NQC Explains Last Night’s Video Issues

This afternoon, the National Quartet Convention and TechWerks (their streaming video service provider) sent out an email to customers who had purchased the $60 live video feed, explaining last night’s technical difficulties:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We understand that some people could not access the website from 5:30 pm EST to 6:30 pm EST. This was due to hackers trying to shut down the NQC website. We had to add additional security measures to prevent these attacks.

Please rest assured no hackers were able to access any information and none of your confidential information was stolen. We do not keep any of your sensitive information on our servers or in any of our systems. Once we confirmed payment during the purchase of your video pass, we then destroyed any sensitive information that we had collected and as a result, the hackers did not have anything to steal. The only thing they were able to accomplish was to disrupt the video stream last night.

We are making on-demand videos available ahead of schedule. Those of you with Roku devices have already been able to view several on-demand videos, but now everyone else who is viewing the video(s) via the web page will be available to view on-demand videos ahead of the conclusion of the convention. The on-demand videos on the web page should be up before the start of the live broadcast this afternoon at 5:25 pm EST.

We refuse to be deterred by those with ill intent and we continue to improve not only our security measures, but also your experience when watching our online videos. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have already experienced. Please be in prayer for not only us, but also for the numerous people traveling to and from the convention, the singers and artists, all the staff involved with the National Quartet Convention, and anyone who may be blessed through the efforts of this National Quartet Convention. We are excited about the rest of the convention and look forward to a smooth ride from here on out.

We will be rebroadcasting the first 2 hours of last night’s event starting at 2:00 pm EST today. This will give you an opportunity to watch the first two hours and test your Internet connection. If you have any issues, please email us.

This a model of how a customer service apology should be done. They explained why the downtime happened, assured customers that their financial information was safe, and offered a sincere apology. Then they offered an alternate way to catch the missed footage, and a way to test that things are working properly prior to the commencement of tonight’s festivities. If they can add to that a smooth streaming experience tonight, I think it will go a very long way toward building goodwill after the frustrations fans expressed last night.

Well done, NQC and TechWerks.

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  1. A relatively insignificant example in the grand scheme of things, but we all should remember as Christians to give the benefit of the doubt and be graceful in our words, even our criticisms. There are often things behind the scenes we don’t know about that could change our perspective.

  2. so much for last night, using Roku I was never able to access live broadcasting. It is now 6:10 P.M. EST Tuesday and I still do not have access…have the “Live Broadcast…” on the screen but unable to open and view just saying what a BIG disappointment.

  3. After a disappointing start to the Monday night’s broadcast,I have been quite happy with the service at NQC. I had one minor hiccup on Tuesday,but now understand what happened.I think the people who are setting all this up need a hearty Thank-you and a pat on the back.