CD Review: Bill Gaither’s 12 All-Time Favorite Homecoming Hymns

Bill Gaither's 12 All-Time Favorite Homecoming HymnsRating: 3.5 stars (of 5)

* * *

Perhaps regrettably, the Homecoming phenemonon is a primarily visual experience.

It all started with a video. The appeal of the video was more in seeing the legends singing together than hearing the choir. And ever since, though Gaither has released a CD version of each Homecoming release, the videos are what he’s known for. (Even Steve Green, speaking to a largely CCM audience, can get a laugh by merely referring to Gaither taping—surprise—another video.)

I say “perhaps regrettably” only because every attempt to transfer the energy of a Gaither video to a CD seems to come a little short. A video version of these same twelve songs would get a rating a full star higher (4.5 stars of 5).

That out of the way, there are several tracks that shine even if it’s just the audio. “Rock of Ages,” “He Leadeth Me,” and “Yes, I Know” come over particularly well on the CD.

Even if it may not quite beat what a DVD could have done, this opportunity to introduce Southern Gospel to a new audience sure beats nothing. There is certainly a decent possibility that someone with a church background could pick it up in a Cracker Barrel and be interested enough to check out a video. There, more likely than not, is where they’d really get into the music.

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