NQC 2013, Day 2: Live Blog

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In no particular order.

  • The webcast quality was greatly improved from last night. There was only one point where there were any significant interruptions—though, sadly, it was…
  • The Cathedral Family Reunion appearance—Danny Funderburk, Ernie Haase, Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammell, and Scott Fowler, joined by guest bass Paul Harkey—singing their new radio single, “We’ll Work.” I could only catch a few seconds here and a few seconds there, but it was enough to confirm that it was one of the evening’s highlights.
  • Even though Legacy Five’s set had the somewhat odd pacing of three bass solo songs to open, it showcased Matt Fouch’s growth into his role as a Legacy Five-style bass singer within the past year.
  • I was prepared to describe the Kingdom Heirs set much like I described one or two sets from yesterday: Solidly paced, and so great as a whole that it deserved mention here, even though there wasn’t one song that stood head and shoulders over the rest. But then they closed with their current #1 hit, “Just Beyond the Sunset.” They gave it the all-our barn-burner treatment that they’ve given to previous favorites, “He Locked the Gates” and “I Know I’m Going There.” 

Highlights of their respective sets include: “Homecoming Day” (Tribute Quartet), “Searchin'” (The Talleys with Jason Crabb), “When He Spoke” (The Perrys), “That’s What The Blood is For” (Jason Crabb), “Calvary Conquers It All” (Gold City), “Goodbye World Goodbye” (Penny Loafers), “When We Meet to Part No More” (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver), “When I Wake Up To Sleep No More” (Inspirations), “Reason Enough” (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound), “What Remains of Me” (Dixie Melody Boys with The Isaacs), “Hold On” (The McKameys), “Four Days Late” (Karen Peck and New River), “I’ll Trust The Potter’s Hand” (The Whisnants)

Live Play-By-Play

Click “Read More” to read the live blog; it is hidden from the home page for space considerations.

10:53: Well, I hate to miss the rest of the Whisnants’ set, and any sets not listed on the online schedule that may be following it. But if this early bird is going to be functional for a full day of work tomorrow, plus church in the evening, I’d better call it an evening before the clock hits the 11:00 mark. Lord willing, see y’all around here tomorrow after church!

10:41: The Whisnants kick off the evening’s final set with “King Jesus is Coming.” Song 2: “He Can Move That Stone” (? on title). Song 3: “God is So Good” (acapella). Song 4: “I’ll Trust The Potter’s Hand,” featuring Susan Whisnant.

10:24: The Talleys kick off their set with “Searchin’.” Jason Crabb came on stage to reprise his duet appearance with Lauren Talley. It’s been thirteen years since they recorded that duet, and his appearance on stage appears to have caught Lauren Talley by surprise. “What are you doing here?” she exclaimed, but they quickly found their parts for a solid performance. Roger Talley was featured on the second song, “Every Scar.” Song 3: Lauren and Debra Talley sang “Amazing Grace.” Lauren looks back to September 11, 2001 while setting up the group’s fourth song, “God Bless America.”

10:07: It’s time for The Talleys to take the stage, but The Perrys take the stage instead. Could the two groups have agreed to swap sets, perhaps so Libbi can get back to Tracy’s side sooner, or so that Tracy can see the live stream while he’s still awake? I could be wrong, but I suspect it’s a classy move of that nature. They start their set with “I Got A Hold of God This Morning,” featuring David Ragan. He’s no stranger to the NQC Mainstage, but this is his first time as a member of The Perrys. Song 2 isn’t a live performance; it’s a video of Tracy Stuffle singing “Plan of Salvation” with the group (probably the NQC after his heart attack). Song 3: “This Old Sinner Testifies,” featuring Bryan Walker. Song 4: “When He Spoke,” featuring David Ragan and Libbi Perry Stuffle. They finish to a standing ovation.

10:04: The Stevens Family, a group including a Nelons alumnus, sings a solid rendition of “The Unclouded Day.” They’re the fourth and final showcase winner of the night.

