Saturday News Roundup #188

Worth Knowing

  • 11th Hour soprano Candice Jordan has announced her engagement to Daniel Rogers, and that she will leave 11th Hour to work alongside her future husband in youth ministry. “I always knew from the beginning God had a special hold on Candice,” manager/alto Amber Eppinette said. “She has been with me from 11th Hour’s beginning and has been and will always be my best friend. It has been a honor to have watched her grow in the Lord and in her talent. Candice has one of the best, most innocent, anointed voices around and it’s been Mine and the group’s pleasure to share the stage with her over the past 6 and a half years. It’s hard to watch her go but I know God has placed Candice and Daniel together and I am excited to see the blessings from the youth ministry God has placed them. Pray for them and pray for 11th Hour as we seek a replacement for Candice.” Jordan was the lead vocalist on the group’s recent chart-topping hit “Room With a View.”
  • Wayne Wallace, who hosted “The Dixie Gospel Caravan” for WDJC / WXJC for forty-five consecutive years, passed away.
  • Riley and Megan Clark are expecting their first child. Riley sings tenor with Tribute Quartet.
  • Aaron and Leslie (Taylor) Perkins are expecting their first child. Leslie sings with her family group, The Taylors.
  • Amber Nelon Thompson is now engaged to longtime boyfriend John Risk.
  • In Tracy Stuffle’s ongoing stroke recovery, he was able to stand this week, with the help of a frame. It was the first time in some time that he was able to stand up.
  • An off topic link, though somewhat related to church music: What the Hijabi Witnessed (and What She Didn’t). Like the churches of most readers, mine is not liturgical. I’ll admit that, like the story’s author, I have had a somewhat dim view of liturgical services. So this story was quite thought-provoking.

Worth Watching

The Cathedrals sing the other “Going Home”:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I read back in May that Larry Strickland is retiring the name of Palmetto State Quartet. I went to their website and it looks to me like they’re still using that name. I wonder if he still plans to retire it.

    • I understand that news is coming shortly on that front.

  2. Will you be live blogging NQC evening comcerts this year, Daniel?

    • I don’t know. There’s a decent chance I’ll live blog the free night on Friday. But I spent (way more than) my expendable income for the month on postage and packaging materials for the songbook giveaway, and a lot of that hasn’t come back in yet. So I’m undecided about putting down the $60 for the full week.

      • I just sent you an email.

      • Thank you!

  3. I thought I’d throw out a prayer request for Liberty Quartet and Tim Parton.

    According to Liberty’s newsletter, Tim’s time filling-in at baritone will end at The Northwest Gospel Fest on the weekend of Sept. 20th & 21st, so prayers will be needed as they search for a permanent replacement.

    They also ask for prayers for Tim because is going through some major changes in his personal & professional life (It does list what it is but I don’t think it’s my place to say.)

    So both Liberty Quartet & Tim Parton will be needing prayers in the coming weeks.

  4. Has anyone else heard the first single from the Cathedrals Family Reunion project? It is wonderful! I don’t think this project is going to disappoint!

    • No I have not, but I believe they will be doing a song or two on NQC mainstage tonight. I saw a short video on Facebook of them soundchecking today

  5. Daniel, I recently watched a video on the net of a quartet from the 70’s-80’s singing the old Stamps standard “Rainbow of Love”. The clip gives no idea who this group is, but the bass singer is “something else”. I’d like to send you the webtag, but using an iPhone is a chore

    • Daniel, this is the link
      Unbelievable bass singer hits a very low C note.


    The bass singer is Ken Turner who is, last I heard, singing now with Valor III.

    • Thank you for the information, Clyde.

  7. When did the Old Paths’ Daniel Ashmore become engaged?