oak Ridge Boys

Country Song of the Year

  • “From My Rags To His Riches,” Devin McGlamery (with Dailey & Vincent)
  • “God’s Up to Something,” Jason Crabb
  • “I Get To,” Oak Ridge Boys
  • “I’m Learning,” Aaron & Amanda Crabb
  • “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” Guy Penrod

Inspirational Album of the Year

  • Classic, David Phelps
  • Love Is Stronger, Jason Crabb

Bluegrass Album of the Year

  • Lord In The Morning, The Little Roy & Lizzy Show
  • Sing Me A Song About Jesus, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • The Gospel Side Of Dailey & Vincent, Dailey & Vincent

Country Album of the Year

  • Back Home Again, Oak Ridge Boys
  • Eyes Wide Open, Jeff & Sheri Easter
  • Hymns, Guy Penrod
  • Mercy, Aaron & Amanda Crabb

Musical of the Year

  • Changed by a Baby Boy, arranged by Lari Goss
  • Christ The Redeemer, created by Joel Lindsey, Jeff Bumgardner, and Daniel Simpson, (arrranged) Daniel Semsen
  • Repeat the Sounding Joy, created by Wayne Haun and Dave Clark

…and one each in a few more categories:

  • Songwriter of the Year: Wayne Haun
  • Contemporary Christian Performance of the Year: “The Dream”, David Phelps
  • Instrumental Album of the Year: 100 Piano Hymns, Gerald Wolfe
  • Christmas Album of the Year: Feels Like Christmas, Collingsworth Family
  • Choral Collection of the Year: Ready to Sing: The Songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither Vol. 2, arranged by Russell Mauldin


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  1. Not much in there to interest me, except for one thing. Gerald Wolfe has a piano CD nominated that I had never even heard of. Apparently it’s brand new and Greater Vision doesn’t even have it yet, but I suppose the Dove people do!

    • It’s available for sale in their online store: http://www.greatervisionmusic.com/instrumental.html

      The store says it will be available in September. I wonder if they mean last September, somehow? Surely it’s already out there somewhere to have been eligible in the eligibility period.

      • The plot thickens…check this out:


        Here’s a Daywind release from last year that doesn’t have Gerald Wolfe on the cover or anything, though apparently it is him playing.

        I think Mr. Wolfe himself may have to shed some light. I’m a little corn-fused. 🙂

      • Well, that probably explains how it’s out within the eligibility period!

      • (From Greater Vision’s e-mail update:)

        “100 Piano Hymns” is a 3-CD project Gerald recorded for Daywind Records last Summer, for retail distribution. “The original packaging featured piano keys, with no photo of Gerald, since the focus of the project is the music…not the person playing it”, Gerald says. On Monday, Daywind Executives contacted Ben Wolfe and asked him to redesign the packaging to make the box-set more recognizable. Ben contacted photographer, Jillian Allman, and by Wednesday, the new cover was completed and sent to the printer!

        (Great job, Ben and Jillian!)

      • You beat me to it by about five seconds. 🙂

  2. Not only was there a smaller Daywind presence – there was NO Daywind presence this year – which is definitely odd.

    Also odd is the inclusion of Michael English in the SG categories as opposed to Inspo. I suppose Curb Records thought it would be easier to get him a nomination/win in the SG categories – but the CD ain’t SG.

    • I couldn’t find any Daywind nominees, but I used a cautious wording just in case I missed one. I would agree that it’s strikingly odd, but surely a large part of the explanation is that so many of their leading prospects to pick up nominations have released no mainlines within the 12-month eligibility period. And several artists whom, I think, have picked up past but fairly recent Daywind nominations – Booth Brothers & Jeff & Sheri Easter – had non-Daywind releases during that period.

      • Wouldn’t the Gerald Wolfe piano CD we are discussing above count as a Daywind nominee?

      • I guess it might, though I’ve seen no promotional material on the title from Daywind, and they haven’t mentioned it in any of my monthly check-ins to find their upcoming releases.

    • And I really like several Daywind projects from the last year or so: MTQ’s Liftetime, Greater Vision’s For All He’s Done, and the Perrys’ Through the Night.

      On the surface, it doesn’t seem like the Dove Awards are really focused on the more progressive end of the spectrum of SG, which is why not much on it piques my interest.

      • Sorry, take the opposite of that statement. It DOES seem like they are focused on the more progressive stuff.

  3. Michael English’s song should be Stubborn (Psalm 151). By the way, that’s a fantastic song.

  4. so, lets see…bluegrass gospel…check….contemporary southern gospel (if there is such a thing)…check….actual southern gospel in the southern gospel category?….um…Bueller?…Bueller?…Bueller?

    and how come the dove brothers aren’t nominated every year…their name is the dove brothers?!?

    • Southern Gospel was nominated. Gaither Vocal Band, EHSSQ, Booth Brothers, etc. Is it traditional? Some of it. SG is bigger than just traditional four-part harmony.

      • My point really is that rather than complain about the nominees – why not be excited that we are included in such a big awards program? Progressive, traditional, country. At least we are still there!

      • I’m inclined to agree in part with Brian and in part with Chris. On the one hand, it would be nice to see the traditional wing or even the semi-traditional wing (Perrys, Greater Vision, Kingdom Heirs, etc.) represented. But I would agree with Chris that representation of some of the genre’s wings sure beats no representation.

      • Yes Chris SG is much bigger than the few proggressive artist that were repeated over and again. No: Perry’s, Kingdom Heirs, Kingsmen…Nelons…Triumphant
        No: Wisnants, KP and New River, …Collingworth Famiy..MT Quartet

      • Actually, the Collingsworth Family did pick up a nomination this year, and Karen Peck & New River has picked up numerous nominations and, I think, at least a win or two.

  5. Hey Daniel, have you heard if they are going to let any of our artist perform , they usually give us a few minutes.

    • Haven’t heard yet – sorry!

  6. If any of the record companies or producers would like to provide me with a complimentary ticket package to the Dove Awards, I would be go in a heartbeat. While I am not in the “industry”, I do support the industry by listening, purchasing artist’s music, and traveling (sometimes long distances) to concerts.

  7. I am pleased as all that Gaither Vocal Band won for Pure and Simple! Outstanding. Congratultions!