NQC 2013, Day 5: Live Blog

Highlights of the Night

The evening kept getting better and better; it is safe to call the five-song finale the strongest part of the evening. 

  • Greater Vision kicked it off with “I Know a Man Who Can.”
  • Karen Peck and New River followed it with “Four Days Late.” It’s one of the strongest renditions I’ve ever heard them offer.
  • The Booth Brothers sang “Still Feeling Fine.” 11 PM or not, I’m not sure the audience will sit down at all between Greater Vision and the final notes! (Was that Gene McDonald who came up by the end? I had to look away for a couple of minutes.)
  • Mark Trammell Quartet, “I Want to Know.” I was surprised they didn’t sing it earlier; this was why!
  • To top it all off, there was an unannounced appearance by the Gaither Vocal Band, singing “It is Finished.” Wow! Talk about a strong ending!

Other highlights, in reverse chronological order:

  • Gold City’s set: Three classics and a recent favorite that unleashes the greatest legend amongst current Southern Gospel bass singers makes for a strong set! (And a cameo appearance from Jonathan Wilburn is never a bad thing.)
  • “The King is Coming,” Mark Trammell Quartet. A rousing standing ovation!
  • The Booth Brothers brought Bill Gaither up for the final song of their set, “I Played in the Band.” Before the final encore, Gaither had everyone who had sung in a choir, driven a bus, and done several other specific things he acknowledged, stand. Most of the room was standing.
  • “He’s Alive,” David Phelps with the Gaither Vocal Band. It deserves its own mention!
  • The Gaither segment. (Of course.) “That Sounds Like Home To Me” was particularly strong.
  • Canton Junction’s surprise appearance at the start of the Gaither set was very well-received.
  • The entire Karen Peck & New River set. It’s been their strongest of the week. They started with their current, catchy single, followed with two of their #1 hits, and left the audience on their feet with “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown.” They did their two biggest hits (“Four Days Late” and “Last Night”) earlier this week; that they could do a set without either song and still turn in their strongest set of the week speaks both to their ability as performers and to strength of their repertoire.
  • “If That Isn’t Love,” Isaacs, with Bill Gaither on the piano. We’re used to the Isaacs with Bluegrass arrangements; it’s nice to see them with Southern Gospel accompaniment once in a while.
  • “The Living Years,” Isaacs. As Bill Gaither walked on stage for the next song, he talked the Isaacs into doing an acapella chorus and tag of this one. Nobody can touch Gaither’s masterful touch at making a good moment unforgettable.
  • “Something’s Happening,” Hoppers. It was good throughout, but kept getting better and better. Then, when TaRanda Greene walked over to Kim Hopper and started singing a third above Kim’s soprano part, the raw musical power was simply too much for even Freedom Hall to contain.
  • The Nelons’ entire set was incredibly strong. They started with their recent radio single, “Excuse Me, Are You Jesus.” Then, they took the daring and risky move of singing the “Hallelujah Chorus” a cappella. The set just kept getting better and better; song 3 was the Sandi Patti song “More Than Wonderful.” Soprano Amber Thompson nailed Patti’s high ending, hitting notes I’ve never heard her hit before. Then, with the Gaither band backing them up, they pulled off an energetic rendition of “I’m Going Home With Jesus.”
  • Freedom’s Showcase Appearance: If this is any indication, John Rulapaugh’s new lineup is off to a spectacular start. But get Rulapaugh, Dale Shipley, and Burman Porter all into one group, and what do you expect?

Live Play-By Play

This post got so long that we’ve hidden the live play-by-play from the home page. Click “read more” or the post title to read the complete coverage.

Finale: See the highlights section!

11:37: Before I could fall asleep, I had to check the index of my 2008 Baptist Hymnal. There are a number of living composers besides Bill & Gloria Gaither, including Mark Altrogge, Paul Baloche, Carman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrae Crouch, Carol Cymbala, Geron Davis, Amy Grant, Larnelle Harris, Kurt Kaiser, Lenny LeBlanc, Dwight Liles, Mylon LeFevre, Mark Lowry, Babbie Mason, Jon Mohr, Sandi Patty, Jerry Salley, Kirk Talley, John Thompson, Stuart Townend, Chris Tomlin, Wayne Watson, and Kelly Willard. But there are 11 Gaither songs in the hymnal, and that’s far more than any other living composer, and may be behind only Fanny Crosby.

10:36: Greater Vision starts their set with “Seeking For Me.” Song 2: The tempo picks up to medium/fast for “Looking for the Grace.” Song 3: They stage the best song from their new CD, “Tell it Like it Is.” (I talk more about how strong a song it is in the CD review, here.) Song 4: “I Know a Man Who Can.”

10:33: This deserves special mention: The team streaming the live webcast had some technical issues early in the week, but they have come back spectacularly for a strong finish. They’ve handled the influx of thousands of extra viewers seamlessly; the webcast quality tonight is probably the best it’s been all week—on the day of the greatest challenge, no less.

10:31: Final showcase winner of the night: The Browders.

10:15: Gold City started their set with “When I Get Carried Away.” Tim Riley was on fire by the ending, rattling the subwoofers, so it was a great choice to go with “I Get Down” as song 2. Song 3: “Midnight Cry,” featuring Jerry Pelfrey. Song 4: “Get Up, Get Ready.”

9:57: The Mark Trammell Quartet started their set with “Meet Me On The Other Side.” Song 2: “Wonderful Time Up There,” featuring bass singer Pat Barker. Song 3: “The King is Coming,” featuring Mark Trammell. He introduced it by paying tribute to Bill Gaither with a little humor and a lot of respect.

9:57: At this point, we’re nineteen minutes behind schedule.

9:47: On this Facebook thread, quite a few people commented that they didn’t like to see the interviews run long and bump songs from the Penny Loafers and Karen Peck & New River. ViewFinders posted this reply: “Our goal tonight was to provide our webcast viewers with special programming content, with some behind the scenes content and a few artists interviews. We apologize that a couple of the interviews went a bit long and conflicted with the main stage concert. We had planned to bring you a quick interview with the Collingsworth Family and The Booth Brothers during an audience sing a long, we’ll let them know you’d rather not hear from them.” 

