NQC 2013, Day 4: Gaither/Gatlin Showcase

Daniel’s Siblings caught the Gaither/Gatlin showcase and offer their thoughts. Daniel himself was at work and didn’t catch it.

The showcase started with a Gatlin Brothers song–“Alleluia,” followed by the Booth Brothers singing “Castles in the Sand.”

Gaither Vocal Band (excluding Mark Lowry) sang an A Capella rendition of “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.”

“Corner of Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road”–All Three Groups and Gene McDonald (Mark Lowry came up for this one.) They encored it twice.

All the groups did “Swing Down Chariot”–featured Michael English and Wes Hampton.

The Gatlin Brothers then did several country songs.

Then, Bill Gaither and Larry Gatlin told the story behind and with the Gaither Vocal Band sang “Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored.”

Michael English was featured on what we call the “Chiropractor Song” (“I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted”).

David Phelps sang a song that may or may not have been in English. It may have been titled “Come to Jesus.”

The Booth Brothers sang “If We Never Meet Again” in a Gatlin-inspired style.

Bill Gaither told the story of how he and Larry Gatlin wrote “I Played in the Band, Wrote a Few songs, and Sang in the Choir,” from a Henry Slaughter line. The Booth Brothers sand the song and were joined by at least two Gatlin Brothers for the last chorus and encores. Following a Gaither “Why Not?” they encored it again! Matthew Holt was “tearing up the piano!”

Ben, Sonya, and Becky Isaacs came up and sang “Healin’ Stream.” Larry Gatlin seemed genuinely surprised and excited, like he had not expected to see the celebrity Isaacs.

Ronnie Booth sang “Through.” Michael and Jim joined him by the chorus. Bill Gaither led the crowd in “Through it All.”

Michael English sang his current radio single, “Stubborn (Psalm 151).”

Booth Brothers–“Let the Healing Begin.”

The Gatlin Brothers with another song Larry Gatlin wrote, “Help Me.”

David Phelps & the GVB sang “Glorious Freedom.” They were joined by everyone on stage by the end. They continued with “The Winds of the World” and the Martins, Isaacs, and Charlotte Ritchie came back out on stage. The crowd was on their feet, singing and clapping along.

Matthew Holt did a piano solo “Goodbye World, Goodbye.”

After Kevin Williams’ sales pitch for the Gatlin-Gaither music pack, Mark Lowry and the Booth Brothers and Bill Gaither did a song we presume was a love song. It may have been titled “Maybe.” Lowry & the GVB then sang “Sow Mercy” by Reba Rambo.

All the singers on the stage joined in closing with “I Then Shall Live” and “Greatly Blessed.” The crowd was on their feet long before the song was over!

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  1. Peanut Gallery,

    I love the line about the Celebrity Isaacs. You have also piqued my curiosity about the song that may or may not have been in English.

    • It was hard to understand at the beginning, so we thought it might be an Italian one, but by the end, there was much more in English.

  2. Excellent review. But the jazz song that mark Lowry did was entitled “nevertheless” off of his new cd full of songs from the great American songbook. The song has been recorded by everyone from Michael buble to rod Stewart

    • I’m pretty sure that one is not in the red-back. Or were you referring to a different songbook?

      • I love it! 🙂

        I’m pretty sure you’re right on both counts – that the red-back is THE Great American Songbook, and that the song under discussion is not in it. 😀

      • While being a southern gospel fan all my life and agreeing the red back is the golden standard of all hymnals, the great American songbook is a term that refers to the great jazz tunes of old. Stuff that Sinatra might have recorded, like “the way you look tonight” or “one for my baby.” just so there’s no confusion 🙂

    • Thank you. That could well be it. We were never able to figure out the real title.

  3. Why not?! ™

  4. The song the Michael sang is titled “Stubborn”; it’s a radio single of of his latest CD. Also, the “actual” title to “Jesus is With Me”, is “The Winds of the World”.

    • Thanks! I’ve edited accordingly.

  5. The evening program has certainly gotten off to a rousing start, most enjoyable this week, that I’ve had access to.

  6. While we are correcting titles, the actual title to the song the Gatlin Brothers opened the show with is “Alleluia.”