Palmetto State Quartet ends, Glass Temple begins

In May, the Palmetto State Quartet announced that they would be retiring the Palmetto State Quartet name and holding a contest to find a new name. According to a press release distributed this morning, plans have changed slightly; bass singer and manager Larry Strickland will join the group name in retirement.Β Lead singer David Staton states: “I have never met anyone who loves to sing and has a passion for this music like Larry does. We are going to miss having him on the road, but if it’s at all possible, you may just see Larry show up at some of our dates. Larry is one of the few true living legends in gospel music and we have been honored to stand next to him and sing.”

Existing Palmetto State Quartet members Jeremy Easley, David Staton and DaRon Maughon will continue performing under the group name Glass Temple. This new group name will take effect on October 1st; Glass Temple’s debut recording will come out later this year.

Glass Temple dates can be scheduled by contacting David Staton at or 615-385-4166. Ext. 22.

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  1. What happened to Mike Allen? Did I miss something?

    • Logan-my question too. From two bass singers to none?

  2. And where’s the best singer, Paul Lancaster???

    • Shrugs shoulders; Paul Lancaster and Mike Allen have both primarily served Southern Gospel in the role of multi-month (or even up to a year) fill-in capacities.

    • Paul departed the group back in February for an “unknown reason” (according to Larry).

  3. I guess there’s a glass revolving door too πŸ™

  4. After other postings (not just by you Daniel) read this week……..this is more encouraging news.
    Wish the new group the best, and will look forward to hearing more about them.
    Thanks for keeping us “in the know!

    • You’re welcome! Good news is always more fun to report. πŸ™‚

  5. Ok I’ll ask . . . what is a Glass Temple? I’ve heard of a Crystal Cathedral, a Crystal River, Gates of Pearl, Pearl Necklace, Pearl Bailey, Barnum & Bailey, but no Glass Temple. . .

    • Lol. Maybe they are saying that the group is transparent. Who knows. I bet they’ll be purty good tho.

  6. That’s what I was thinking…perhaps it’s a reference to us being the temples of God, and we should let others see Him in us? Makes sense…

    • Glass is easily broken though, right???

      • I guess Gorilla Glass Temple just sounded strange… πŸ™‚

      • Or Plexiglass Temple. πŸ™‚

      • Yes its easily broken. I ran over a rock with the lawnmower and shattered our living room window.

      • So, theoretically, one big rock and it’s gone from Temple to trash in no time . . .

      • Well actually it wasn’t a big rock but yeah it destroyed it. Hopefully David will enlighten everyone on how they came up with their name.

      • “Gorilla Glass Temple” would be awesome! I think it would allow for some amazing album covers.

  7. For those asking where Paul Lancaster and Mike Allen went, I will say that PSQ in this past year has really been bad at announcing group changes. It was only through my own research (including asking Mike Allen directly) that I realized either man had left the group, or that DaRon Maughon had joined as the new baritone.

    I’d love to see the three of them get a bass in there, and hey, Larry Strickland? If you’re not gonna use the name anymore, how about selling it to someone?

    • Honestly, at this point, I’d prefer Strickland to let the name retire. The group hasn’t been based in SC for years, so the name was already quite an anomaly. Add that to the lack of any personnel connections with the long-running/classic lineups, and it would be just as well for new groups coming up to make their own name.

  8. Been asked a lot about the new name. The bible mentions the word Temple nearly 300 times, specifically that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The word Glass represents the transparency of our lives because nothing is hidden from God. As far as how glass can shatter when someone throws stones, well it looks like those without sin have already picked up their rocks. It’s ok because God always uses our brokenness. Wow, that name may have more meaning than we think.

    • That is fascinating, and yes, as you said, I think the name does have all sorts of depth and meaning!

    • Great Name and thank you for the response on how you came up with it! Will the group remain a trio or will you be adding a bass singer? Keep us posted on a website and tour schedule when it becomes available. I’ll keep the group in prayers and wish you the best of luck!

  9. I knew I could reel David in and get his take. Lol. Awesome!! Give me a call David when you get some time.


  10. I grew up on the Palmetto State Quartet. They used to come to my home area frequently 20+ years ago, and they were always a treat to watch. They became one of my very favorite quartets. Even through the Rulapaugh/McCune years, the quartet remained true to the very traditional sound that the group had always embraced. To me, the last 5 years or so for them were strange ones. They released an album a couple years back called “Grace”, and I must say, in terms of vocals, lyric content, and production, it was a tremendous album. There was only one problem, it sounded nothing like Palmetto State Quartet. With the retirement of the name and thanks to their exposure from touring with Wynonna, those last years can now be viewed as an unusual yet very bright footnote to a great 67 year career. David and the guys have been both very gracious and very brave with this move. They have been gracious to a legacy that has preserved “good old gospel music” by retiring the name, and they are very courageous in launching under a new name with new challenges. I say best of luck to them.

  11. They have chosen a good name since it have clear biblical meaning.

  12. Got to hear Glass Temple for the first time a few weeks ago…AWESOME!! Imagine if Marshall Hall had a twin and formed a trio with Wes Hampton…that’s what it sounded like to me.

  13. Where would I find a list of songs that Larry Strickland has writen or sang? Thanks