Saturday News Roundup #190

Worth Knowing

  • Former Gold City tenor singer Jay Parrack had an unspecified health scare about a week ago. His former Gold City colleague Jonathan Wilburn posted on Tuesday that Parrack received an all-clear from his doctor.
  • Here’s an extensive update from Libbi Perry Stuffle on an odd doctor’s visit on the road to her husband Tracy’s ongoing stroke recovery.
  • Here’s an update from Soul’d Out bass singer Ian Owens on his wife Megan’s recovery.
  • After three months of rehab from a fall that broke her tailbone, Carolyn Reese has returned home. Reese is married to Kingsmen bass singer Ray Dean Reese.
  • The annual IBMA awards, honoring the best in Bluegrass, were handed out on Friday. Here’s a list. Perhaps the award of most interest to Southern Gospel fans will fall into the “better late than never” department: Beulah Land, as recorded by Marty Raybon, won Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year. Yes, it’s the same Squire Parsons song that our genre figured out was Song of the Year material thirty-two years ago. 🙂

Worth Watching

Here’s a recent video of former Cathedrals tenor Roy Tremble, singing solo:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I didn’t know Roy was still singing. He was and is and will always be my favourite Cathedral tenor. My other two favourite Cathedral tenors were/are Roger Horne and Danny Funderburke.

  2. Roy sang with George Amond Webster and Brian H in the group Heartland. They had a great thing going. Met them many years ago when they ask me to join their group. Good to see Roy still singning.

  3. Just listened to Town and Country and Plain Ole Gospel the other day. Both have Roy singing tenor. Loved those versions of the Cathedrals.

  4. Heartbreaking news tonight. Aaron Perkins put on twitter that George Amon Webster passed away around 8:30pm tonight.

  5. Joe…and whomever else would be interested….I’ve gotten some reports, unconfirmed as of right now, that George Amon Webster passed away this evening.

  6. He’s gone alright. Mark Trammell confirmed it. Rest in peace Amon.

  7. Oh man I really hate that he has passed but the reality is he became totally healed the instant he took his last breath here. Scott thanks for the heads up on that. Those men with the Heartland Boys had a great group and George was a great guy to have in any gospel group.

  8. Has anyone noticed that in the top groups of our industry, the only women you see are either soloists or a part of a family group? There are a few exceptions, but generally speaking. Maybe it goes back to the gospel roots of four-part male harmony, but I found it interesting.

    The reason I thought about it is that I believe Leah Page has a voice that needs to be heard. It will be interesting to see what happens when Libbi (and eventually Tracy!) returns to the stage full-time. Does Leah stay with the group? I sure hope so!

    • Yes, I have noticed that before, and I’ve also seen discussions here and there around the Internet over these last few years. SG has always had a few positions here and there for non-family female singers. Just taking a look at the SN top 80, I notice a number of groups that currently hire non-family female singers (including the Perrys, 11th Hour, Watts Rowsey and Bean, Highroad III) and several more that have hired non-family female singers at points (Jeff & Sheri Easter, Hoppers, Nelons).

      • The Taylors did as well when one of the sisters left the group.


      • Ah, I should have thought of them. Although, come to think of it, even if I had thought of them, I might not have listed them, because I believe that sister is back.

  9. Speaking of female singers, The Gaither videos are out and to say I was impressed by the music would be an understatement. I was amazed at how good the ladies sounded, without meeting up for rehersals. Destiny Mcguire particularly impressed me on “You Brought Us Out” because I never knew she was a soprano. Great videos, I highly recommend them.

  10. Hey, I couldn’t help but notice that Promise Trio has a new guy singing for them, but nothing on their Facebook page indicates the guy’s name. Apparently TJ Evans has gone back to singing lead and this guy is their tenor. Does anyone know who this is?