9:47: Jason Crabb is on afterburners before the first song, “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” is over. He eases the intensity down for song 2, “Sometimes I Cry.” He brings his ten-year-old daughter up to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” It’s a somewhat odd fit for the rest of the evening’s program, but Southern Gospel audiences are quite forgiving when it comes to cute children! Song 4: “That’s What the Blood is For,” his recent radio hit.

9:25: The Kingdom Heirs begin with “I’m Not Worried About Forever.” Song 2: “Sermon On The Mount.” Song 3: “Just Preach Jesus.” This is one of the evening’s most solid sets. And it only gets better when song 4 is their current #1 hit, “Just Beyond the Sunset,” featuring Jeff Chapman. …and with two encores, they’re wrapping up a solid set. They’re staging this song with the vigor you’ve seen them bring to a “I Know I’m Going There” or a “He Locked The Gates.”

9:08: Gold City begins their set with “Where is God.” Jerry Pelfrey is brilliantly talented; as reader Josh said in the comments, “Jerry Pelfrey was the best GC addition since…well, since Tim rejoined the group.” Song 2: “I Get Down,” featuring Tim Riley rattling the subwoofers. Song 3: “Calvary Conquers It All,” featuring tenor Robert Fulton. It showcases his voice well—a good pick from Gold City’s past repertoire for a feature. Song 4: Gold City picks up the tempo with “That Little Baby.” Strong finish!

8:46: Tribute Quartet starts their set with “Thank The Lord.” Song 2: “It Always Gets The Darkest (Just Before Daylight).” Song 3: Tenor Riley Clark is featured on “Homecoming Day.” As always, he gives it 110%; the nice thing is that his 110% keeps getting better every year. Song 4: “Homesick Angel.”

8:45: NQC Executive Vice President Clarke Beasley came on stage to clear up several rumors about next year’s event in Pigeon Forge. He mentioned that parking was free at the LeConte Center, and got a rousing round of applause! 🙂

8:43: Thanks to reader Josh, we now know why Jeff and Sheri Easter are hosting tonight instead of Dean and Kim Hopper. Jeff and Sheri had to leave before Saturday, so they swapped days with Dean and Kim.

8:27: Jeff and Sheri Easter take the stage with “A Little Bit of Sunshine.” Song 2: “When You’re Broken” (? on title). Song 3: “Sittin’ On Top of the World.” Song 4: “I Know How it Feels to Survive” (? on title).

8:22: Another showcase winner is featured, but I could not catch who it was as the feed was crashing during the introduction and remained down for most of the song. I did catch, though, that they were from Portsmouth, Ohio, and they were singing “If You Knew Him” to the Perrys’ track. The Perrys themselves will be on later this evening; ideally, they would have chosen a song other than the signature song introduced and popularized by a group coming on later in the evening. But they did perform it well.

8:19: Perhaps I spoke too soon; my feed crashed nine times during the Cathedrals Family Reunion song, and has been off and on in the few minutes since.

8:16: Cathedrals alumni Mark Trammell, Scott Fowler, Gerald Wolfe, and Danny Funderburk join Ernie Haase and Paul Harkey on stage to sing the Cathedrals Family Reunion’s debut single. There was a moment in the verse where Mark Trammell forgot words and, like the true professionals they are, Trammell and Haase played it up into a funny moment with Haase feeding Trammell the lines.

8:13: Worth mentioning: The webcast quality today is greatly improved from yesterday. It crashed three times in the middle of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s closing song, but that was its first crash in well over an hour.

8:00: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound takes the stage with “When the Saints Go Marching In.” Song 2: “Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord.” Song 3: Ernie Haase showcases bass singer Paul Harkey’s vocals with “Scars In The Hands of Jesus.” Song 4: “Reason Enough”; mellow brilliance as always. Song 5: “Oh, What a Savior,” Ernie Haase’s signature song.

7:57: Scott Fowler introduced Ernie Haase & Signature Sound by telling a story from their Cathedrals days. The Cathedrals went out to a 50s diner in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Ernie filled up the jukebox with quarters to get it to play Elvis songs. As he was singing along, the waitress told him not to quit his day job! Scott said, “She had no idea, but man, his day job is a great one. I want you to welcome Ernie Haase & Signature Sound!”