9:35: The Booth Brothers start their set with “Look For Me at Jesus’ Feet.” Nick Bruno is playing piano. Michael Booth is an absolute master at reading an audience and picking a song appropriate for the moment, and this song is the perfect song for this moment. Song 2: “I’m Free.” Song 3: They bring Bill Gaither up on stage for “I Played in the Band.”

9:30: Gerald Wolfe paid tribute to Bill Gaither as, to Wolfe’s knowledge, the only person living who had songs in the Baptist Hymnal before leading the audience in a singalong of “The Family of God.” Then Wolfe told of an experience at a church in Jerusalem where, for about thirty minutes, one group after another sang “Because He Lives” in their language. (He even specifically mentioned the Japanese language!) He said it’s a foretaste of Heaven, where we will all sing the Song of the Redeemed together.

9:12: Jeff and Sheri Easter start with “Anything But Happy.” Song 2: “When You’re Broken,” featuring Morgan Easter (? on title). Wes Hampton offers a surprise, unannounced guest vocal. Song 3: Jeff Easter is featured on “I Get To.” Song 4: “Down in the Valley” (? on title), featuring a guest appearance from an incredibly energetic Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn.

9:12: They skipped the “A Funny Thing Happened” segment and went straight to Jeff & Sheri Easter. That pulls us several minutes closer to being on schedule; good move.

9:12: Gerald Wolfe announces that “multiple thousands” from twenty-six countries are watching tonight’s webcast.

9:11: Gaither’s set ran long enough that we’re over twenty minutes behind schedule at this point. (Not that anyone cares.)

8:29: The Gaither Vocal Band starts their set with “I Catch ‘Em, God Cleans ‘Em.” Song 2: “I’ll Tell it Wherever I Go.” Song 3: “Journey To The Sky.” Before song 4, Mark Lowry tells the story of his motorcycle accident again, as a comedy segment. I think he’s done it every NQC since the accident; you can count on it every bit as much as you can count on the Hoppers doing “Shoutin’ Time” at some point in the week. Song 4: “I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted.” Song 5: “Come to Jesus.” Song 6: “That Sounds Like Home to Me.” Michael English draws back to his Happy Goodmans repertoire for this one. (Y’all who are newcomers to the genre: Years before English was with Gaither, he was with the Singing Americans, and before the Singing Americans, he was with the Goodmans. He recorded this song with them in 1982.) Mark Lowry took the second verse. Song 7: “He’s Alive.” David Phelps is his usual showstopping self on this one. Karen Peck, Kim Hopper, The Nelons, and possibly a few others came on stage for the big chorus. Song 8: “At Calvary.”

8:27: Through the years, Gaither has liked to have a four-part male quartet on the Homecoming programs—one that’s not as traditional as the Dixie Echoes, but is more traditional than the Gaither Vocal Band and has a solid, low quartet bass. Does anyone know if this Canton Junction appearance was a one-time thing, or if they’ve started appearing at some Homecoming dates? 

8:21: A nice little surprise: Bill Gaither gave the first part of his set to Canton Junction. The audience gets quite excited when they recognize Tim Duncan, singing “The Son Shines Down On Me.” After tenor Matt Hagee introduces the rest of the group—lead singer Aaron Crabb, baritone Shane McConnell, and bass Tim Duncan, the group’s second song was “Dig a Little Deeper.” Given the audience’s reaction to seeing Duncan again, it seems like a wise choice to feature Duncan on both songs.

8:09: Kevin Williams, guitarist for the Gaither Tour, has been on stage, playing for a number of groups over the last hour and a half, ever since the Nelons’ set. It’s a nice, classy gesture and show of support by someone who has paid his dues and proven all he needs to prove.

8:01: Karen Peck and New River starts their set, singing “Revival.” But sadly, those who purchased the webcast (as well as the Free Friday viewers) missed everything except the last twenty seconds or so, because the cutaway segment ran long. Song 2: Karen Peck set up the group’s #1 hit, “I Want to Thank You,” as a thank you for the Louisville years of NQC’s history. Classy. Song 3: “On The Banks of the Promised Land.” Song 4: “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown.”

7:56: The feed cuts away from a Gordon Mote song for an Adam Crabb interview with The Hoppers.

7:53: Gerald Wolfe and Gordon Mote banter. “GORDON!” “Gerald, don’t yell at me! I’m blind, not deaf!”

7:30: The Isaacs begin their set with “Walk On.” Song 2: “The Living Years.” Song 3: “Walk Together Children,” featuring a guest vocal from Bill Gaither. Before starting his part, he pays a nice compliment to the Penny Loafers’ bass, who was on right before the Isaacs’ set. Song 4: “If That Isn’t Love.”

7:26: The feed cuts away from the main stage again; Adam Crabb is talking with the Easter Children. It looks like we’ll miss the Penny Loafers’ acapella song. (7:30: Yes, we missed the Penny Loafers. Ah, well.)

7:06: The Hoppers’ set begins with “I’ll Take You Home.” Song 2: “He Didn’t Just Carry the Cross, He Carried Me.” Karlye Hopper joined the group on stage. Song 3: TaRanda Greene came on stage to do a rendition of “The Love of God” (the Ellis convention song, not the Lehman hymn). Greene and Kim Hopper did a dueling-sopranos power ending. Song 4: “Something’s Happening.” The stage is filled with members of the Hopper clan: Regular vocalists Claude, Connie, Dean, and Kim, drummer and part-time vocalist Mike Hopper, TaRanda Greene, Karlye Hopper (sitting on the piano bench, not singing), as well as pianist Josh Simpson and band members.

7:05: The feed cuts away from for a conversation between the Adam, Aaron, and Amanda Crabb. Initially, I thought we’d be losing some of the Hoppers’ set, but the feed returns to the main stage in time.

