Sony’s Thoughts: Embracing the Valley

I was sitting in the concert, feeling extremely blessed to be there. When I attend a concert, I can’t help but get excited and this was no exception. I was singing along with every song I knew (which was all but two) and thanking God for allowing me to attend the concert.

Another song started which I’d heard before but, for some reason, this particular day, the words jumped out at me: “If it takes a valley to really know Your grace and if it’s in the desert where I meet You face to face, then turn this path I’m traveling to a dark and lonely place ’cause if it’s in the valley, then a valley’s what I’ll take.” I stopped singing. “Lord,” I cried, “I’m so not there.” No sooner had I said that then I realized that that is exactly the place I need to be. If the purpose of the valley is to draw us closer to God and allow us to meet with Him more intimately than we might otherwise, why do we fight against them so much?

I have often thought of valleys along the lines of God allowing them but not putting them on us; however, I recently got a glimpse of a person following God. If we are truly following Him, then He will sometimes lead us through valleys. At the same time, if we keep our eyes on Him and not let our gaze wander, I’m convinced that we won’t realize how wide or dangerous the valley is. The best thing we can do is to run ahead and take our Father’s hand and allow Him to lead us where He will because in His presence is true peace and joy and life. Who wouldn’t want that kind of relationship with Him? God, help me to be able to truly say, “If it takes a valley, then a valley’s what I’ll take!”

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  1. Thanks for that encouraging thought! God often sends the greatest encouragement in the middle of the valley. This reminds me of the song, “Beautiful Valley”, that the Down East Boys sang several years back. I know I’ll never get tired of the valley, because it means there’s a mountaintop somewhere ahead!

  2. I would like to get a hold of the Rodney Griffin song, “Without a Valley.” (Without a valley, how would I ever know, that Your strong and loving hands will never let me go.) I’m not sure if the Kingdom Heirs are the mainline group that recorded it or not.

  3. Amy, if i’m not mistaken, the Florida Boys did that song and it’s always been a favorite of mine. It’s easy to focus on the bad, but to know He loves us and never leaves us no matter the highs or lows that come in this life. It’s all part of His plan for us to make us the children we should be for Him (even though it’s not always easy to see that). Thanks for the excellent thoughts and encouragement Sony.

  4. Do you know if I’m right about it being a Rodney Griffin song? I thought I saw that somewhere …

    Thanks for the group name!

  5. Amy, according to his listing on BMI, Rodney has written a song by that title. Not a guarantee it’s the same song, but likely a safe wager that he did indeed write the same “Without A Valley”.