NQC announces NQC Spring Break

The National Quartet Convention has announced a new event, NQC Spring Break. While the main convention itself is moving to Pigeon Forge next year, NQC will maintain a presence in Louisville, Kentucky with this event. It will be held from March 27-28, 2014 at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

This Thursday/Friday event features a star-studded lineup. The Kingdom Heirs, The Hoppers, Jason Crabb, and The Collingsworth Family will appear on Thursday, March 27th. A Friday afternoon matinee features Bluegrass stars Dailey & Vincent and a special appearance by the Booth Brothers Quartet (with Gene McDonald). The Friday evening headliners are the Jubilee artists—Booth Brothers, Legacy Five, and Greater Vision—plus the Mark Trammell Quartet, a group that, thanks to the Cathedral Quartet connections, appears frequently with Legacy Five and Greater Vision.

It sounds like quite an event, and should do quite a bit to quell disappointment by northern fans as the main event makes its way southward. Tickets will be available here.

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  1. we hope to be bringing our young at heart group from church for this event. Love gospel music.

  2. Whoops! I tried to bring a busload of people from Michigan to this event and it turned out to be a bad idea. We would love to be there but a trucker’s citywide convention is in town the same weekend and all the hotels are not only booked, but they are definitely gouging the people every way possible. As a tour director, the local Ramada Inn expected me to pay over $125 per night for each of 25 rooms and pay for all of the rooms for two nights now! Goodbye, Louisville!