6:44: The Nelons start their set with “Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?”  Song 2: A rather daring feat: The Nelons pull of the “Hallelujah Chorus” a capella! Song 3: “More Than Wonderful”—the song popularized by Sandi Patty (back when she was still Sandi Patti). Amber Thompson nails the high Sandi Patti ending; I didn’t know she had that much of a high end to her range! Song 4: “I’m Going Home With Jesus.”

6:33: The feed cuts away from the main stage; Adam Crabb is now chatting with Karen Peck and New River. It cuts into and takes up some of the set of one of the showcase winners.

6:28: The Free Friday live feed is sponsored with ads that take up the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 of the screen. These appear for paying subscribers as well as the free audience.

6:16: The Bowlings start their set with a classic, “I’ll Be All Right As Soon as I Touch Calvary.” Song 2: “I Know Enough.” Song 3: The Bowlings’ three daughters sing “Accentuate the Positive.” They’re the second group to stage the song this week; the Isaacs did it earlier in the week. Song 4: The girls sing “Jesus, You’re All I Need.” Song 5: “I’m Glad I’m Saved” (? on title). Song 6: “Somebody’s Praying” (? on title).

6:13: The Browns do an instrumental, “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name / Crown Him With Many Crowns.”

5:57: The Rick Webb Family begins their set with an unexpected song choice, “Joy To The World.” It’s a nice arrangement, with several unanticipated tempo changes. Song 2: “Let the Rocks Keep Silent.” Song 3: “Satisfied”—the Nazarene hymn, not the soul song Michael English recorded with the Gaither Vocal Band in the mid-90s. Song 4: “God Bless America.” Theirs is a rare rendition that includes the verse.

5:52: The feed cuts away from the audience for a conversation between Mike and Kelly Bowling and Adam Crabb, welcoming the Free Friday audience.

5:47: Gordon Mote is playing “Give the World a Smile Each Day” as a piano feature. You don’t hear Mote doing a convention song often! Gerald Wolfe then joins Mote on stage for an audience sing-a-long.

5:30: Showcase winners: First up, The Dennis Family. Second, Freedom! John Rulapaugh’s new lineup, including lead singer Dale Shipley, Preston Garner, and Burman Porter, got a mainstage slot! They’re singing “Somebody Touched the Lord.” The song comes from Shipley’s Perfect Heart days; his former Perfect Heart colleague, Jeff Stice, joined in on piano.

5:26: Ads for Dollywood, Greater Vision, and Tribute Quartet.

5:23: The Akins’ concept video “Kneel” is playing over the webcast presently.

5:21: Good evening, and welcome to the festivities of day 5! Tonight, the webcast is available for free; you can sign up here. The live webcast should start within about five minutes.

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  1. Thanks for taking over the air traffic controller seat!

    • You’re welcome! It can be a zoo at times. 🙂

      Thanks for handling showcase duties!

  2. Freedom sounds good!

  3. I am back home, but rather than “live blogging” tonight, I am “live Facebooking.” 🙂

  4. ok….. not a fan of the breaks with A. Crabb and the Bowlings. I would much rather see Gordon and Gerald on stage.
    Hope this is not going to be on all night.

    • They did it only once or twice this afternoon. Didn’t really interrupt much. Maybe they’ll do it while Swanberg introduces a group later on!

  5. The twin was Adam BTW

    • Thanks! I’ll edit accordingly. I still can’t tell them apart, especially when they’re not on stage together.

      • I just know Aaron is with Canton Junction, and that wasn’t him.

      • OK. I was pretty sure it wasn’t the one with Canton Junction, but at that moment I couldn’t remember which twin was with Canton Junction! Ah, well!

  6. Hey Daniel,
    Can we find a program for tonight’s livestream anywhere? It’s hard to get a busy family together to watch, but we’re working on it!


    • http://nqcvideo.com/images/Friday.jpg

      Glad you’re watching!

      • Thanks Josh! We’re so excited to be this close to NQC! 🙂


    • It took me a minute to find that link again, and by the time I found it, Josh VanK had already posted. Good job, Josh!

      • Have it open in the other tab.

      • Ah. 🙂 I printed it off, because I’m bouncing around such a crazy number of tabs as it is that I didn’t need yet another one distracting me! 🙂

      • I have a program book open. 🙂

  7. Start with Christmas, end patriotic. Only NQC…

  8. Ben agrees with Gerald in loving Mike Bowling’s voice. And we didn’t know Troy Peach was with the Bowlings.


    • He’s been running sound for a while; he took a vocal role around a year ago.

  9. Does anyone know who the Bowling’s band is?

  10. Cute mic switch!

    • What was it? I was over in the blogging window; I didn’t see it.

      • It was after the younger Bowling girls left the stage and Kelly had sung the verse of the next song, she and Mike switched their mics. We think that Mike and Kelly got the wrong mics from the girls!


      • Oh, OK! 🙂

  11. Anyone know why all of a sudden we have ads on the screen (i.e. Dixie Stampede, etc.)???

    • I just posted my theory in the main post about 2 minutes ago, at the 6:28 mark. I think they’re to sponsor the free feed, but the paying subscribers are getting the same feed with ads as the free audience.

      • OK Thanks. Kind of annoying.

    • The “Free Friday” Webcast was a sponsored event, because of the expense of providing it, ie bandwidth, extra servers, etc., thus, commercials.

      • I think offering an ad-suported free day was a good idea. The ads weren’t terribly obtrusive by any stretch.

  12. Does anybody know about how many people are in the audience tonight?

    • I haven’t looked at too many audience shots today. But my guess for the week prior to today: ~6,000 for Monday/Tuesday, ~10,000-~12,000 for Wednesday and Thursday. I would imagine that, with Gaither appearing, today will be peak attendance day.

      • Don’t know, I think Quartet Night will be close. Gaither certainly helps, as does the fact that its Friday night.

      • Yes; Quartet Night looked a tad stronger attendance-wise even than Thursday.

