John Rulapaugh announces Freedom Quartet

Freedom QuartetThis evening, John Rulapaugh announced that the next chapter for Freedom is as a quartet. He will be joined by baritone Preston Garner, lead singer Dale Shipley, and bass singer Burman Porter. Rulapaugh and Porter have sung together in two previous groups, serving concurrently in the original Dove Brothers lineup and in the ca. 2006 Palmetto State Quartet.

The departure of my friend Josh Garner from Freedom’s lineup left a great void, one that could not easily be filled. Since the inception of Freedom, it was always our desire to have a great quartet. There have been several opportunities to make that move, but the timing was never right. Over the past few weeks the Lord has really made His plans evident in our lives and we are thrilled with the new starting place He has set for us. I couldn’t be more happy than with the addition of my old friend, Burman Porter, to the lineup of Freedom. Many will remember that Burman and I worked together on two previous occasions; First with The Dove Brothers Quartet and, then, with Palmetto State Quartet. There’s so much to tell about how this decision and direction unfolded…and not nearly enough space here to tell it all. Over the coming days and weeks I will share the details of how this all came to be.

They will begin their debut recording shortly. They will be booked by Mountain Top Talent, a division of Michael Davis & Associates. For more information, visit their website or their Facebook or Twitter pages.

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  1. Whoa!

  2. WOW! That’s awesome! I wonder what will happen to Jonathan Sawrie though….

    • Austin, Sawrie was not able to commit to our full schedule and therefore preferred to not be mentioned in the PR. Jonathan will continue to cameo with us as often as possible.

      • Thanks for the info, John! I saw you guys at Brumley and I enjoyed y’all’s set the most! I look forward to seeing the quartet!

  3. Whoa!! What a lineup! John is one of the greatest tenor singers alive today, and I could listen to him sing forever and a day. Burman is an incredible bass singer, and I’m glad to see him sticking around quartet singing. Dale Shipley is quite possibly my all-time favorite lead singer, and the quality and excellence he brings to the table as a lead singer are virtually unmatched. I’m not familiar with Preston Garner, but I trust John Rulapaugh’s eye for talent and am confident he, too, will soon be a star!

  4. Looks like a line-up that will definitely be worth keeping an eye on, but I have a question.

    Didn’t Burman just leave the DBB because of the stress level that road life took on his heart? Will this group be less demanding that the DBB?

    I wish them the best! Can’t wait to hear the sound. (And good to see Dale Shipley back singing. He’s really under-rated IMO)

    • Freedom has been performing significantly fewer dates than the Dove Brothers.

  5. Welcome back Dale Shipley!!!!!

  6. Awesome!! I actually saw this coming but hearing it announced makes it that much better.

  7. Awesome! Just Awesome! First Lutheran in Shelby, OH wants you to come sing!

  8. Very nice. We’ll be looking forward to hearing them. John Rulapaugh is not only a wonderful singer but he’s a great guy. I wish them the very best.

  9. I haven’t commented in months, but I can’t help it on this: WOW! I can definitely book and use these guys. Great to see Burman back in a suit and tie too!

    • Wow! It’s hard to keep up. Recently on Southern Gospel Blog there was news that Dale Shipley was going to be entering into a solo ministry. Now, he’s in a quartet? Burman Porter left one quartet because of health concerns. Now, he’s in a quartet? At any rate, Dale Shipley is one of the best lead singers ever. His tones are rich and full. His voice is always out front like a true lead singer. I’m excited and will be looking for appearances and merchandise from Freedom.

      • Freedom does not travel as much as the Dove Brothers, so I’d imagine that this group is a happy medium between taking it easy and still singing as far as Burman is concerned. As far as Dale Shipley, perhaps he can also keep doing some solo work in addition to this.

        At any rate, you can bet that I’ll be there when this group sings on Friday afternoon at NQC!

  10. When I read this last night – I thought this was win-win for both Josh and John. Can’t wait to hear the new quartet.

  11. Great line up. One question of curiosity though… Is Preston kin to Josh Garner, maybe brother?

  12. I love quality singing and class. I believe this qt. will bring all of this and more to the forefront. What a vocal line up. Wow. Love the suit and tie. Looks sharp.

  13. If I had a dollar everytime someone changed as soon as a write a “Where are they now” article on them I could retire a rich man

    • Perhaps we should put this in a different light; perhaps your articles can be viewed as reminding group owners looking for new singers of some names they should contact. 🙂

    • This will be a rock solid qt.cant wait to hear them. Love the Suit and tie. Looks classy.

    • You need to write on some folks who sang before year 2000 Pat!

  14. Great line up…Hope to book them some in our area..Glad to see Burman and John join forces again.. May God bless this group in a “Special Way”…….

  15. If this group keeps Christ the center piece of their ministry you will see them take off like a rocket. I’m so excited to see what gods about to do with this quartet. Hang on for the ride saints

  16. Can’t wait to hear this group!! Sounds like something I would like to bring to Singin’ N Texas in Sugarland Texas.

    • I would love to see you bring them to SugR Land!! As Peyton manning says “hurry hurry.”

  17. I would so like to see these guys on mainstage at NQC.

  18. Theses guys are phenominal. I can’t wait to hear Burman sing “Operator” with them. I bet they’ll bring the house down with that!!