Tracy Stuffle to continue recovery at home

Last night, Libbi Perry Stuffle posted one of the most significant updates yet in her husband’s stroke recovery. She said:

Well, looks like we will be going home in a couple of weeks!! It was a shock to me when the Dr. came in and talked to me today. With the set backs, especially this last one with the 3 bugs of infections, Tracy is worn out and he’s not tolerating the 3 hours per day therapy as well as before he got these last bugs. So, she feels it’s in his best interest to go home and try to get rid of these bugs and let him rest to get stronger. During this time, he will have in home therapy to come in and work with him, plus what I would give him. She also feels like he has gotten tired of being in a hospital type atmosphere. So, she said this will probably be a boost for him to get into a familiar home environment being he’s been down for almost 8 months. He will require 24/7 nursing to help with meds and stuff. When he is stronger and over these bugs, he can either come back to the rehab here or do outpatient therapy. They don’t won’t us spending money here for no more than he’s been getting the past couple of weeks due to being a little weaker than before. This was totally a shock to me and took me a little while to soak in to my head! But, again I just have to trust God that this is all a part of His plan and will! Today when I was trying to figure all this out and think about what’s ahead in front of me and us, I just got up and went to the bathroom and prayed for God to give me grace, wisdom and knowledge to do this, because this is totally not my plan but His! He’s taken care of us this far and He’s not gonna fail us now!! Every step we’ve taken has been for the better and I am just trusting HIM that this is too! His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts! He sees this whole picture, we only see a small portion. So, here goes another lesson for me in TRUSTING HIM!!!

This does not mean at all that we are not gonna be working with Tracy to get better or progress!!! I told Tracy this evening in front of his Dad and Mom that this only means more hard work! I learned with my Mom’s stroke 13 yrs ago what tough love is all about! I love him too much to see him stay the way he is! I am a fighter!! I don’t give up easy at all!!! So………we will suit up and get ready for this next chapter in this journey! We will call it……WORK, WORK, WORK!

I know I have ask, begged and pleaded for you all to keep praying and you will never know how much I appreciate every prayer!!!!! But, let me ask again not only to pray for Tracy and his progress and these bugs to die, but please pray for me and JK that God will give us strength, wisdom and knowledge to prepare for the next step! It will be good to be home and have a change of scenery and we will both appreciate that and the fact of being able to be home with JK more and being a family unit!

Now, if any of you have any kind of equipment that we could use, buy or rent that would help us with transfers, bathing, working out, please let me know. You can in box me if you would like. We are looking at needing several things like, a suction machine, maybe oxygen machine (he’s not on oxygen now, but they said it would be good to have.) Standing frame or any therapy items. I am having to learn all of this stuff, so any advice (good, not bad!) would be appreciated! :0)

Sometimes, do you ever feel like you are just being stretcheddddd out? :0) Wouldn’t mind it too much if it would make me taller! LOL


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  1. Tracy, we are still praying for your full recovery!