  13. Everyone looks like they’re playing “follow the leader” and “ring-around-the-rosie”! Daniel, you could get your exercise in by doing laps around NQC mainstage!


    • I’m taller than the average. People would see me and be distracted. 🙁 😛

  14. Wow! The Nelons did a great job on their acapella number.

    • Yes they did!!! They pulled it off well! Love hearing them sing a cappella!

  15. I’m glad the Nelons got their own time slot. Well deserved! I’ve believe they’ve done it under the Gaither time slot the past couple years.

    Speaking of which, I have a feeling we’ll see the Martins on the Gaither time slot tonight. They’ve been on the Gaither tour recently, and I know they were there as recently as this afternoon.

    Hopefully Joyce changed out of her pajamas though!

  16. I agree with Gerald Wolfe, I am going to buy the CD from the show case winners The Wilbanks, wow, what a song and what a sound. I am sure will here from them again real soon.

  17. Love Amber Nelons voice!! Does anyone know if that song is on their cds? Is that their track or is is Sandi Patti’s? I haven’t heard such a pretty rendition of the hymn (He’s More Than Wonderful?? )they sang. Beautiful!

    • It looks like it’s on their upcoming release, “An Evening in December,” currently available on pre-order.

    • I think it’s actually on their Christmas CD, Evening in December.

      • Lauren, I said the CD title was “An Evening in December,” so I’m not exactly sure if you’re disagreeing with me. 🙂

      • Maybe she means the CD has already been out before.

      • Could be, and I also thought it was already out, but their website says it’s on pre-order status.

      • They sang the title track at a concert last December that I attended, but I can’t remember if the CD was on their table.

  18. Thanks guys!!

    • You’re welcome!

      • Haha! Not disagreeing! Just missed your post! 🙂

      • Oh, OK! I hadn’t even thought of that possibility! 🙂

  19. Appreciate Connie’s usual class act.

    • Agreed; the touch of class she brings to our genre will be sorely missed if she ever retires.

      Kim’s features are so huge that it’s easy to overlook just how good of a singer she is. She’s one of the single most compelling live performers in our genre. Give her a song like “I’ve Come Too Far to Look Back,” and there’s not an audience she can’t tear up!

  20. I really think the Adam Crabb interviews have been great! Seamless transitions, as if it was B roll on a DVD. Makes it look like a more professional broadcast IMO, and Adam has started great as interviewer.

    • They are well done, but if it were my choice, I would rather have the feed on the mainstage at all points except maybe during the video ads or the speakers and comedians promoting their showcases and books for sale.

      • All we’ve missed so far though is part of the singalong and the Gerald-Gordon exchange. If no singing is missed, I’m fine with switching one person talking on stage for another off stage.

      • We also missed part of one of the showcase winners’ songs, but that wasn’t all that big of a loss.

      • I agree, Daniel.

        Pre-empting an video ad for an interview…I’m fine with that.

        Pre-empting the Penny Loafers for an interview…not good at all!

      • Just to clarify for any possibly confused onlooers: When I was talking about missing part of a showcase winner’s song, I was talking about a song earlier in the evening. The Penny Loafers were a regularly scheduled part of the program.

      • I agree, Daniel.

        Pre-empting a video ad for an interview…I’m fine with that.

        Pre-empting the Penny Loafers for an interview…not good at all!

      • Is there a 10-minute echo in the room?

      • Josh – I don’t think so.

      • Look up.

      • Oh, I saw that and knew what you were referring to. 🙂

      • I was trying to correct “an” to “a,” but evidently, the first one went through as well as the correction. Weird…

  21. Love the Hoppers and their music!!! What a Great Family!

  22. And Taranda!!!

    • Love hearing TaRanda and Kim together!!

  23. Once again, the stage is dark. They’ve coordinated this well. Though I’m guessing we’ll miss the Penny Loafers.

  24. Hey! We’re disappointed that we missed Penny Loafers!

  25. I really have liked what I have heard from the Penny Loafers…hate to miss them

  26. Daniel, do you like Ben’s bowtie?

    • Ha!

      • Just wait till you see my reply. 🙂

    • TGF, I like the one your Ben wears! But maybe I’m biased. 🙂

      Truth be told, I’ve been racing at my highest speed to (a) keep up with song comments, (b) keep up with the live play-by-play, (c) answer a couple of other emails, (d) look up the song title on that latest Isaacs song, and (e) finally finish the write-up on the Hoppers highlights paragraph, that I have only been listening to the Isaacs set so far.

      • Ha-ha!
        (Seriously, though, we feel sorry for you doing all that work when we’re all enjoying the evening.)

      • Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m WAY too hyperactive to enjoy sitting and staring blankly at a screen for five hours. That’s practically a nightmare. I’d rather watch football!

        Okay, maybe not.

        Either way, I’d rather be all over the place, doing five things at once, than just sitting and staring at a screen for five long hours.

      • You’re not the only one – there are several of us who have been doing more than just watching NQC! (And you don’t have to guess which who!)

      • Oops! That comment should have said “And you don’t have to guess who!” Just shows what happens with lots editors who are editing while trying to listen to great music!

      • OK. 🙂

      • I knew what you meant, and I wasn’t going to point it out!

  27. Boy, I can’t get over that moment at the end of “Something’s Happening” where TaRanda Greene ad-libbed a part a third above Kim Hopper’s soprano part, and then they both did a slide a third higher still. As I said up in the main post, that’s just way too much vocal power for even Freedom Hall to contain. WOW!

    • We took a slight break and missed that. Sounds like it was neat!

      • That moment, especially, was really strong.

  28. I’m soooooo disappointed it loos like Swan has been cooked…I mean…no, cooked works…from the schedule.

    • Well, comedians are funny, but given the choice of a comedian or Gordon Mote on piano, I don’t care what the comedian is, I’d pick Gordon. 🙂

  29. Are you SERIOUS!!! During Gordon Mote!!

    • Yes, not a good time to cut away from the stage feed! But at the same time, at least we’re not losing any of the Isaacs or Karen Peck & New River sets.

