Harold Reed joins The Diplomats

2013-08-28_0643Yesterday afternoon, the Diplomats announced that Harold Reed has joined their group. Reed is best known for his years with the Dixie Melody Boys, the Florida Boys, and The Kingsmen; he has also been a member of Squire Parsons’ touring ministry, the Melodyaires, and the LeFevre Quartet.

The Diplomats are a mixed group based in Carrollton, Georgia. At a number of points over the last few years, they have had enough group members to also stage a full male quartet for a portion of the program. With the addition of Reed, the announce indicates, this will return to their live programs.

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  1. Glad to see Harold back singing!! He is one of my favorite tenor singers!!! I especially loved him with The Florida Boys paired with Josh Garner!! Thanks for the update Daniel!

  2. Okay this newest transfer from one group to another has me wondering something, It seems as though a lot of groups are playing “musical personnel.” (i.e. Personnel from EHSS moves to this group or someone from Dixie Echoes moves from their organization to another organization). It seems to be happening quite a bit of late. Any rhyme or reason behind all these transfers? I don’t think a lot of the groups keep a member more than a year or two and before you know it, bam, the person you got used to hearing with this group all of a sudden is with this other organization. Again, I’ll ask, any rhyme or reason?



    • That has always been the case in our style of music. There are always a couple of top groups with very stable personnel; the list currently would include Triumphant Quartet, Collingsworth Family, the Booth Brothers, and The Hoppers, all of whom have had the same vocal lineups for 10+ years. Then there are always a couple more top groups with almost-as-stable personnel, like the Kingdom Heirs, the McKameys, and Greater Vision, all of whom have had only one vocal change in the last five years. (Neither list is exhaustive!)

      Outside of that elite circle, though, there have always been nationally known groups with a personnel change every year or two. That’s been part of the nature of the genre since day one, and I don’t think there has been any substantial rise or decline in frequency of personnel change among major groups in recent years.

  3. and of course this site taught us in extensive detail…..not nearly as much change as a professional baseball team!! Third basemen are much less reliable than baritones!

    • I like your comment! I really enjoyed the comparison of baseball players to Southern Gospel singers in an earlier blog and I’m glad to see it continue, all in fun.

  4. Mine wasnt a transfer…im glad to have the opportunity after 8mths, hope I can be a help toThe Diplomats…God IS good !

    • I’m completely certain that you will bring a lot to their live programs and be a great addition. 🙂

    • Oh, and yes, to extend the baseball analogy, yours was a free agent signing, not a trade. 🙂

      • That is what I was thinking too Daniel! It wasn’t a trade for Harold and a singer to be named later 🙂 ……Harold, glad to have you back brother!!! May God continue to bless you in all that you do!

    • Good job, son. God is looking after you! (even though you ain’t no Little Bernie Parrack, or even Larry Sheppard, but then again, who is…?!)

    • Great to hear from you Harold. You are one of my favaorite tenor’s. Proud to see you back singing.

  5. Ah Jim you never cease to entertain…and I aint no John Hamilton either !

  6. My all time favorite Harold Reed story is a quote from a Singing News interview.. Harold was asked what was the major difference was that he was experiencing moving from the Dixie Melody Boys to the Florida Boys…he said:”waking up on the bus and finding three glasses with false teeth in them instead of just one. 🙂

    I love Harold’s tenor voice and I love the Diplomats….I am so glad it all worked out. So many tenor’s are experiencing vocal cord issues, I’m glad Harold is rested and back on the road.

  7. I just cannot wait to hear this group with Harold. This may be the best news in gospel music in a very long time. God bless you guys

  8. It is good to see Harold Reed is “suiting up” again. I think Harold is one of the best tenors in the field of Gospel music today. It’s always sad to see the really good ones leave the industry, many for financial or family reasons. Harold has great talent, a shame to waste it. Right now I am sorely missing Eric Phillips and Chris Collins, who left the Griffiths some time back and is currently working at Hemphill Coach in sales, I believe. Now there is a true loss of great talent. There’s just no finer tenor than these guys. Some may not remember Chris Collins singing with the Kingsmen, prior to marrying into the Griffith family. I wish him well, but so wish he could continue to sing.

  9. I was at The Happy Corner Church in Clayton Ohio. I just wanted to let you know what a Blessing it was to hear you all last night. I was one of the three ladies on the front row. The evening was wonderful. I know I was not the only one that received a Blessing from you all.
    I pray that God will continue to Bless you all as you travel for the Lord.
    Your sound is wonderful as you sing each song.
    God Bless each one of you and look forward to you all coming back to this area.

    Carolyn Long