NQC 2013, Day 6: Congregational Sing-A-Long

Daniel’s Siblings are live-blogging the afternoon showcases!

1:04 Gerald Wolfe lead the congregation in a prayer. In closing, he thanked the crowd for making the sing-a-long a success. They ended with #333, “I’ll Fly Away.”

12:56 Gerald Wolfe introducing a song he didn’t think had ever been sung from this hymnal at the quartet convention. Billy Graham ended his crusades with it and the church in which Gerald Wolfe grew up sang it for invitation. He encouraged the audience to think about the words: “Just as I Am without one plea, but that Thy blood was shed for me”–those lines say a lot.

12:51 #57, “Amazing Grace.” Pat Barker was heard distinctly! Is Karen Peck Gooch the only soprano present? (Or maybe they are the ones with the microphones?) Gerald Wolfe had them skip to verse four and said to “lift the roof off this place!” The audience stood by the end. Ben Speer tagged “I Just Began to Live” to the end. People were putting their books away, so either it wasn’t in there, or they all knew it!

12:48. Gerald Wolfe picked #265, “Love Lifted Me.”

12:45 The audience is really getting into it and yelled #12 and several others. Gerald Wolfe picked #98 (Land Where Living Waters Flow) and said, “Let’s see if you can sing this song.” He described it as a Wednesday night song since it only has two verses.

12:43 The audience requested #10 (Meeting in the Air) and Gerald Wolfe said “Oh, that’s a hard one. Are you sure you want page 10?” The audience roared back, “Yeah!”

12:40 A man came out from the audience and requested two songs. Gerald Wolfe picked #180 “Everybody Will Be Happy Over There.” A bass trio (Matt Fouch, Pat Barker, and the “guy between them”) took the lead.

12:32 Rodney Griffin sang the first verse of “Old Rugged Cross.” Gerald Wolfe then sang the “so despised by the world” verse and the congregation sang the last verse.

12:23 #181, “Blessed Assurance” in the key of  C. This song was requested by a lady who attended the sing-a-long. Gerald Wolfe talked about the line “perfect submission” and how a lady had complained that he had the ladies only sing that line previously in the week. He talked about how it wasn’t politically correct, but scriptural that everyone must submit to the Lord and let him do the leading and we follow. But, he had the men sing that line this afternoon and had the ladies pick up at the “watching and waiting” line. The encored with an A Capella chorus (it looks like Matt Fouch was taking a video!).

12:20 Gerald Wolfe called the Mark Trammell Quartet sang “Leave Your Sorrows.”

12:13 #401 “The Unclouded Day.” Ben Speer sang a verse

12:09 Gerald Wolfe told Stan Whitmire to play page 112, and “if you do it good, we might sing some of it.” He must have done it well enough because they joined him singing “I’ve Got That Old Time Religion”

12:04 Victory in Jesus (128). Sometimes it seems the soprano section either doesn’t have microphones or have them on very loud!

11:59 Gerald Wolfe introduced the Mylon Hayes Family who will be singing #144 (“Rock of Ages, Keep My Soul)  both with words and as shaped notes! That brought the audience to their feet again! Ben Speer said he tried to catch a mistake, but couldn’t find one.

11:53 #114. Picking up the tempo with “I’ve Never Been Sorry.” Gerald Wolfe had Stan Whitmire start in G and take it up a half step.

11:45 Page 14, “I Will Meet You in the morning.” Mark Trammell stepped forward to sing the second verse. Mark told how this song was his Mom’s favorite song. His Mom was a church pianist for many years. Gerald had Mark sing the verse again. Ben Speer then stepped up to sing “the verse that was left out” bringing everyone to their feet.

11:39 Gerald Wolfe introduced Ben Speer, “the living legend.” Ben Speer’s dad wrote #110 the second song of the sing-a-long, “Heaven’s Jubilee.” Ben Speer sang the final verse, and also sang shaped notes.

11:34 Hymn 52. Albert Brumley classic “Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand.” Stan Whitmire is playing piano, Mike Hopper is playing drums. Gerald Wolfe did announce the guitarist, but we didn’t catch it and haven’t seen yet!

11:32 Gerald Wolfe and Phil Brower are kicking off the congregational sing-a-long with a crowd countdown. They will be using Wolfe’s favorite old red-back Church of God hymnal.


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    • Tim Duncan was at NQC yesterday with Canton Junction! As for the rest of your questions, we have forwarded them to Daniel and maybe he can answer when he gets back!

      And yes, Canton Junction is connected with John Hagee’s church.

    • Canton Junction got a new baritone and re-cut songs with the same tracks but with the new baritone’s voice. So they have two CDs and a DVD with a lot of the same songs. Their titles are for sale here: http://www.differencemedia.org/Catalog

  2. Anyone know who’s sitting between Matt Fouch and Pat Barker?

    • We have seen him, but haven’t figured it out yet.

  3. Was that Diana B. I just saw?!

  4. I would so love to see and be a part of this.

  5. That was me between Pat and Matt. I was invited to join them because of my love and passion for convention music. It was a lot of fun, and Gerald just posted that an usher gave his heart to Christ after the event!

    • Very neat!

      Yes, if I’d been watching, I would have recognized you, but I wasn’t at home during the webcast. 🙂

    • Thank you for identifying you! We weren’t the only ones wondering, so we’re glad to know now!
      And thank you for passing along the news of the salvation! That is exciting!

  6. I should have shirts made that say “the guy in between!”