      • It sounds like KPNR is performing now as they are interviewing! Not happy about that!!!

    • No kidding – we agree! We were lovin’ it until they took this interview break… 🙁

    • Sad face. 🙁

    • Now we’re missing the start of the Karen Peck set, too. Aw, shucks.

      • I’m so disappointed what are they thinking???

      • I getting kind of tired of these interviews…Oh Well…thanks to Solid Gospel, KP&NR is singing the title track of their new album, “Revival”.

  30. One of the things about the interviews I like is you get to hear NQC stories you might normally never hear about. Like Dean’s right there, for example

  31. Well Karen Peck is on Stage and they are still talking to the Hoppers……Not Good.

  32. Ugh, we’re missing KPNR now. Oh well… we hope they hurry up!

    • I completely agree. I love to hear the Hoppers’ stories, but still…

  33. You think people like Tim Duncan?!

    • I would say so! That’s probably the single most enthusiastic mid-song applause I’ve heard all week. (Yes, even compared to when Alex Utech hit some low notes in “I’m Winging My Way Back Home”!)

    • Well, we do! 🙂

  34. Preach it, Matt!

  35. Every time the feed freezes, a huge scream of anguish rises from a little house in Minnesota… 🙂 😛

    • Can’t hear you. LOUDER!

    • Is it loud enough to be heard a few rivers over at a little control truck in Louisville? 😛

      • Hee, hee! We’re not quite that loud…

    • Haha! You would have had a lot of screaming Monday night!!

      • I agree with Lauren, Your voices would have been so shot after Monday that you wouldn’t even be able to whisper by tonight. 🙂

      • Oh dear! It was that bad?

        (This is a really animated group here; we’re glad we don’t have neighbors super close. 🙂 )

      • Yes, it was.

  36. That was really solid from Canton Junction. First time seeing them with Shane McConnell

  37. And we scream even more: MICHAEL ENGLISH HAS A BEARD!!!!

    • I learned about it from your comment before I saw it on the screen—though I quickly went over to that tab after seeing your comment to see it for yourself. It looks nice.

    • Wow. Looks like the beard takes twenty years off his appearance. He could pass for 35 now.

      • Well…since Michael is only 51, that would be 16 years off. 😉

  38. GO KEVIN WILLIAMS! That was funny. 😀

    • Old, but funny

  39. Daniel, did you know your section header says Highlights of the Week instead of Night?

    • No, I hadn’t caught that yet. Thanks so much! Fixed now.

  40. Are the breakaway interviews annoying anyone else? It seems like they come on whenever a group or singer that I want to see comes on…oh well. 🙁 Canton Junction was a nice surprise. 🙂

    • Read the rest of the comments here, and you’ll find your answer. 🙂 😛

      • Yep, I should have read the comments first. 🙂 I see that they’re canceling the rest of the interviews. I wouldn’t mind seeing more though as long as they don’t come on during a set or a sing-along.

      • Agreed! And there are over 200 comments now, so it can take a while to get through!

  41. Daniel, this was the song your siblings questioned if it was in English. lol

    • I remember reading that. I love the wording they picked. 🙂

  42. Daniel, This was the song that we couldn’t figure out if it was in English or not a couple of days ago.

    • Yes! Few can match Phelps’ pitch and tone, but his diction is not always in the driver’s seat. 🙂

    • It’s not in our English. 🙂

    • Ha! Didnt know you were watching!

      • I’m not sure they were up until that point!

      • Yes Sir! We were watching!

  43. They should have let Michael English sing the entire set.

    • He’s really improved since the Reunion DVDs

      • I think it took a few years for his voice to settle back into a quartet-singing mode. But it sure has now!

  44. As a college student I found Bill’s words very true and very touching.

  45. David Phelps’ explosion coming!

    • Yes, sir!

    • Just wow!

  46. That might be Top Highlight so far!

  47. Thanks Gerald! This has been a fun experience! We’re eating popcorn and making a fun family night out of this. 🙂

  48. Say TGF, ever consider going down to NQC with a booth and performing in the Regional Showcase?

    • God hasn’t lead us there quite yet! 🙂 Maybe someday Lord-willing…

  49. Just want to throw it out there but this has been one of the more enjoyable evenings I have for a while because I’ve gotten sit and actually watch what has been an incredible night.

    It’s helped, since I know I have a stressful fay tomorrow.

  50. Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn…Like father, like son?

    That was funny, but we knew Jonathan had to have started it!

  51. The Easters started their set with “Anything But Happy”.

    • Thanks so much, Austin! I just updated the post.

  52. Do it again Jeff!

  53. (Copied from DBM’s Facebook chat thread)

    I guess the interviews are over. This was posted on the NQC page by “Viewfinder,” which I’m assuming is the company handling the broadcast.

    “Our goal tonight was to provide our webcast viewers with special programming content, with some behind the scenes content and a few artists interviews. We apologize that a couple of the interviews went a bit long and conflicted with the main stage concert. We had planned to bring you a quick interview with the Collingsworth Family and The Booth Brothers during an audience sing a long, we’ll let them know you’d rather not hear from them.”

    • That seems a little harsh, we just want to hear the music. It’s not that we wouldn’t like to see them interviewed.

      • Agreed. People love interviews, and I think if the interviews replaced talking segments, everyone would be happy.

    • Here’s the ViewFinders page. I don’t see the quote there: https://www.facebook.com/ViewFindersTV

      Has the comment been taken down?

      • On the NQC page

      • You have to click the “View 38 More Comments” link on the NQC Facebook page to see it. It’s still there.

      • Thanks so much!

  54. Our family loves the sing-a-long! We’re singing along here too! 🙂

    • Wow. I wish I was listening with you. (And yes, emphasis on LISTENING for my role!)

      • We would miss you singing though!

      • I’m just so far from your level! 🙂

      • No you’re not. We all just sing to the Lord!