7:43: Legacy Five started their set with “Blood Washed Band,” featuring bass singer Matt Fouch. He also is featured on song 2, “Everywhere I Go.” Turns out he’s also featured on song 3, “I Have Been Changed.” It’s rather unusual to feature one group member on the first three songs of a four or (maximum) five-song set . . . but, on the flip side, it’s hardly a bad thing here. Fouch seems to have settled into his role as a Legacy Five-style bass singer well over the last year; his voice seems a little warmer, with more resonance, than last year. (In other words, more George Younce-style, and that’s far from a bad thing!) Song 4: “I’m Still Amazed.”

7:39: On Twitter, Gerald Wolfe promised a surprise in the next hour (hat tip, AJ). Legacy Five’s set is next, with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound after them. So it’s a relatively safe guess to posit that there will be a Cathedral alumni reunion segment. 

7:21: The Dixie Melody Boys take the stage, and waste no time featuring new lead singer Josh Garner on “When I Called His Name” (? on title). Song 2: New baritone Aaron Dishman is featured on “Mountain of Joy” (? on title). Song 3: Josh Garner sings the group’s new single, “Roll Back Red Sea.” Song 4: Another new one, “What Remains of Me” (? on title). Ed O’Neal brings Sonya, Becky, and Ben Isaacs on stage to sing the second verse.

7:01: Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver begins their set with “Sing Me a Song About Jesus.” They have a new lead singer (Dustin Pyrtle) and tenor (Eli Johnston) since their last NQC appearance, but the rest of the band (fiddler Jason Barie, dobro player Josh Swift, banjo player Joe Dean, and, of course, band leader and mandolin player Doyle Lawson) will be familiar faces to the NQC audience. Song 2: Doyle Lawson offers a nod to the Penny Loafers’ skill at acapella singing, and talks about how much he loves acapella singing before introducing one of his own, “Jesus Gave Her Water.” Song 3: “Help is On The Way,” a Singing News #1 hit for the group. It’s the first and only time that a Bluegrass group has had a #1 Southern Gospel hit. Song 4: They close with one a fan favorite, “When We Meet to Sleep No More.”

6:52: The impossibly talented Penny Loafers sing one of their barbershop-flavored sugar sticks, “Goodbye, World, Goodbye.” (What, you wonder, does a barbershop-flavored sugar stick taste like? Well, it’s just a mixed metaphor. You never know what reduced sleep will do to writers!) Evidently Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver needed a couple more minutes to set up; emcee Jeff Easter asked the Penny Loafers to sing another song. They obliged, singing “Shut De Do.”

6:36: The Inspirations begin their set with “I’ll Never Sail Alone,” featuring new lead singer Steven Srein. We’re still about five minutes ahead of schedule. Song 2: Jon Epley is featured on “In The Savior’s Hands.” There are two acapella encores and one acapella tag, but Epley adds enough ad-libs to keep it from seeming repetitive or boring. Song 3: After some preaching about America’s Christian heritage from pianist/manager Martin Cook, the group sings “If You Only Knew.” It would be hard to overestimate just how much multi-instrumentalist Luke Vaught has added to the group’s sound over the last four or five years. Song 4: It’s time for three chords and a cloud of dust! They close their set out with “When I Wake Up (To Sleep No More).”

6:17: The McKameys begin their set with “A Song Every Day.” Song 2: “When He Speaks.” Song 3: A chorus of “God On The Mountain,” since they could hardly do a set skipping it entirely. Song 4: Roger Fortner sings his #1 hit feature song, “Unspoken Request.” Song 5: They close their set with their current radio single, “Hold On.” Afterwards, Peg McKamey Bean told her daughter, “Sing some more, baby … oh, that’s all we’re going to do? That’s all we’re going to do!” But she finished strongly, pivoting to sharing some encouragement and inspiration from the closing song.

6:17: Another scheduling change. It looks like the Collingsworth instrumental was dropped. The McKameys, up after the Collingsworths, are on now.

