Jodi Hosterman, Brian Alvey join Skyline Boys

Skyline Boys: Jodi Hosterman, Brian Alvey, Chris Little, Dennis Powers

The Skyline Boys made two major personnel announcements this afternoon. First, Jodi Hosterman, who sang with the group several years ago, has returned. He sang with the Kingdom Heirs from 2002 through 2005. His first Skyline Boys stint was after that point; he left them to join the Inspirations in March 2010. He stayed with the Inspirations for nearly three years, leaving in November 2012. He rejoins the Skyline Boys after spending several months with the Holy City Quartet.

Second, Brian Alvey is joining as lead singer. In recent years, he has sung baritone for Beyond the Ashes, tenor for Tribute Quartet, and mostly recently male harmony with the Talleys. Alvey confirmed the move on Twitter a few minutes ago:



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  1. Wow!

    I thought for sure if Brian returned to the road it would be back on the Talley bus. I’m guessing though, if he’s still taking college classes, that the Skyline Boys touring schedule is more manageable than that of the Talleys.

    • Would have loved to see Brian with The Talleys. Guess the finances wasn’t there and he had to find somewhere else. He’s in for a long commute to sing with Skyline Boys but I’m sure he will fit in with them. Glad to see Jodi return to Skyline Boys also.

  2. Side Question: I see in the press release that their current single is Cool Drink of Water. Is that the same song that Soul’d Out has recorded?

    • One and the same.

    • It is off their Blessed cd, when the group had their best lineup with Matt Fouch of Legacy Five and the guy before Bryan…his name escapes me. Good moves by the Skyline Boys though! I look forward to hearing them soon!

      • I believe Matt Fouch had sung with the Soul’d Out Quartet, not the Skyline Boys. 🙂 Two groups who recorded the same song could tend to get confusing after awhile.

      • If I’m not mistaken, Mike was saying that Matt was with Soul’d Out.

      • Oops, my bad. I see you WERE referring to Soul’d Out when you mentioned Matt Fouch. The “Bryan” thing threw me off. I thought you were referencing Brian Alvey instead of Bryan Hudson. LOL

  3. Logistically speaking, travel would be a challenge. The Skyline Boys are home based in Northern Virginia, near Washington DC. The Talley’s are home based in Morristown, TN (I assume that is where Brian lives). I am unsure where Jodi lives but he obviously has experience traveling with the Skyline Boys.

    • Jodi is from PA, but I think he lives in North Carolina, now.

  4. I’m not familiar with the Skyline Boys. A quick internet search shows they were founded in 1995 and that that founding member Dennis Powers used to sing lead, then moved to baritone and is now bass, and other past members included Chris Horne, Matt Felts, Rob Nykamp, Paul Sanders, Bob Nitz, Jerry Skaggs, Chris Little, Toby Siler, and Chris Williams.

    Does anyone have any more history of the group? Who were its founding members? Daniel, I know you’re a quartet-membership nerd like me, so you must know something.

    SGhistory let me down entirely on this one.

    • Believe it or not, I don’t know much more than that. Matt Felts and Jerry Skaggs both sang tenor with the group, Toby Siler was the lead singer (and a great one), and I believe Bob Nitz was a baritone.

      • That’s right and I just discovered Michael Clinton was the bass before Dennis Powers moved down to that position. Now if only knew the name of the baritone that came before Paul Sanders.

  5. I’m sorry that we let you down, Josh. We don’t have enough volunteers at to be able to include every group, so we draw a general line (or gray area) between regional groups and major groups that are obvious candidates for the site. Certainly, we’ve included a number of regional groups on the site, but most of those are pre-1990s.

    In the case of the Skyline Boys, they are better known than many due to their longevity in the business and Hosterman’s involvement with the Kingdom Heirs and the Inspirations. They appear poised to make a major impact with the return of Hosterman and the addition of Alvey. It’s still a bit too early to tell, though, so we will wait and see. They do appear to be getting past that gray area that would make them automatic for inclusion on Time (history) will tell.

    • Now I feel like I insulted you personally. It’s not a big deal, and I did manage to find out quite a lot on my own, but I’m fairly certain that I don’t know who their other four founding members are.

  6. I have lived in Northern VA most of my life but have only heard the Skyline Boys in concert several times. The times I have heard them, it was an enjoyable experience. With all the personnel changes for them recently, I really hope they can hold onto Jodi and Brian for a long time. They could use the consistency as a quartet. On a side note, and this can be another discussion for another day, I wonder what makes a singer decide to come back to a group that he has left in the past. I guess it would all depend on the reasons why they left in the first place and also the stage of life they are in when they return to the group.

    • The Inspirations are one of the most prestigious groups in the genre, so it’s not a surprising move when someone leaves almost any other group to join them. Sure, it would be a surprise if someone left, say, Greater Vision or the Kingdom Heirs to join the Inspirations, or vice versa, but a Skyline Boys – to – Inspirations move is the sort of move that happens all of the time in this genre. 🙂

  7. Great news! Can’t wait to hear them.

  8. I might be wrong but I was thinking that the gentleman that owns the Skyline Boys is on the NQC board. Wouldn’t surprise me if I am wrong but if it’s not this group then it’s one of the groups that have Sky in their name. Anyway if it’s the same person I’m thinking of he is a very classy person and a great Christian also.

  9. This ought to be a great cd! I sure look forward to hearing it. Very happy for Jodi!

  10. Looks like the Skyline Boys will be at First Lutheran in Shelby, OH on Sunday, Oct 6 at 6:00pm.

  11. I spoke with Jodi a few years ago at a Skyline Boys concert. He’s a really good guy and in my opinion the best tenor the Kingdom Heirs ever had.

  12. Joe Lane – I believe Dennis Powers is stock holder in the NQC but not on the Board of Directors.

    • Thanks Dean!! Notice I said I might be wrong. Lol. I really wasn’t sure but I knew it was some kind of relation with NQC.