More Prayer Requested for Megan Owens

About a week ago, Megan Owens, wife of Soul’d Out bass singer Ian Owens, faced emergency brain surgery. Things were starting to look better, but there has been a setback this afteroon. Ian Owens posts

We’ve just had a scare. They are taking Megan down for an emergency CT now. She’s very suddenly having extreme head pain; her neck is immobilized; she has severe chest pain; and she’s having trouble breathing. I’ll update after the CT. We are still standing on faith and fully relying on God as our healer and provider and believing Him for additional miracles, but this roller coaster feeling is exhausting… Please pray and pass along. Thank you.

UPDATE, 8 PM: Megan posts:

I’m alive!! I know I gave everybody quite the scare. I’m not trying to be dramatic, I promise! I started having extreme chest pain and the inability to breath. I also had horrible head pain and neck immobility. They put a Picc line in right before all of this happened.

It’s a more permanent and direct IV solution that enters my arm and goes straight into my heart. This all happened as soon as the Picc line was hooked up and the meds began to enter my heart. The critical care physicians believe that my body dumped a huge amount of adrenaline in response to the shock and it almost shut my body down. The neuroscience physicians are examining the results of the CT now so We still don’t know if there was a new hemorrhage or a clot, but the critical care docs feel very strongly it was way too much adrenaline. I feel a million times better now, but i believe Ian, papaw, and uncle Vernie were all pretty traumatized. The devil will have to try a whole lot harder to win this one!

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  1. Daniel –
    Would you mind to re-cap what actually happened. (short version)
    I was going to post a request on my wall, but I know some will ask what happened, and I was thinking Cerebral Hemorrhage, but am unsure.


    • The medical team still hasn’t figured out for sure what caused the original problem. It had similarities to an aneurysm and similarities to a stroke, but neither seem to be a perfect fit.

      • OK – Thanks!

  2. Good news from the update! Although Picc lines aren’t fun trust me, especially when they take it out, but it sounds like she has good caretakers.

    • I concurred with AJ’s thoughts. Ian and Megan have learned to ask good questions, or you have really good doctors who explain everything. Be thankful.

  3. Been praying for Megan everyday! She’s one of the sweetest and most fun individuals that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Ian is also a special friend to our family. I know God has things under control! Praying for a miraculous healing!

  4. Daniel,
    I’m viewing the site on my iPod and the posts and updates from Ian are not on display. Is this a common problem? Certainly will be praying for Ian and Megan.

    • I don’t know. I believe they display on iPhones, but I have no idea about display on iPods.

      • Daniel,
        I know that none of the inline posts you provide from other sources, such as the ones in this article, show up on my andrioid phone. I believe the problem begin with the last site upgrade. Know it’s off topic, but since there was an opportunity I thought I would mention it.

      • OK, thanks!

  5. Praying for you, Megan…and you, Ian!

  6. They just posted on FB that Megan Owens could get to go home as soon as 4 days from now!!