6:14: Another scheduling change: Dean and Kim Hopper were scheduled to be tonight’s hosts. Instead, it’s Jeff and Sheri Easter hosting.

5:57: The program seems to be four or five minutes ahead of schedule at this point. Karen Peck & New River kick off their set with “Ephesians Chapter 1.” Song 2: “Joy in My Heart”; nice energy for an early-in-the-evening set. Song 3: “Everybody’s Going Through Something.” It’s always nice to see Susan Peck Jackson get a solo. Song 4: “Four Days Late” is performed with a video montage of sunsets and clips from movies about Jesus’ life playing on the screens. For whatever reason, at least for the first half of the song, we don’t see the group at all; all we see is what’s on the screens. (The group came on screen right toward the end of the song.)

5:51: The schedule indicated that Dean Hopper would be leading the audience sing-a-long. It looks like Tim Lovelace is leading it instead.

5:46: Gold City is up for a single song, “I’m Not Giving Up.”

5:39: Tim Lovelace is doing Fan Cam (talking with the audience) for the next ten minutes or so.

5:28: Revelation, a trio from Northern Ireland, kicked off the evening’s program with “See Ya Over There,” a song from their Crossroads debut release, several years ago. The second song was by The Goulds.

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  1. Watching the Webcast. Working pretty well so far. Couple of iffy spots, but overall, real smooth!

    • Agreed. It cut out a couple of times during the first song, but has been relatively steady since.

      • Cutting out at times for me. Trying “incognito” in Chrome right now. So far, so good.

      • Interesting! It’s been working fine for me in Chrome (normal) for the last few minutes.

      • Well, it ended up being no different. I’ve tried a number of things. I can still watch, but every once in a while it stops and kicks me out of full screen. That’s the annoying part.

        Pretty sure there’s some sort of conflict with Adobe Flash going on. But everything I’ve tried troubleshooting hasn’t really worked. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to deal with it if it pops up.

  2. What’s the name of the new GC tenor again?

    • Robert Fulton. Remember, from your history lessons – he invented the steamboat. 😛 (That’s how I remember it, anyhow!)

    • Robert Fulton

    • Robert Fulton.

    • I think his name might be Robert Fulton. 🙂

  3. good on my end

  4. Daniel, the KPNR song is Joy In My Heart

    • Thanks, Josh!

    • (Title track of a Gaither Homecoming project)

  5. On the video overlay, I’m sure they do it in house for added effect, and its automatically streamed to the webcast as well.

    • Yes, but at least in previous years, there have been points where there was something on the screen and something else on the webcast.

  6. The trimmed down Jeff looks good! (can I say that?)

  7. I love watching Peg when she gets excited!

    • Me, too!

    • Did the video feed catch her shoe kick? It was pretty hard to miss from the arena!

      • I didn’t see it, but I may have looked away at the right camera-angle moment.

  8. I’ve never really listened to the Inspos before. I expected a very different sound. I like this!

    • Their lineup’s sound has changed somewhat over the last few years, while still retaining some of their distinctive Mountain Gospel style. (By the way, Josh, their set so far hasn’t included any of their biggest hits and strongest songs.)

  9. Tonight we’ll be able to likely compare air bands: Penny Loafers vs EHSS (I choose Penny Loafers)

    • Yeah, but who are better dancers? 🙂

  10. Is there not any iPad support for the stream?

    • I don’t have an iPad, so I don’t know.

    • I don’t believe so

  11. I’d be careful saying “Help Is On The Way” is the only #1 song by a bluegrass group. Though the Isaacs’ classification as bluegrass would be arguable today, early in their career “bluegrass” is the only thing one could call them.

    • Point granted, sort of. The Isaacs’ rise was on the Southern Gospel circuit, on a Southern Gospel record company, and on Southern Gospel radio. They ended up crossing over and building up a fan base in Bluegrass, without abandoning their Southern Gospel fan base. DL&Q, on the other hand, launched on the Bluegrass circuit, with Bluegrass record companies, and on Bluegrass radio. Then, after quite a few years of success as a Bluegrass group, they expanded their appeal to start appearing at Southern Gospel events and finding songs on Southern Gospel radio, without abandoning their Bluegrass fan base. That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.