      • You all could sing “Beyond the Cross” or “Mountain Song” or “Nearer, My God, to Thee” on the main stage tomorrow night and sound like you belonged. I couldn’t.

      • We’re too sure about that, but thanks, Daniel! 🙂 🙂

      • OOPS! We’re NOT too sure… (It’s hard to type and pay attention to the awesome MTQ!)

      • I knew you meant to include the “not,” and thought it was just a little funny. 🙂

  55. Nice song choice Michael!

  56. Hey Garms’, it’s your relatives! LOL!

    • We’re so proud of them! 😀 LOL! (We’ve been waiting all night for them!)

      • Gotta admit, the resemblance is striking!

      • And don’t they look snappy in their suits and ties? 🙂

      • Ha Ha, your funny! Sam has been hearing the “You look like Michael Booth” line for quite awhile now!

  57. Ia anyone else having trouble with the video feed jerking in and out?

    • Twice during Both Brothers set, yes

    • Switched to SD, we’ll try that!

    • A couple of times, but it has been much better than Monday.

      • A huge scream erupts in MN every time it happens…

    • Good! It seems like it was temporary. It hasn’t happened yet again.

    • I had it skip in and out a few minutes ago on the Booth Brothers, and one time earlier tonight. Otherwise, the stream has been great.

      When I read about all the issues people were having Monday and Tuesday, I thought Friday would be a disaster, but I can’t complain at all about the stream quality overall.

  58. A little like 5 seconds

  59. One of Daniel’s Siblings who wishes to remain anonymous described the Booth Brothers’ opening song as “A Capella and a piano.”

    (New description for no tracks!)

  60. They should give Bill Gaither a shaker. 😀

    • ..or a little metal triangle. 🙂


  62. Mom says Bill needs suspenders! 😀

    • Well, she’s a Proverbs 31 mother, then! (Who makes sashes…)

  63. There’s been some good testifying this week!

  64. Funny Mr. Gaither didn’t have those who ever started a fire stand!

  65. I thought that message about the backstage interviews was a little testy…. don’t they know that we don’t mind interviews during a singalong? It’s the fact that it cut into major artists’ sets that we didn’t like! Shouldn’t be hard to tell the difference…

    • The pressure they were under in the production room and the truck was unbelievable. Everybody should give them a break. They did an absolutely fantastic job. If you think they’re post was a little “testy,” you should have seen some of the over-the-top emails they were getting from some of those “loving” Christians out there in cyber space. Some of them would make a sailor blush.

      • I actually can imagine. I’ve worked in customer service enough to have a fair idea of what they were going through. It had to have been worse on Monday, though, when there was less they could do about it. Boy, was I glad I wasn’t in their shoes Monday night.

  66. Who would want to sing “Wonderful Time Up There” after hearing Pat sing it? He’s one of the best!

  67. Somebody is coming…

  68. Who is Gold City’s piano player?

    • Bryan Elliot, former Perrys pianist, as far as I know.

      • Oh yeah! We thought we recognized him. Thanks!

      • You’re welcome!

      • I haven’t seen any good close-up shots, though I’ve only seen about half (listened to the other half), but all the in-the-distance shots I’ve seen so far would seem to indicate that yes, it’s still Bryan.

      • Just saw a close-up. Yes, definitely still Bryan.

      • He was also with the Anchormen. For like two weeks…

  69. Here comes Ivan….I mean Jerry… on Midnight Cry!

  70. Are you ready?

  71. Tim Riley must have “fried” his mic! 🙂

  72. If Jay Parrack was in the building, I bet we would’ve seen Jonathan & Mark here

    • Wow, what a moment that would have been! If NQC gets those four together for an afternoon showcase next year, I predict a complete sell-out crowd for the weekend. 🙂

      • Have to come to Memphis next year for the Jay, Jonathon, Mark & Tim Gold City reunion!

      • I’ll sure have to consider it. I’d love it if it worked, that’s for sure.

  73. Bryan also played for the Anchormen, before the Perrys. When he was like 17 or so.

  74. I’m ready to go!

  75. The evening has been enjoyable. Although I don’t think Robert Fulton’s voice is quite used to johnathans antics 😉 and mark trammell’s quartet was superior as always

    • Lol – I’ve never given that run that Jay did a good concert try. I’ve seen it a zillion time though, and he’s just totally unreal 🙂 I was afraid if I tried it and missed, then the last note I sang in Louisville would be terrible. Haha

      I have REALLY enjoyed this week! Great crowds and great friends here this week!


      • No point running an unnecessary risk, I guess!

        Great to see you stop by. “Calvary Conquers it All” on Tuesday was really strong; I listed it as one of the night’s highlights.

      • Thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

      • Thanks! “Calvary” is such a powerful song. One of my favorites!

      • One of mine, too!

  76. I enjoyed the song by the Browders.

  77. 217 comments…is this a record?

    • Not too sure. The two biggest stories, as far as views, are Penrod/Hall leave Gaither Vocal Band (https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/2197), at 172 comments, and Tony Greene passes away (https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/8229), at 114 comments. But I wouldn’t rule out one of the previous years’ NQC live blogs hitting 200 comments.

      • Looking at last year’s, here are the nightly comment totals: 64, 52, 58, 26, 16, 26

        Then again, no chat box this year. That helped your numbers!

      • Yes, I think that helped.

        I seem to think there was some event that hit 200. But I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember which one.

      • This one was up there, but didn’t quite hit 200: Tracy Stuffle Benefit Concert, 167 comments: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/19218

      • Yeah, and all of our random ramblings, too! 🙂

      • TGF, it’s been a delight to have y’all on board today!

  78. AMEN! Wow. This preacher song by Greater Vision is simply awesome.

    • If Greater Vision had a “GOOD” bass singer, they would be THE best quartet on the road!! 🙂

      • Of course, you know why we don’t have one, don’t you? 🙂

  79. I hate to say this…. but after watching Gold City’s set, all I can think of is Kurt Young. 🙁

    • Really? To each his own, I guess… I thought he did a decent job for being this late in the week, this late at night during what has to be the hardest week on the voice of the year. I thought Gold City had strong sets all week

      • I think Brian/Jay/Steve spoiled us(or me at least)….

