Saturday News Roundup #187

Worth Knowing

  • Phil Cross’s doctors have discovered that he has a mass on his right kidney. There is enough of a chance that it is cancer (85%) that they are skipping a biopsy and scheduling surgery in October to remove it. Prayer is requested!
  • Jack Laws passed away on Tuesday; his funeral is tomorrow. Here is a detailed obituary with funeral plans.
  • DISH is launching a 24/7 all-Gaither channel on Monday, September 16. It will be available on DISH Channel 255.
  • Mercy’s Well lead singer Kyle King is leaving in mid-September and will be replaced by Dustin Simmons.
  • Michael W. Smith announced that Jason Crabb will be joining him as a special guest for selected dates of the final leg of his “Worship Around the World” tour. It will be the first time the two have toured together.
  • In a Musicscribe interview, McCray Dove confirmed that, as had been hinted on Facebook, David Cable was the new Dove Brothers bass singer.
  • UPDATE, 9/2/13, 11 AM: Over the weekend, Libbi Perry Stuffle posted an update on her husband Tracy Stuffle’s stroke recovery: “Been a quiet few days. Tracy had a little bit of depression after going back to rehab on Monday evening. For about three days he wouldn’t do any of his therapy. I think he felt weaker and knew all the pneumonia stuff has set him back about 2 to 3 weeks. We have all talked to him and encouraged him that he is gonna get better. Friday, he had a great day. Did pretty much everything he was ask to. So, I think he’s beginning to pull out of it. Dr said this was all normal.”
  • UPDATE, 9/4: Last night, Libbi posted: “Pretty good day with exception of Tracy having a absent mild seizure. He’s been fine since. Praise God! They had cut his med half at hospital but had to up it a little after today. We napped this evening and then spent rest of evening talking! Love it!”

Worth Watching

Gene McDonald has become our genre’s de facto bass who is called up when a trio wants to make a special appearance as a quartet. With performances like this one, nobody is wondering why!

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Do to health reaons, my wife and I will be missing our first NQC in 11 years. Therefore, we have 2 tickets for Tue – Sat nights. Must be sold in pairs ($56 total for each night). If anyone might be interested they can contact me by using my in box on FB. Seats are in Section 133 and Section 102. Blessings always.

  2. Thank-you for the wonderful work you are doing not to mention the GREAT music we now have. GOD puts people where they can be a blessing to others with their talens. So again Thank-You for all you do.

  3. Paid in Full is sooooooo underrated!

    • GVFan, you are sooooo right!!!

  4. It’s a couple weeks old, but this video is pretty funny!

  5. I totally agree with Mccray Dove’scomment regarding the Press Releases in the Music Scribe article below!

    DBM: You told me some time back that you generally avoid issuing press releases when a group member changes. What are the advantages or disadvantages to that approach?

    MD: Nobody believes the press release anyway! They always feel there’s more to it (and sometimes they’re right), but in a week or two it’s old news. I’ve always wondered what quartet ever quit because of members leaving anyway. This business changes members so often, you would spend more time sending out press releases than booking dates. I focus on the future, not the past.

    He’s right on target there! Most of the time, it would be best to have a ‘business as usual’ approach,rather than to open the group up for inspection and speculation. The fans aren’t ‘owed’ an explanation for group changes.

    When a factory worker quits, a company meeting isn’t called.
    When a church secretary quits, it’s not a reason to call a church-wide meeting.

    Do away with most of the press releases and put that time in the practice room. 🙂

  6. I agree with the statement that Paid in Gull is underrated. Lance is a monster of a singer. Pure , straight tones.

    (And his pain and suffering at customs in Scotland saved me a ton of cash in fines……but that’s a story for another day!)

  7. Don’t know how to get a message to Phil Cross but would like him to know that 24 years ago I had a cancerous tumor the size of a baseball; on my left kidney. Doctors removed the tumor and the kidney and I’ve had no problems since with the remaining kidney functioning extremely well.

    • Just realized I could send Phil a message via Facebook and did so.

  8. Jack Laws was always one of my favorite singers…his was such a mellow voice. He was always nice to me whenever I met him, and as a young concert goer that always meant a lot to me. I sure hate to hear about Jack’s passing, but I know he’s had bouts with bad health for a number of years, so I’m grateful for his promotion to glory.

  9. Lots of personal announcements even already this week – for those who haven’t heard, Aaron & Leslie Taylor Perkins are expecting their first child, as are Tribute Quartet’s Riley Clark and his wife Megan, and I just saw on Facebook that Amber Nelon Thompson got engaged tonight!

    • Wow!! Glad you posted that because I had no clue!!

  10. and they say there’s no future for SG music.

  11. Can anyone tell me who sang the song “Come On In” several years ago? Obviously before the days of YouTube because I can’t find anything about it. I think the first line of the chorus was..”Come on in, there’s still room in the family”. I can hear the melody in my head but can’t remember any other words. Help! It’s driving me crazy! Thanks

    • As soon as I saw that, I started thinking that I was hearing a young Brian Free on that line. Lo and behold, it’s on the 1986 Gold City album Double Take Live in Charleston, South Carolina.