      • Well argued.

        Thanks for live blogging again this year.

      • You’re welcome! Of course, you have a point, too. 🙂

  12. One would have to assume we’re getting a Cathedrals Reunion preview in the next hour. Gerald Wolfe teased a surprise on twitter, I think we could safely assume that’s what the it is.

    • Yup! There was a sound check video on Facebook earlier today

    • That would be cool! We did just have an unexpected moment, with the Isaacs joining the Dixie Melody Boys to close out their set. But I doubt that was what Gerald was speaking of. Legacy Five’s set starts next, and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound after that. So I imagine they’ll do something together.

      • He said it’ll be between 8 and 8:30

  13. I didn’t buy the webcast, but someone posted of Social Cam video of DL&Q doing their classic a cappella song “Jesus Gave Me Water”. Wow…Doyle has still got it! Best I’ve heard him sing in a long time.

    • I wish your Socialcammer had posted “When We Meet to Part No More,” their closing number. It was the strongest part of the set.

      • Oh, I like that one. Old school…they recorded that over 25 years ago.

  14. Is there a place that the detailed schedule is posted?

    • I’ve only seen it on the page where people who purchased the webcast access it.

      • Thank you. I have the webcast on my TV full screen so didn’t see it. Will have to print it after the program. Thanks Josh for posting tonight’s.

  15. Does anyone know what showcases will be streamed in the upcoming days (like last year)?

    Btw: really enjoyed legacy 5’s set was good!

  16. Signature Sound only staging a 2-piece band tonight. Is this a new norm?

    • Yes, I believe so.

    • Yes it is. Their guitarist got married and their drummer now plays for the Isaacs

  17. I love how “Scars” really makes Paul’s range stand out…especially on the second verse!

    • Agreed. It’s not the sort of song you’d think of for a bass singer, but it’s brilliant.

  18. And it cuts out during the reunion..

    • For me, too. It’s cut out nine times so far during this one song – after over 90 minutes of uninterrupted excellence. Ah, well.

      • I blame Gerald lol.

        Seriously though, his tweet likely brought tons of added viewers to the server causing it to crash.

      • Yes. Probably everyone who had a subscription figured out what he was talking about and didn’t want to miss it.

  19. What an incredible disappointment. I didn’t get around to purchasing the webcase until I got home from work tonight. Tuned in heard a couple of bars of EHSS doing Scars in the Hands of Jesus before a a complete freeze up/ melt down.

    Had ZERO problems with the webcast the previous two years. Is this as good as it gets? I want my $59.95 back I do believe.

    • It was actually doing fairly well for most of the evening, until the end of the Signature Sound set.

  20. Mine started cutting too. It’s in and out.

    I’m now seeing what looks like a showcase winner singing if you knew him (which is strange considering the perrys will be singing later)

  21. Wow, I wonder if the Perry’s were planning to do this song tonight

    • I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I put that thought into the main post (for the record – before I saw your comment!) 🙂

    • Exactly! Regardless I feel like it is spoor decision. Of course, maybe that’s the song they won with and they have to sing it.

      Stream seems a tad better now.

      • Agreed on both counts; they may have been asked to sing the song they won with.

  22. b ut whats going to happen friday when so many more are own? they need to fix it

    • I am sure Friday will be a challenge for the tech team; here’s hoping they can pull it out.

  23. Blame it on Gerald…. It’s clear now

    • Yes, it is clear now for me, too!

  24. I am sure the showcase winners sang If you Knew Him, in the show case today. Most of the winners sing the same song on the main stage as they did in the showcase. I am sure they didn’t singing just to be the first to sing it tonight. I have to say this years webcast is the worst ever.

    • Yes, I’m sure their intent this afternoon was not to beat the Perrys to singing it; they probably didn’t think about the timing of what it would have meant if they won.

  25. Sittin’ on Top of the World, is a great song. Jeff and Sheri recently staged that song on Larry’s Country Diner and the Grand Ole Opry.

