Saturday News Roundup #186

Worth Knowing

  • The Blackwood Quartet’s Facebook posts indicate that former Chuck Wagon Gang bass singer Dave Emery has sung with them for the last few weekends. There has been no announcement yet whether he is filling in or a permanent member. 

Worth Watching

This week’s must-see video is certainly a Socialcam video posted by Wes Hampton previewing a David Phelps solo on the upcoming Gaither Vocal Band CD.

Also worth noting is a disconcerting out-take from the upcoming Collingsworth Family Hymns From Home DVD, Brooklyn & the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Finally, interest never seems to wane in the rather rare peeks at the short-lived Cathedrals lineup with Kurt Young at tenor:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I think Kurt sounds very nice and smooth with the Carhdrals in this particular video. I remember hearing Kurt in Gadseden, AL with the group around this same time. As I recall, he did a fine job that night as well. It’s really unfair and unfortunate that he is remembered for the Dove Award performance. Thanks for sharing this video footage. The Cathdreals were always my favorite. A live concert with the Prestogious Cathedral Quartet was always an experience. Simply the best!

    • Spell check Cathedrals

  2. Nice video. I’ ve also seen a clip or two of the Cathedrals around when Scott was just starting, and so they had Mark on bass guitar.

  3. I don’t know Kurt at all, but I’m sure he’d rather not be reminded of his time with The Cathedrals. Although he never did an album with them, there are certainly lots of videos on youtube from that era. It’s funny how the public never forget certain things. The departure of Lorne, Amon and Roy to the formation of the Brothers is something else that the public stills seems to remember quite well.

  4. Did NO ONE notice that spider until that video was in post production?! Oh, my!

  5. WOW, the video of the spider is horrible. Talk about concentration! How did she not feel that spider crawling all around?

    • I don’t know. That spider is really tiny, and it was probably a high-concentration moment for her. Perhaps she just thought it was a slight itch, and that she’d be better off waiting to scratch it until the take was over, so as to not lose the take.

  6. There may have been no announcement, but Mark Blackwood did confirm to me that Dave is now a permanent member of the group.

    • I hope he didn’t think you actually meant David Mann! I’ve seen him referred to as “Dave” before, and he recently returned to the group.

      At any rate, if the current lineup of singers that has appeared the past couple of weeks is indeed official, then Mark Blackwood seems to have a great return rate on members. I’m not sure about Dave Emery being a former member, but Roger Robinson was the group’s baritone a while back. He has returned singing the tenor part.

      So, the lineup for the Blackwood Quartet is presumably tenor Roger Robinson (unannounced), lead Mark Blackwood, baritone David Mann (announced), and bass Dave Emery (unannounced).

  7. Concerning the GVB video – hilarious
    Concerning the Collingsworth video – OMGOSH I would have died! Kudos to Brooklyn for being such a professional at not even acknowledging it.
    Concerning the Cathedrals video – a great glimpse into a short lived era of probably quintessentially the greatest southern gospel quartet of all time.

  8. Almost sounds like George Younce. I don’t know why.

  9. Not to be morbid, but the video of the Cathedrals was taken 17 years (to the day) that Roger went to Heaven.

    • Not morbid at all. Just interesting.

  10. * Before he went to Heaven.

  11. I’d like to echo Barry’s original comment, leading off this thread. It truly is a shame that Kurt Young is most remembered for that one voice break. The way he sings in this video, on this song…well, many quartet tenors only WISH they could sing like that!