Legacy Five video moving forward

Legacy Five was taping a DVD of their songs at NQC when, on their third and final set, a man came up on stage and made a disturbance. There had been some question over whether they would be able to move forward with the DVD.

Scott Fowler commented yesterday that they were currently doing editing on the project, trying to figure out how to edit the project so the disturbance wasn’t as evident. He said, “We are going to make it work…one way or another.”

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  1. A disturbance? What’d I miss?? Was it as distracting as the year the “Jerusalem” choir came out on the wrong song during the Hoppers’ set?

  2. There was a guy (possibly mentally impaired) who ran up on stage and was quite distracting.

  3. Where did you find this comment? I’m subscribed to the newsletter but as of yesterday I haven’t received a copy of it.

  4. @Aaron: Personal email exchange, with permission to post it.

  5. Well, I think it’s a good thing. I would hate for their whole endeavor to be ruined by an unexpected action of someone else. With all of the great editing tools at their disposal nowadays, I’m sure they will be able to make something work. I’m glad they’re going to go on with it.

  6. Thanks Daniel.

  7. Thanks Daniel I am glad they are going on with the “show” lol so to speak. I am looking forward to it coming out!!!!

  8. They could probably just take a shot of the areas where the guy was and just block him out with CGI.
    Where’s Pixar when you need them?

  9. #8: Interesting… I wonder how it would be if Gaither did a Pixar Homecoming..

  10. #8 – I highly doubt they can dump $50 grand into special effects. And it just might cost that much, too…

  11. Shouldn’t be that hard as long as the audio wasn’t affected. Just go to a canned audience shot but keep the audio. If the audio was disturbed, then re-record it and edit it in. I’m sure they will be redoing some of the audio anyways…that’s typical.

  12. Problem is, it’s kinda hard to do an audience shot for a half song or longer.

  13. Was he really on stage for half a song? The only time I remember him being visible on camera was once, when he was being led off by security. He came behind Scott Howard for a second.

  14. I don’t know precisely. I was speaking in more general terms.

  15. 13. If thats all that was the time he should up in any shot, then it will not be hard for them to edit. It should not be any different than the irritating camera man on the Friday Night Fav’s Video.

  16. Please pray for the gentleman that disrupted L5’s performance. He is mentally ill and due to his behavior during the NQC(on the main stage as well as several episodes in the exhibit hall) he was placed in a nursing home for mentally ill persons after returning home from NQC. He is a huge SG music fan and has been going to NQC for sometime as well as other large events near his home in PA.