  26. BTW I asked Dean Hopper on Twitter why he and Kim aren’t hosting tonight like the schedule says (he’s been tweeting from front row all night). He said the Easters have to leave NQC early so they traded hosting duties. Dean and Kim will be hosting Saturday.

  27. While one can debate the theological accuracy of the song “homesick Angel”, It is very catchy! Haha. Tribute put on a very solid performance.

  28. Jerry Pelfrey was the best GC addition since…well, since Tim rejoined the group.

    • Completely agree; Pelfrey is brilliantly talented.

  29. Great to hear gold city bring back “Calvary conquers it all”

    • I’m guessing it was brought back because it fits Robert’s voice so well.

      • I thought Robert did a very admirable job!

    • Yep! And “That Little Baby”!

  30. GC on FIRE tonight!

  31. Regarding GC’s Lead, Jerry Pelfrey, if you remember the Ivan Parker of 25 years ago, close your eyes while Jerry is singing, and you cannot tell the difference!

    • …on a solo. Of course, in the group parts, I can tell it’s not Brian and Mike backing him up. 🙂

      • Yep – definitely the GC of the early 90’s! 🙂

  32. The Kingdom Heirs always know how to work a crowd. I would have loved to hear one of their big ballads but it was a great set! Jerry Martin was struggling though. I’ve heard a lot of tenors seem to struggle at nqc.

  33. * NOT

    I hate it when I goof!! lol

  34. I have a harder time getting into a Kingdom Heirs set than I do most groups. Something just doesn’t resonate with me when they sing.

    • The three biggest things that make their sound distinctive are Dianne Wilkinson’s songs, an all-out style of singing, and a three-piece live band. I love all three. If you don’t like Dianne songs, like your quartet singing to be mostly laid back, and prefer soundtracks to live bands, they won’t be your cup of tea.

      • You might not like them if you don’t like monster basses, monster leads, and sky-high tenors. 🙂

      • Yes, and tall, skinny baritones with great hair. 😀 😛

      • And that’s the thing. I love all those things. So why do I not get the same feeling with them as I do other groups?

        Maybe it’s the hair…

      • Who knows. I’m not sure I completely got what they were doing until I became a Southerner. Maybe it’s a sweet-tea-and-y’all thing! 🙂

  35. Will the Kingdom Heirs do a non-Dianne Wilkinson song this week? Wouldn’t bother me if they didn’t. Hopefully they’ll do “I’ll Know I’m Home” at least once.

    • Well, that’s a Dianne co-write, is it not?

      • Absolutely!

      • But on the flip side, it wouldn’t bother me at all if they threw in “He Locked The Gates” or “I Know I’m Going There” at least once!

      • True. Would be surprised if they didn’t do He Locked the Gates.

      • Well, if you’re going to do any non-Dianne song, it may just as well be one of those Rodney Griffin barn-burners!

  36. Now Jason I love. I realize he maybe too rocky for some, but I love that he still sings the old songs!

    • I prefer a mixture to all-old or all-new, and Jason does a nice mixture.

      • Haha, that’s Daniel’s polite way of saying Jason isn’t his cup of tea. 😉

      • Umm, re-read what I said: “I prefer a mixture to all-old or all-new, and Jason does a nice mixture.”

        Let me re-word that: I like mixtures, and that’s what Jason does. 🙂

      • Oh, I know, but just the minimal-ness of what was said combined with what I’ve noticed about your tastes and your way of expressing things tells me Jason’s not your thing so much. 🙂

      • Then you might be surprised. 🙂 Sure, I prefer vocals with a little less growl, but I’ve come to appreciate his enthusiasm and contagious energy. And I love it when he sings “Through The Fire.”

  37. I would much rather hear Jason Crabb as a slolo artist, than Mark Bishop, or Ivan Parker. Josh, I agree with you the KH’s just don’t do it for me.

  38. Daniel, I think yoy maybe right, Libbi said she would be traveling back and forth between Nashville and NQC this week. So it may be to get her out and back on the road to Tracy.

