Three NQC Items

Three items related to this year’s National Quartet Convention:

  • The NQC Office announced earlier this week that the NQC week Friday broadcast (September 13th) will be made available to the public for free viewing.
  • The Mark Trammell Quartet announced that they will give a portion of their Wednesday night (September 11th) set to the original Couriers—Neil Enloe, Duane Nicholson, and Dave Kyllonen. Expect to see the groups performing “Statue of Liberty,” probably together, as the wording of the Facebook post would indicate a joint performance; after all, it’s a patriotic holiday, Enloe wrote “Statue of Liberty” and the Couriers introduced it, and the Mark Trammell Quartet recently recorded the song (to the Couriers’ track, no less!) It is the Couriers’ retirement year, so it would be an emotional moment anyhow. But throw in the respect Trammell has for the Couriers, the impact they have had on his life and ministry through the years, the power of the song, and the fact that it’s a national holiday, and it would be the safest prediction of the year to say that it’s a guaranteed highlights-reel-of-the-week sort of moment.
  • I don’t expect to be there in person, making this the first convention I’ve missed in several years, but I do plan to cover the events of the week via the webcast. For the last two or three years, I have done a mixture of covering some days from home via the webcast, and others in person, tapping out posts in a cheap hotel room somewhere at 2 A.M. Far and away, the webcast-based posts, where my focus is completely on writing a good blog post and not on the thousand and one other good things that happen convention week, are far and away more read and discussed.

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  1. I almost hate to point this out, but I’m going to anyway…

    I’m glad to see the Couriers honored and the “Statue of Liberty” is a very fitting song given the date, but if it isn’t a joint performance, I hope they at least have a bass singer seeing that Wednesday is “Quartet Night.”

    Although, I don’t think it would be the first time “Quartet Night” got interrupted by a trio. Didn’t Paid In Full make an appearance on “Quartet Night” one year because the schedulers thought they were a quartet?

    • The post indicated that the Couriers would be performing with the Mark Trammell Quartet, so I imagine this means that Pat Barker will be there to add a bass part on the choruses. 🙂

  2. I have mixed emotions, because I too won’t be attending NQC this year at all. Both with a new job and a 9 month pregnant wife, it’s just not feasible. This is my first one to miss in 12 years. I do look forward to your thoughts though Daniel!

    • Thanks! And congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your daughter. It’s my first NQC to not be there in person in six or seven years. Of course, NQC will be only two hours away next year, so I’ll probably go over at least one or two days!

      • Daniel will miss seeing you at NQC

      • Thanks! It’s mutual!

  3. I am getting excited about NQC,even though I won’t be there and never have been. I will be watching via Live Stream,the next best thing to being there.

  4. Thank you so much for posting NQC happenings. You always seem to have the latest scoop! I will be there Wed-Sat and would love to hear any more news you come across. I am getting excited also!

  5. That is great news about the Friday webcast being free. It works out perfectly for me, since I’m attending Mon evening through Thu afternoon.

    • I’m a little surprised that Friday is the day they chose for the free viewing.

      While in one way its good because many of the best groups in the industry are that night (GVB, Booth, Greater Vision, MTQ) so its promoting the best we have, I’d think something earlier in the week might be better because people may be inclined to pay for the full week after watching the free day. There probably won’t be many paying for just Saturday after watching on Friday, even with the archives available.

      Just one person’s thoughts. Feel free to disagree.

  6. I am going to be there Friday! Hate that its the last year in Louisville. It’s so much closer than the Pigeon Forge

  7. please tell me where I can watch nqc. I don’t know how to do a live streaming (I’m very computer challenged)
    Thank you kindly.

    • Sara, it is something you purchase at this website:

      • has a time frame been posted for their daytime/evening schedule? Guess we will be stuck by TV waiting for our favorites to come on if not. I have the daily/nightly schedule but would like the time frame.
        I have Roku attached to my TV through my computer and will watch through this with purchased webcast (I am also computer challenged as far as all this technology goes) If there is anyone else watching through Roku any hints or information would be helpful.).
        my grandson is with one of the groups LeFevres Quartet and of course I want to be in front of the tv to watch him/them since I can’t be there this year.

  8. Is there a schedule of performance times for NQC so that those watching the webcast can know when to tune in to see their favorite group?

    Thank you!

    • In the past, NQC has not announced it until the start of show time for that evening’s show; at that point, they post that evening’s performers at . However, sometimes someone who purchases a program book will post it somewhere online prior to the start of show.

      • Maybe I’m just complaining, but that again seems like bad marketing, they release the performers for each night way ahead of time, take an hour figure out when everyone will perform so you can market each night to it’s full potential.

        Maybe I’m just fussing, but it just seems like a no-brainer to me. I know you have last minute changes sometimes but that wouldn’t affect a predetermined schedule much.

        Looking forward to the free webcast since my HS alma mater doesn’t have a football game this week I don’t have plans for Friday anyway.

  9. I was surprised this type of thing didn’t get posted already. This is a breakdown of how many times each group will perform on the Main Stage and what days (According to NQC’s website).

    3 Timers:
    Booth Brothers (Monday, Thursday, Friday)
    Collingsworth Family (Monday, Thursday, Saturday)
    Greater Vision (Monday, Thursday, Friday)
    Hoppers (Monday, Thursday, Friday)
    Triumphant Quartet (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
    Gold City (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)
    Kingdom Heirs (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday)
    Legacy Five (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday)
    Perrys (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
    Talley Trio (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
    Tribute Quartet (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday)
    Mark Trammell Quartet (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

    2 Timers:
    Browns (Monday & Thursday)
    Primitives (Monday & Saturday)
    Brian Free & Assurance (Tuesday & Wednesday)
    Dixie Melody Boys (Tuesday & Wednesday)
    Inspirations (Tuesday & Wednesday)
    Jeff & Sheri Easter (Tuesday & Friday)
    Karen Peck & New River (Tuesday & Friday)
    McKameys (Tuesday & Thursday)
    Whisnants (Tuesday & Saturday)
    Dixie Echoes (Wednesday & Thursday)
    Kingsmen Quartet (Wednesday & Saturday)
    The Isaacs (Thursday & Friday)

    1 Timers:
    Ivan Parker (Monday)
    Lesters (Monday)
    Providence Quartet (Monday)
    Sneed Family (Monday)
    Squire Parsons (Monday)
    Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (Tuesday)
    Ernie Hasse & Signature Sound (Tuesday)
    Jason Crabb (Tuesday)
    Keepers of the Faith (Wednesday)
    The Lefevre Quartet (Wednesday)
    Old Paths (Wednesday)
    Soul’d Out Quartet (Wednesday)
    Torchmen (Wednesday)
    Diplomats (Thursday)
    Mark Bishop (Thursday)
    Wilburn & Wilburn (Thursday)
    Bowlings (Friday)
    Gaither Vocal Band (Friday)
    Nelons (Friday)
    Rick Webb Family (Friday)
    11th Hour (Saturday)
    Crist Family (Saturday)
    Down East Boys (Saturday)
    Taylors (Saturday)
    Voices of Lee (Saturday)

    Obviously, this is subject to change. However, it’ll you find your favorite groups at NQC!

  10. Just thought I’d let people know that there is a daily schedule posted when you go to the webcast link through your video pass. Tonight’s webcast begins in a little under four hours. (5:25 et)