12 Days of Christmas, #12: Greater Vision

If I had the power to give anyone any Christmas gift, my twelfth and final gift would go to Greater Vision. I would give them Glenn Dustin. While Dustin blends fine with Legacy Five, he had a near-perfect blend with Greater Vision on the song they recorded together, “He is To Me.” Many people think Greater Vision would be better with a bass, but not just any bass will do; Glenn Dustin would, in my opinion, be a perfect fit for Greater Vision’s sound.

Legacy Five fans need not fear; I have something good in mind for your group, too. Should Glenn Dustin ever leave Legacy Five, I’d be rooting for Randy Byrd to get the job. Byrd, who currently sings with the Blackwood Brothers, has a sound that I think would really complement Legacy Five’s blend.

Now I could keep going! I think David Hester of the Dove Brothers would be a good fit for the Blackwood Brothers’ sound. Who better to sing with the Blackwood Brothers than a bass who sounded like J.D. Sumner? Then, of course, I’d send Burman Porter back to the Dove Brothers.

This is just a snapshot of the chain reaction that happens when a major group hires a singer!

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  1. I don’t want GV to become a quartet, but if it did, Glenn would be a great fit! And Rodney would have a tall guy to stand with (an inside joke from the Celebration DVD!!!).

  2. I think L5 and GV are just perfectly fine the way they are, thank you very much! But I think “He Is To Me” is great with Glenn, too. In fact, that song was my first introduction to GV and L5 four years ago!!!