    • Yes. But boy, if she’s heading back tonight, she has one of those late nights that only a Southern Gospel lifer could pull off ahead.

  39. Loved Joseph … Love David with the Perry’s

    • Anyone have any idea where Joseph is at?

      David is doing an excellent job!

      • Well, wherever he’s been, it has been off of the Southern Gospel circuit.

  40. Loved Joseph with the Perry’s…. And I love David with the Perry’s

  41. I enjoy the Kingdom Heirs (My Fav is No Bones About it, I’m a sucker for Arthur Rice & low bass singing).

    I enjoy the live band.

    I don’t enjoy remembering that Dollywood pays for the band, matching suits, and probably a salary.

    I know, I’ll head everybody off, this is the classic “They’re too rich” problem.

    I’m just not as impressed since I know the group isn’t completely self-sufficient.

    • Well, it appears to be fairly well established that Southern Gospel fans aren’t willing to put enough in the love offering buckets to support live bands for other groups. So, if someone’s willing to foot the bill for someone to keep the tradition of live music going, my take is that we should be grateful and not count it against the group or its sponsor.

      Just think: Suppose a wealthy Southern Gospel fan wanted to fund a live band for the Kingsmen, or the Perrys, or Legacy Five. I’d take that as excellent news for the genre.

      • We had that one time with a “Super Star” quartet (a wealthy fan backing them)…didn’t last 10 years….

      • Yes, but don’t assume that all wealthy backers give up within 12 months just because one did. 🙂

    • It doesn’t bother me at all. that the Kingdom Heirs sing at Dollywood. Their songs are always spot on, scripturally, and they probably have the opportunity to minister to more lost folk, than any other group out there.

      • Agreed. I’ve heard numbers quoted (e.g. here or here that they sing to around two million people per year. That’s a platform that they would not have if not for Dollywood. So, like Randy, I’m inclined to think that the genre should be grateful that they have the opportunity to get the exposure that they get, and that, lyrically and musically, they represent our genre so well in that position.

  42. Daniel, I hope one of your highlights of the evening will be; The Isaacs joining Ed O”Neal and the boys on stage to back Ed up on his new song.

    • If my feed hadn’t been cutting out (as I recall), and if I’d caught the whole thing, it quite probably would be. But, regrettably, I missed a little too much of it.

  43. I guess I’m a bad American, but I totally didn’t realize that tomorrow is 9/11

    • I guess it’s easy to lose track of time with all the lost sleep this week!

  44. RandyB, I agree with you. There are A LOT of groups at the NQC, that would love to have the deal the KH’s have, they are home every evening with their families, no bus break downs (when in season at Dollywood),
    they are reaching thousands of folks weekly with the Gospel and it takes most of them 15 mins to get to work each day. Kudos to Dollywood for offering this type of venue for Gospel Music!

  45. Just an FYI, the Whisnants aren’t the last group. Brian Free & Assurance will sing after this. Should be a great ending!

    • Oh, cool. I don’t see that on the schedule posted on the website, but I’ll look forward to hearing it.

  46. Southern Gospel Yankee is still covering BFA.

  47. Steven, I’ve talked to 4 main stage tenors tonight, and they each have head colds or respiratory issues. I didn’t even go in the building on Monday, trying to recover from bronchitis and breathing problems. I’ll be singing with our group, The Old Paths Quartet at around 8:45pm. I’m praying I’ll be A-OK when we go on. I know we are super excited as its our first year on stage.

    • I know quite a few singers who will be happy that the event is moving away from horse barns!

      • I wondered if that was one reason for the move, or maybe just a lucky result!

      • I don’t think it was on the short list of primary causes for the move, but it probably sure was a bonus.

  48. Our webcast was actually much worse Tuesday night than Monday night. It started out just fine but it didn’t take 30 minutes before it started acting up. I don’t think I heard one entire song without some sort of stoppage after about 6pm central. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to get up and walk to the TV/Computer and refresh every time. The refresh time took longer last night than Monday. I tried a different browser – same result.

  49. Thank you Daniel for doing this. I love NQC but was not able to make it this year. This is the next best thing.