10 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Is it just me or is the thumbnail way smaller than usual?

    • It’s smaller. There’s no video, so I thought that the size didn’t particularly matter.

  2. Watched online, but the photo was too dark to hardly see who they were!
    Question: Who is the tall guy singing and playing bass between Kirk and Glenn? I don’t remember him.

    • Steve Lee. He sang baritone with them for around a year.

      • Looks like Steve had a little more hair on that pic. Lol. Love picking at him. We have been friends since being in Crimson River together. I love Steve’s singing. Man he could get it done. Thanks Daniel for that old song.

      • You’re welcome!

  3. What a treat! Thank you, Daniel. I had not heard that song in years, but still remembered most of the words and sang along. I hope you enjoy your Labor Day.

    • You’re welcome, and you, too!

  4. Keeep up the good work!!