NQC announces live stream viewership

Yesterday, the National Quartet Convention issued a press release announcing the live-stream viewership for their Free Friday broadcast. They have had a paid live video streaming broadcast for several years; this year was the first year they made a day available for free. The broadcast was a runaway success:

The NQC has offered the Webcast for several years now; however, in celebration of the final year in Louisville, the NQC made the Friday webcast available to the public for free. NQC Free Friday far exceeded expectations and produced viewership from all over the world, including more than 10,000 people in 26 different countries. “NQC Free Friday featured a true event broadcast experience,” Beasley stated, “ with dedicated hosts hosting the broadcast throughout the day.”  In addition to viewing the festivities of NQC, 2013 over the NQC Webcast on a computer, subscribers to the Webcast for the first time ever were also  able to view the Webcast on their televisions through their Roku device. This proved to be so popular that the NQC Board has announced that it intends to ultimately make its Roku channel available to the public as a free channel. “This a great opportunity and yet another way for the NQC to grow and expose the great music of the NQC to the world,” Beasley shares. 

Now Freedom Hall seats 20,000, and—though it’s been a few years—it has sold out before. There were about 15,000 there on Friday night at NQC. (I don’t have any official numbers, but watching the webcast, the room safely looked to be 3/4 full). Now add in over 10,000 more, and do the math; it is far and away the most people who have ever watched an evening NQC program live. (That’s not even taking into account all the families and friends who watched together on the same screen!)

Kudos to ViewFinders and the rest of the technical team, who were able to keep the stream running smoothly despite the incredible amount of traffic.

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  1. 🙂 I was one of the fortunate “free Friday” viewers! My first time ever to watch NQC and I loved it. Wish then much success in their new home.

  2. I had subscribed to the NQC stream and loved it. Except for a few hiccups the first day or so,it went well.I am wondering if they might consider adding a channel on Apple TV. I have that and really don’t want to add Roku as well. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate this.
    Be that as it may,I will be subscribing to the Live Feed again,it is the next best thing to being there and a whole lot cheaper. 🙂

    • Ruth,
      A Roku, from all I’ve read, is the better option. It gets new channels faster.

      About the only reason to go with Apple is if you already own other Apple products (iPad, iPhone and so forth) that can take advantage of Apple TV’s AirPlay technology.

      I bought a Roku 3 a few months ago for $99, which is the most expensive model they make. You can actually buy a Roku for less than the cost of the NQC webcast.

  3. I enjoyed the stream this year and thought that the new company did a great job. There were some hiccups at various portions, but overall much better quality than in years past.

    I would love to see iPad support for future events.

    Ruth – Good point about the apple TV channel.

    Its great to see NQC following technology as best as it can 🙂

    • Steven, not sure if this is supposed to be this way or not, but I have been able to watch the archives on my iPad. The whole “multiple computers” thing hasn’t affected me. I’m wondering if its more for if people were to try to give their ticket to someone on a different IP address.

  4. Daniel,
    I would estimate the attendance on Friday night was closer to 10,000 than 15,000.

    There were two large black curtains hiding each “end zone” of the arena. If you didn’t know the curtains were there, the building would have appeared to be somewhat smaller than it actually is.

    • Just a point of clarification, the curtains in the “end zones” only blocked off the upper level. My seats are (were) in the lower level end zone that was just inside the main entrance to Freedom Hall.

  5. Great!!