  80. Man! I thought Mark Trammell’s set was the strongest all night! WOW!!!! What a gift and a blessing!

  81. This sounds like it could be a HUGE ending!

  82. I was hoping for this one for all the free visitors!

  83. “I Know a Man Who Can” – this is going to be big!

  84. He just isn’t human #Chrisallman

    • No, #Chrisnotallman


  85. It’s been confirmed: Chris Allman is NOT human! Wow!

  86. I am convinced that Chris Allman sounds good even when he snores! That is some of the purest sound I have ever heard!

    • I can attest to the fact that Chris sounds MUCH better singing than he does snoring!

  87. Could we have Four Days Late and My Name Is Lazarus in the same finale?! That’d be cool.

    (I think GV will end with a fast one!)

  88. I’m still feeling fine despite the time!

  89. GENE!

  90. PAT!

  91. Hey Daniel’s Siblings! It’s your friend – the “hand-some” Pat Barker on stage tearing it up!

    • Yes, and he followed your friends! Everyone gets to see their friends on stage at NQC! We think the hand-some Mr. Barker was trying to give Cameraman Tim a bigger challenge than Mr. Dustin ever did!

      • I had almost forgotten that Pat Barker is the most handsome man in SG music. Not to mention humble…


  93. and then there’s David Phelps……….

    • He IS in a different league…. he is almost un-human!! 😀

      • It is a league populated by David Phelps and Chris Allman. 🙂

      • We had him in Houston back in March and he had the early stages of a sinus infection and was unbelievable. Tonight was David not with a sinus infection.

      • And Jay Parrack in his prime!! 😀

  94. The GVB is almost in another league…. phenomenal!!

  95. OK, to all who were wondering: 248 comments in, this is the third-most-discussed post of all time on this site.

    #2: Southern Gospel 101, Your Contributions, 257 comments: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/10628

    #1: Guess the Baby Picture Contest, #9, 292 comments: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/11833

    We’re close enough to the #2 all-time spot that I think we’ll probably overtake it before the night is up. Not too sure we’ll bump #1.

    • Ha! We could try! 🙂

      • Let’s! We may even be at #2 as we speak (type)!

      • 265 comments at this point makes it a solid #2 most-discussed post of all-time. We’ll see where the follow-up discussion takes us. I know I, at least, have one more thing to cover before calling it a night.

    • Well, we could add a lot of silly stuff….

      • Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….

      • And other interesting things, like…like…like…like…

      • True…. but that would be highly unncessary…. so I’ll do it!! 😀


      • It’s so delightful to have a conversation with you!

      • You as well!! 🙂

    • Thank you for checking that out!


    What an absolutely, blessed and holy night!

    What a spirit!

    • Amen and praise the Lord!

  97. What a Finale! The songs kept getting harder to top! We didn’t know GVB was scheduled to come back up.

    • Come to think of it, “It is Finished” is a good song to end with!

      • You’re right!

      • I was thinking the exact same thing!

      • haha… never thought of it that way!! 🙂

    • They weren’t scheduled. The scheduled finale artists were the four that sang and Gold City. Perhaps it didn’t work out for Gold City. But when you have the opportunity to have the Gaither Vocal Band cap off your program with “It is Finished,” I don’t care who you are or what your event is, you take that opportunity. Period! 🙂

      • And it would be really hard, if not impossible to top that.

        The only possibility would have been “When I Get Carried Away” featuring Jonathan Wilburn, but that still may not have topped it.

      • Gold City was supposed to? That saddens me… ANY chance to see Tim Riley sing(no matter what the circumstances) is another chance to see the BEST bass singer to ever have walked in show leather!! 🙂

        The man is THAT good! 🙂

        IMHO that is. 😉

      • He may have been tired; he actually seemed just a little tired in their set earlier tonight. Of course, he was still incredible, as always!

      • Do you mean “When He Blessed My Soul”?

        “When I Get Carried Away” is a fun song, but less of a finale song.

        Now, if you had Jay, Jonathan, and Mark joining Tim, and it was a surprise, then that would have stood shoulder to shoulder with the GVB surprise. Surprises of this nature are hard to top. 🙂

      • That’s the line up we were thinking of. When He Blessed My Soul could work, but we were thinking of finishing and getting carried away.

      • I’ve always wanted to hear Jay sing “When He Blessed My Soul”. Steve Ladd told me once they have it recorded, because when Steve joined right after Jay left Steve had to go in an recut all of Jay’s songs on “First Class”. I love Steve, but have ALWAYS wanted to hear that album with Jay just once.

  98. The night was awesome! It was so fun to experience NQC this way. Thanks NQC Free Friday for making it happen!

    • Agree 100%! What a great night!

    • We agree! Thank you NQC and sponsors!

  99. Now that we have heard the NQC song of the year several times, we think the Booth Brothers should change solo lines.

    Michael should sing, “I played in the band”
    Ronnie should sing, “I sang in the choir”
    and Jim should sing, ” I wrote a few songs…”

    Michael plays drums, Ronnie sings, and Jim writes songs.

    Now we’re not sure who starts fires. It may take all three.


    • I love it!

    • Have Ron Booth sing it since he did start a “fire” by being Ronnie & Michael’s Dad!

      • Great explanation!

  100. Does anyone know what note Amber Thompson hit on the Sandi Patty song she sang?

    • Whatever note is was, Sam could hit…a couple octaves down, and in falsetto! 😉

    • One of Daniel’s Siblings reports the note was a B flat just below the double high C. If so, that’s as high as Allison Durham Speer went on Because He Lives on the London Homecoming project.

      • WOW! If it is that B-flat, that would be incredible.

      • B-Flat is nothing…I do that all the time…ok, I’m no comedian. I’ll go back to just reading the record setting comments.

