Songs that exemplify the spirit of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I was thinking it might be neat today to each share a thought about a song that isn’t a typical Christmas carol / song but, to us, exemplifies the meaning or spirit of Christmas.

I’ll start things off with one that occurred to me today:

“God Himself the Lamb” (Cathedrals). The lyrics of the second verse say:

“Then the promise rang
Unto Bethlehem this God reached down to man
And gave to us the only Son He had
Then when His time had come
With His precious blood He sealed redemption’s plan
And God provides Himself a Lamb”

Most songs we tend to think of as Christmas favorites are upbeat, joyful songs. This song is more somber, reminding us what a gift God gave to us some two thousand years ago.

— — —

Sony’s thoughts: The first song that comes to my mind is one we typically think of around Easter but I think it’s a great Christmas song as well.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living just because He lives

The miracle of Christmas is not just in Jesus’ birth; the miracle lies in the fact that He still lives over 2,000 years later. Because of that fact, we can face every uncertain day that lies ahead full of faith and victory. Merry Christmas!

— — —

To avoid getting either me or you in copyright trouble, please don’t post any more than a verse of a song. With that out of the way, let’s hear your thoughts!

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  1. The second verse of the old Steele’s song “Another Way Out” really points toward the manger and then to the cross. great song.

  2. This year I sang a “special” for the Christmas program with our pastor’s ~13-year-old daughter who just got saved a few months ago. I didn’t feel really inspired, so I asked her what she wanted to sing, and she had been listening to Gerald do “If That Isn’t Love,” so we sang,

    He left the splendor of Heaven, knowing His destiny
    Was the lonely hill called Golgotha, there to lay down His life for me.

    If that isn’t love…

    It was only her second time to sing a special – the first was with her dad a few weeks ago, and they sang “Consider the Lilies.” That was a wonderful service! (They think they don’t believe in SG, and I don’t tell them any different.) We pitched this song too low, and she had a hard time finding the melody, but I loved watching this sweet, tender young girl on her “first saved Christmas.” I remember my own …

  3. Wow – that’s neat!

    I hadn’t thought of that song today, but now that you mention it, I’m going to definitely have to play it before the day is over.

  4. Amy, I’d forgotten I have two renditions of the song in my collection. Have you heard his orchestrated version, in 1994 on Serving a Risen Savior?

  5. I wish!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, that album is on my wishlist!!

  6. I think the song by the Hinsons “Mercy Built A Bridge”( From the Album Generations, 1987) is a good one, I believe BFA has also recently done it.

    ” In a Lowly Cattle Stable In Bethlehem there where signs of new construction on a mighty span. That in the hearts of all the lost would cast a shadow of the cross, because that babe in Mary’s crib, would soon be Mercy’s Bridge”.

  7. The Inspirations’ “The Wonder of Wonders”

    The wonder of wonders, oh how could it be?
    That God became flesh and was given for me.
    The Almighty came down and walked among men.
    The wonder of wonders, he died for my sin.

    The verses are about Mary and the birth of Jesus.

  8. Gaither Vocal Band – Reaching (written by Bill and Gloria Gaither)

    His love went on longing
    His love went on reaching
    Right past the shackles of my mind
    And the word of the Father
    Became Mary’s little son
    And His love reached all the way to where I was

    This song just exemplifies to me, yet again, the wonder of the fact that God humbled himself to come in the form of an ordinary baby, to be the Savior of the world. He came for us and He reached out to us in the way he knew would get our attention. If He came as a baby, He knew they would have to take notice of it. They would have to love it, care for it, protect it, teach it, guide it, etc.

    The lyric of the song is pretty short, but it’s message is profound. The God who came on that night so long ago, STILL COMES.

  9. I have to go with “Hand Of Sweet Release.”

    There’s an end to all the waiting
    There’s an answer to the who and where and why tonight
    All the years anticipating
    Are surrendered to a tiny baby’s cry
    There’s a dawn to follow darkness
    There’s a face to fill the title, “Prince of Peace”
    What He promised, He delivered, I am saved
    By the hand of sweet release

    A world in turmoil, a sacrifice like none other, the answer to our salvation….is a tiny baby asleep on the hay. How awesome is that?!

  10. Wow! You sure have come up with some great entries. 🙂