Megan Owens undergoing emergency brain surgery

Soul’d Out bass singer Ian Owens, and the other members of his group, are requesting prayer for Ian’s wife Megan. She is at the University of Kentucky hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, undergoing emergency surgery for a brain aneurysm.

UPDATE, 12:45 PM: Soul’d Out Quartet posted: “Drainage Cath has been installed successfully and has relieved much of the pressure. Megan is currently undergoing an angiogram that should tell us more about what’s going on. It’s amazing the things that are going on this morning. Matt Rankin led a man to The Lord this morning that he met in the waiting room.”

UPDATE, 1:55 PM: “Angiogram results are back. It was negative for a large aneurysm. This is not conclusive evidence that there is no aneurysm. The neurologist said that sometimes aneurysms are missed due to excessive clotting. There will be a follow up angiogram one week from today to completely rule out an aneurysm. Now, what that means going forward is this: there is still unexplained bleeding in her brain and there is still an unexplained blockage causing the spinal fluid to not drain naturally or normally from around her brain (the drain they installed in the top of her head facilitates the drainage for now). So, this evening or tomorrow morning she will have an MRI to rule out other possible causes (such as a tumor) and to decide how to move forward. Thank you for your continued prayers. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but God is AWESOME and he’s gonna continue to work it all out. Love y’all.”

UPDATE, 2:25 PM: Ian posted: “I have a very specific prayer request. During the installation of the drain in her head, they gave Megan some pretty strong pain meds. She felt great for a while, but now those are wearing off. The nature of her situation, unfortunately, now prevents them from giving her anything stronger than Tylenol going forward. The reason for this is that with any type of bleeding on/in the brain they need to monitor her lucidity and cognitive functions. These would obviously be compromised by strong pain meds. She’s had several invasive procedures at this point and is in severe pain. Please pray specifically for a supernatural relief for her pain. Thank you all.”

UPDATE, 5:30 PM: Ian posted: “Official diagnosis at this point is hemorrhagic stroke. Which is a stroke caused by a vessel hemorrhaging into the brain rather than a stroke caused by a blood clot. The steps going forward are still the same as before. The doctors need more answers to know how to fix “it”. So, there will be an MRI tonight or tomorrow morning and if that provides no additional answers then she will have a second angiogram a week from today.”

UPDATE, 9/17, 6 AM: Last night, Ian posted: “Night number 1 in ICU has been pretty rough so far. Megan is only getting very brief periods of time where the pain is manageable enough to fall asleep. These “naps” are few and far between and have only lasted about 15 minutes each. The rest of the time she’s been almost inconsolable. I stand at her head and I very lightly massage her temples and forehead until she finally stops groaning and falls asleep. When I wet a washcloth with very cold water, it seems to provide a modicum of relief, as well. It breaks my heart to see her hurt this way and, as any husband will understand, it makes me feel so useless to her. We want to be our wife’s hero. We want to be the fixer, but here is the humbling truth…… God is the hero and He is the fixer!!!!! God has been so good, so faithful, and so true during this process and the praise report through all of this is that Megan, even though miserable, is the “best case scenario” where this ailment is concerned. She has 100% control of all motor functions and her cognitive functions are spot on, so there is no sign of any long term damage!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! I’m now believing in Him to allow that prognosis to persist.  As far as the pain goes, she still has a huge amount of excess spinal fluid and blood on the brain, but the longer the fluid drains away from her brain, the more relief she’ll have, so it’s a waiting game for relief at this point. Hopefully today will bring some answers as to the cause of the hemorrhagic stroke and some direction as far as treatment and prevention of future hemorrhages or strokes. If you are reading this you need to know that God is good!!! He is awesome!!! He loves YOU!!!! He is in control!!! And He has a plan for your life!!! Praise Him!!!”

UPDATE, 9.17, 4 PM: Ian posted: “So last night was a terrible night, but today is a great day. Megan finally ‘turned a corner’ with the pressure from the excess fluid on her brain. They finally drained enough fluid to keep her pain manageable. They will continue to drain fluid for the next 6 to 10 days, but the debilitating pain should be over with. Her MRI’s are scheduled for 8:00 pm tonight. She has one for her head and one for her neck. Hopefully this will reveal the cause of the stroke and not only allow treatment, but prevention of further hemorrhaging and additional strokes which is still a very real risk. 

So praying points going forward:
1. No further hemorrhaging.
2. No additional strokes.
3. Clear signs of causes revealed in testing.
4. No vaso-spasms.
5. Maintained pressure release from brain so pain stays controllable.
6. And lastly, please pray for me. I feel good. I feel calm and at peace. I am encouraged and positive. However, I haven’t slept since I woke Sunday morning. I can’t. I’m too on edge. Not from fear, but from concern. The slightest noise she makes sets my adrenaline pumping and makes me very alert. I feel great right now, I just don’t want to crash and be worthless to her.
We serve a big God who is Lord of all and eternally bigger than this one point in time. I give you praise Father and I lift up your son, Jesus, for the world to see! You said if we lift you up you will draw all men unto you. Your word also promises that you work all things together for our good. In that spirit let this event be a testimony of your goodness that all may see your glory!! Amen!!!”

UPDATE, 9/18: See here!

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  1. Praying!

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole family. If there is anything that I can do to help out. Let me know….. I live about a mile from UK hospital

    • Are you friends with Bryan, Matt, or Ian on Facebook? They would be the best to ask.


  4. Exact same thing that happened to Tracy Stuffle in January…

  5. Praying for pain relief

  6. Sending prayers to Megan and her family and the medical staff helping her.

  7. This is the exact same thing that happened to a friend of mine from my church. It happened a year ago Feb. 16th. The doctors went in and super glued his brain aneurysm. He had tons of therapy to get back to where he is today. 100% healed by God’s Amazing Grace!

    Hold on tight to God. He still has a plan for your lives.

  8. Lifting you up in prayer to a Mighty God…and thanking Him for what He has already done.