  101. Before the night was up, I had to follow up to check whether Gaither was the only living composer in the Baptist Hymnal. I have a copy of the 2008 Baptist Hymnal, and I find…

    • David Adams, Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, page 333

    • Scott Wesley Brown, Grace Alone, 112

      • Aha!

      • We figured that was probably the case, but didn’t know which exact hymnal was meant.

      • He could have been referring to an earlier edition of the hymnal.

    • OK, I give up listing all the songs individually! Other living composers with songs in the 2008 Baptist Hymnal include Mark Altrogge, Paul Baloche, Lincoln Brewster, Carman (!), Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrae Crouch, Carol Cymbala, Geron Davis, Amy Grant, Melody Green, David Hamilton, Larnelle Harris, Jim Hill (but of course), Kurt Kaiser, Lenny LeBlanc, Dwight Liles, Mylon LeFevre, Mark Lowry, Babbie Mason, Jon Mohr, Sandi Patty, Kirk Talley, John Thompson, Stuart Townend, Chris Tomlin, Wayne Watson, and Kelly Willard.

      • Wow… more than I would have guessed.

      • I was referring to the “real” Baptist Hymnal! LOL!

      • OK, I’m just a little confused. Do you mean the red-back, or an earlier edition of the Baptist Hymnal? 🙂

      • Bill Gaither ain’t in the Red-back, so it’s not that. 🙂

      • Well, I guess not, but when Gerald Wolfe starts using “THE” when talking about a hymnal, that’s sure the first one to come to mind. 🙂

      • Ol’ Bill was 15 when the Redback was published.

      • There have been four Baptist Hymnals (Southern Baptist, anyway). Editions include 1956, 1975, 1991 and 2008.

        Before that, Southern Baptists published the Broadman Hymnal (1940).

        Collectively, Baptists (Southern and otherwise) have published too many hymnals for me to list here, but you can view most of them at this link:

      • OK, thanks! I do believe I have an old Broadman hymnal. I don’t have the 1956/1975/1991 hymnals, though.

      • I’ve never really looked through the latest edition of the Baptist Hymnal. Our church bought them, just before they stopped using Hymnals altogether. My comment to Bill wasn’t intended to be serious.

      • Ah, okay! I have often been accused – accurately – of taking jokes seriously. Ah, well! 🙂

  102. Our favorite performances of the night were the Booth Brothers (obviously), Mark Trammell Quartet, Gerald Wolfe, Greater Vision, Gold City, the Isaacs, Gerald Wolfe, the Nelons, Gordon Mote, Gaither Vocal Band, Gerald Wolfe, and we would have enjoyed the Penney Loafers. 🙂 Oh, we almost forgot…Gerald Wolfe. 😀

    • Wow. I’m honored to be in that list. 🙂

  103. (By the way, this has been the most fun we have had on SGB since the baby photo contests!)

  104. Congratulations all! We have surpassed the 292 comments of the most commented blog post here. What a historic night!

    And thank you to Daniel, the Air Traffic Controller. We sure gave you a hard time landing all the planes tonight!

    • YEAH!!! WOOT, WOOT! (Don’t ask us what that means.) VICTORY!

      Now we can go to bed. 🙂 🙂

      • Earlier today, I thanked them for keeping things in order while the day’s showcases were going on, they were live-blogging, and I was at work. I don’t remember how the comparison of an air traffic controller came up, but somebody brought it up.

    • I’m not sure the planes are landed yet! I think there’s about 20 still circling, and the problem is, a few are running low on gas!

  105. Back to the feed, this was a special and unique opportunity to enjoy groups and individuals we don’t and may never get the chance to see live.

  106. This post is #1 now. The finale pushed it over the top for sure.

    • This is the first time in the history of SouthernGospelBlog.com that a single post has received more than 300 comments.

      • Wow.

      • Wow. We are personally trying for 600…if you don’t mind. 🙂

      • Have at it, if you like. 🙂 But I won’t stay awake for that mark, of that I am sure!

      • Hey, since you didn’t get to sleep until 2:30 a.m., we could have attempted the 600 mark!! That would have made for some silly conversations, like hallucinating muffins and well … we’ll stop there! 🙂

      • Well, I had the computer off well before that! 🙂

    • Well, on second thought…maybe not.

      It’s time to hit the hay, or sack, or pillow, or whatever you want to call it. (Can you tell we’re tired?) We’re going to be like a banana and split. We’re going to catch 40 winks. Yeah, you get the picture. Dad says it’s time for three Lil’ Adventurers to get to bed. 🙂

      So long! Goodnight SGB!


      (Do y’all think Freedom Hall is empty by now?)

      • TGF, no, Freedom Hall is not empty, even if the last fans have left; I’m sure there is still crew there shutting things down for the night. Good night, LAs! I’m sure I won’t be too far behind y’all!

      • Were all 8 of you still awake?!

      • @Josh – Of course! Who could miss out on any of this fun?! 🙂

        (Actually, the LAs are NOW just getting to bed; there’s nothing like good singin’ to prompt some…well, not-so-good – but heartfelt, nonetheless! – singing around the piano! It was like NQC was happenin’ in our living room! 🙂 )

      • My word, y’all are amazing. 🙂

      • Good thing it wasn’t a “school night”

  107. I didn’t see it listed here, but what was the name of Pentecostal group that. Sang. It wasn’t the Dennis’ , Browns, or the Webbs. I kinda liked their song.

    • Are you referring to the Wilbanks?

      • YES! Thanks so much. I missed their name, and hated labeling them as “The Pentecostal Group”.

  108. Did anybody else notice when Freedom came up and sang, “Somebody Touched the Lord”, Jeff Stice was playing piano? A little Perfect Heart reunion there! I thought it was so cool!

  109. Did anybody else notice when Freedom did “Somebody Touched the Lord”, Jeff Stice was playing piano? A little Perfect Heart reunion!

    • Chris, yes, and as a matter of fact, I mentioned it in the main post; check the 5:30 mark. 🙂