Saturday News Roundup #33

In the News:

  • Ron Blackwood is launching the Blackwood Quartet. He will be an emcee and occasional baritone vocalist. Regular vocalists will be John Rulapaugh (tenor), Josh Garner (lead), Tracy Trent (baritone), Trent Adams (bass), Joe Cox (pianist).
  • Adams and Cox both performed with the Old Paths Quartet until this announcement. At least for now, the Old Paths will be performing as a trio.
  • Dixie Echoes bass singer Pat Barker and his wife Kesha welcomed a daughter, Breelyn Taylor Barker, on Dec. 17. She’s their second child.

Worth Reading:

  • Kyle Boreing over at Southern Gospel View definitely gets the prize for most creative SG post of the week. In “The Gospel Music Stock Exchange” he asks, supposing Gospel Music groups were publicly owned, which up-and-coming (or safe) ones would be worth investing in right now. It’s a fascinating question.

Upcoming Reviews:

  • December 30: The Gospel Sessions (Oak Ridge Boys)
  • January 2: Easier to Live (Voices Won)
  • January 9: Classic CD – A Tribute to the Songs of Bill & Gloria Gaither
  • January 16: CD/DVD Review – Pensacola Live (Dixie Echoes)
  • January 23: Classic CD – With Feeling Live (McKameys)
  • January 30: North America Live (Hoppers)
  • February 6: Sunday Morning Ivories Vol. 1 and 2 (Kim Collingsworth)

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  1. Wow! I wonder of RW Blackwood is going to keep the Branson Show going. This seems to be an amazing line-up. Way to go Ron!

  2. Sorry, I meant the Pigeon Forge Show.

    • It’s my understanding that the Pigeon Forge show will not continue.

  3. It appears that Ron has surrounded himself with some good singers. Good coverage, Daniel.

  4. Thanks!


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