George Amon Webster passes away

George Amon Webster, baritone for The Cathedrals for a decade (1969-1979), passed away last night. He had been battling cancer, strokes, and other health issues for several years. Due to declining health, he was in hospice for the last few months.

News of his passing was confirmed on social media by several fellow alumni from his years with the Cathedrals and with his own group, the Heartland Boys, in the 1990s. Tributes included:

  • Mark Trammell: “The first time I saw The Cathedral Quartet in person, George Amon Webster was the baritone/bass player. I was 13 years old. Just a few years later I was standing in his place. Amon was a dear friend and always treated me like I was somebody. I will always cherish his friendship and kindness. Rest in peace my friend.”
  • Bryan Hutson: “Just got word that my old singing buddy from “The Heartland Boys”; George Amon Webster passed away about 8:30pm tonight. George, Roy Tremble and Brent Fredricks gave me my first professional singing job. Amon has been battling cancer for several years.. Tonight he’s not suffering and is in the arms of Jesus.. Love ya George.”
  • Stuart Cary: “Just received the news of George Amon Webster’s passing. George was a member of the famed Cathedrals during the 1970’s, then managed the Heartland Boys for a number of years. I will forever appreciate George for taking a chance on a twenty year old bass singer. I had the privilege to sing with him for a year, he was a great mentor and friend. Please remember his family in prayer.”

Webster was one of the longest-running Cathedral Quartet members. George Younce and Glen Payne, of course, were founding members and remained there for the group’s entire run. Roger Bennett was with the group eighteen years, Mark Trammell ten and a half, and George Amon Webster ten. Since the Cathedrals became the biggest group in Southern Gospel in around 1981, this means that Webster was, until yesterday, the longest-serving member still living from the lean years.

Here’s a video of George Amon Webster singing and sharing the story behind his signature song, “He Loves Me.”

UPDATE, 9/30/13: Tim Webster, George’s son, posted:

We will be having a memorial service for my dad, George Amon Webster, at 11am on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Colonial Hills Baptist Church 5375 W Mount Morris Rd. in Mount Morris, MI. My Uncle Dannie is also planning on having a service in Daytona Beach, FL. When I get all of that information I will post it.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and condolences. Our family appreciates it more than we could ever say.

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  1. Since we never saw the Cathedrals in person, we treasured meeting George Amon Webster. We first “met” him when his trio was a duet because he was home suffering from kidney stones; Jackie Lamb and Todd Meyer called him from stage. We later met him in person with the Toney Brothers. He has been on our hearts and minds ever since, and in our prayers for years. The reality of his song is now his fully – he is in the presence of Love Himself. We’ll continue to pray for his family and friends.


  2. While I am happy that George is in Heaven now and free from his suffering, I have lost a dear friend whom I will miss greatly. He and I are both from Mississippi County in Northeast Arkansas; he and Ann Ballard are both from a little community called Milligan Ridge, and everyone who was from Milligan Ridge could sing Gospel/Convention Style music. They could “sing parts” before they ever learned to read. George was what he always wanted to be…a quartet man…and he was that until the end. Our church loved the Heartland Boys and had them with us many times. George was what I call the “spark plug” of any group he was with…great with an audience, and equally at home singing, playing piano, and doing emcee work. Through the valleys of his life, which included health problems over quite a few years, I never saw him without a smile. Like many others, today I imagine him harmonizing once again with Glen and George…with Roger at the piano. The next time we see George Amon Webster, he will be fully healed, and in the prime of life. Thank God for the promise of reunion!

  3. I met George Amon several times in Hanson, Ky in a small historical town gift shop. He may have been part owner. At first, I didn’t realize who he was, this was after the stroke and he spoke of no longer being able to play piano, but was singing with the Toney group. He then left that area and thanks to fb and enlighten we now know the news. Sympathy to his family, fans, and former colleagues.

  4. I will never forget the good times we had when The Kingsmen/Cathedral combo were in concert. As a newcomer to gospel music, George always gave a word of encouragement when I was having a “bad night!” ha. “He Loves Me” will always be etched in my mind as one of George’s “signature songs that I had the opportunity to hear live many times. May fond memories and your labor of love in gospel music always encourage us to “keep the fight and finish the course!”
    May God bless, keep, and comfort your family at this time.

    • Somewhat off topic: I am honored beyond words that one of the greatest tenor singers of all time would stop by and leave a comment. Thank you!

  5. Sad, but not surprised about Amon’s death. Love his easy on the ears vocals. I’ve heard several times he was one of the nicest guys in the world. I felt he never really got the recognition he deserved as a vocalist.

  6. George Amon and I shared many things in common. Besides being from NE Arkansas, our love of old fashioned Gospel music kept us close over the years. He will be missed here, but he awaits us over there.

  7. I’ve never met George, he is my grandfathers brother. I have heard him sing though. It’s nice to know he was loved by many and will be missed by everyone. I have followed his career and seen his videos on youtube, he had a great talent…

  8. I had the Privilege of working with George Amon and the heartland boys on numerous occasions in Indiana. George and I continued to keep in touch throughout the years after I moved to Nashville. He was a great friend and will be greatly missed by all.

  9. I was a great fan of the Cathedrals for many years, that was the first time of seeing George. I enjoyed the group, with Roy Tremble and George. As the years went on, my husband and myself, found George was with the Heartland Boys. We had the joy of seeing them several times. My heart and prayers are with his family at this time. God Bless.

  10. Over the span of my life,58 years,Godly men that I believe were called into gospel singing,i believe George was,being a Cathedrals follower,since the 60’s ,,…..When all Gods singers get home ,we will surely,rejoice,with them Eternaly…George and George,Glen,Danny C.and Roger celebrating together…