Saturday News Roundup #189

Worth Knowing

  • Fantastic news on Tracy Stuffle’s continuing stroke recovery: Lord willing, if all goes well, he’ll be heading home on Monday to continue recovery there.
  • Arthur Rice has been named President of the SGMA.
  • Kim White’s mother, Carol Baker, has passed away. Kim leads ViewFinders TV, which produces live concert DVDs and concept videos for many of Southern Gospel’s leading artists; her husband Chris is with Crossroads/Sonlite.
  • Dallas Rogers and Restored signed a recording and marketing deal with Chapel Valley. Rogers previously sang with The Inspirations, The Dixie Echoes, Cross 4 Crowns, and other groups.
  • In August, a contest was announced offering the winner a chance to sing at the Cathedrals Family Reunion concert in November. The winner is Colet Selwyn of India; Selwyn has made similar guest appearances in the past with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, but has never (to my knowledge) sung with any of the other Cathedrals alumni.

Worth Watching

This has been a great song ever since Joe Kitson sang it in his Statement of Faith days; it’s nice to see that the song didn’t disappear with the group:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Exciting news on Tracy Stuffle!

    And, on another topic, we recently were discussing a southern gospel song, for which we can only remember one line, “no, no, a thousand times no.” We seem to think that a family group may have done it. We can’t recall if the group was regional or national. Does anyone recognize this line and know the group/ song it is from? (A google search only turned up secular possibilities.)

    • Hey Daniel’s Siblings –

      If I remember correctly, I think Jerry & the Singing Goffs sang that song. 🙂

      • I think the song is Jesus will never say no. I remember hearing the Goffs singing it

    • I recall The Speers recorded a song with that line in it on their “Rejoicing” album. That was the same album that had The City Coming Down and In the Midst Of It All on it. It had Ben on a stepladder and it looked like the other members were trying to tip the ladder.

    • Thank you all for your help! We’re guessing we heard the Goffs’ rendition, but have no idea when or how, since that is long before our time!

    • This is a song recorded by Wendy Bagwell and the Sunlighters. I used to have it on CD.

    • The correct title is “Jesus Will Never Say No.” It was written by Jerry Goff, and recorded by Jerry & The Singing Goffs, among others. That’s the song George used to ask me to do when I imitated Jerry on the platform. I’ve actually sang it with Jerry on television… way back in 1987.

      • …and THAT is where I heard it, when the initiation went up on YouTube for a while. 🙂

  2. Jerry & The Singing Goffs recorded it in 1976. I have the LP

    I asked His forgiveness when I was so low
    I asked Him to be with me when I was alone
    I asked Him to show me the way to go home
    Jesus will never say no

    I asked Him to lift me from life’s sinking sand
    I asked him, “Lord, please take me to that Promised Land”
    He promised He would never let go of my hand
    Jesus will never say no

    No, no, a thousand times no
    Jesus will never say no
    No, no, a thousand times no
    Jesus will never say no

    • That’s not the same song I’m thinking of. The one I’m thinking of … “No, no a thousand times no. I’m not missing one thing”.

  3. Who was the prior SGMA president?

    • For some reason I’m thinking it may have been Karen Peck Gooch, but I’m not 100% sure.

      • I thought Jeff Stice was pres of that or maybe it was Jeff then Karen.

      • Perhaps he was! I think Karen was at one point, but it could easily have been more than a year ago.

    • Jeff Stice is the immediate past president.
      Karen was president before Jeff.

  4. Karen was president of SGMA, then Jeff, and now Arthur. The term is 2 years.

  5. I think this is the last weekend for PALMETTO STATE QUARTET. Has anyone heard what is happening with the Group? Is the current members going to continue to sing under a different name or is the group just disbanding?

    • Jeremy Easley, David Staton, and the third guy whose name escapes me are now going to sing under the name Glass Temple.

      • DaRon Moughan.

      • Thanks Aaron and Josh. For some reason I must have missed the blog that day. OH, I know I was at NQC that week and didn’t get on computer very much to see what was going on.

  6. EHSS appeared in concert at Shadow Mountain church in CA (Dr Jeremiah’s church).

    Here’s the archived video of the concert:

    You should recognize another familiar face as well!

    • That’s quite interesting. Last I heard, he was worship pastor at a church in Arizona. I wonder if Dr. Jeremiah hired him!

      • After a quick online search, it looks like he’s been at Shadow Mountain for about a year. He travels with Dr Jeremiah to other speaking engagements as well.

      • Very cool to know; thanks!