Chip Pullen replaces Jerry Pelfrey with Gold City

Gold City has announced that lead singer Jerry Pelfrey will be leaving the group in two weeks. His final day with Gold City will be Wednesday, October 16th. He will be reorganizing his family group, The Pelfreys. The new Pelfreys lineup will feature Jerry; his wife, Mikki Pelfrey; and his sister, Kim Pelfrey Van Hoozier.

Gold City manager Danny Riley commented: “Anyone who has heard Jerry sing knows he has been a great addition to Gold City vocally and behind the scenes as well. We could make this a sad occasion over losing a valued team member, but in reality, no one knows more the importance of traveling with family than my father (Tim Riley) and I. We respect Jerry for taking this opportunity to be with his family at this time in their lives. Gold City asks that you join us in praying for the Pelfreys that God would bless their ministry and allow them to do His work for many years to come.”

Jerry Pelfrey added: “I will be honest. I am scared to death, but ever since the song Lord of Life, I have had a burden to personally be more specific in asking people who Jesus is to them. Once I made the decision with my family to re-establish The Pelfreys, I have had a peace about it. We covet your prayers as we step out in faith to launch this new ministry.”

Gold City has hired Chip Pullen as their new lead singer; most recently, he sang with the Anchormen.

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  1. Is Chip moving straight from the Anchormen to Gold City, or is he presently not singing?

    • The press release was unclear on that point.

  2. I believe Chip is presently with the Anchormen, and I also believe he is featured on their single, Borrowed and Barely Used Tomb.

    • Dale Forbes is the lead singer on that single. Chip came after the album was made.

      • They recut it with Chip for radio.

    • But here’s Chip with the other current Anchormen singing that song:

  3. Big Anchormen shake up to happen soon? I think so. More news at 11 😀

  4. Just when I was starting to hope GC would have another several-year-lasting line-up.

  5. I always thought Jerry Pelfrey sounded somewhat like Ivan Parker. With Tim Riley, that lineup almost had the classic sound of the ’80s, at least vocally. Musically, nothing will ever compare with the Band of Gold, IMHO.

    After a turbulent few years, it finally seemed like Gold City was settling in to a groove, with no lineup changes in a while. Hopefully they won’t even miss a beat on this transition, and the others will stay put for awhile.

  6. Interesting that they announce a replacement the same time they announce Jerry is leaving. Guess that means this was in the works for sometime. Listening to Chip (whom I had never heard of before) I feel like he will fit right in vocally. Now if GC can just hang on to him for awhile……

    • Not necessarily. Sometimes, when someone turns in a notice, the group manager already knows someone he can call, and that person accepts the position promptly.

      • Good point. I am sure that when it happens that way, it is a load off of the manager’s mind. I know I would not enjoy a long, drawn out process in finding a suitable replacement for a singer.

      • Yes. Here’s an example: I believe David Ragan had filled in for the Inspirations for a weekend or two while Matt Dibler was still lead singer. So when Dibler left, Martin Cook just had to pick up the phone and offer the job to someone he already knew could do it well. That happens sometimes.

  7. The post-NQC group turnover season is in full bloom

  8. That is exactly what happened in my case. Very often there are perfectly legitimate reasons for personnel changes and the methods of those changes. It is to the group’s advantage to find a quick replacement when that is possible. Transition like that is never easy, but it is made easier when you can shorten or eliminate the awkward period of time when a new hire has not been made. Best wishes to the Gold City team and to Jerry in his future endeavors.

    • I would normally hesitate to use anyone as an example there, but in that case, I believe we talked about that when we did the interview a couple of years ago, so I was working from public information.

  9. More changes for Gold City???? It seems they have had more change than any other group out there! Best of luck to all parties involved.

    • Um…no. Actually, compared to some, they’ve had relatively few. But recently they have had a lot of changes. It’s just a fact of life in quartet-land.

  10. Chip is a fantastic singer and a very nice and humble young man. He will fit right in with Gold City and they are very lucky to have found him.

  11. I have said this before, but the average person has something like nine different jobs in his or her lifetime. I know we, as fans, get attached to a certain sound by a group and also certain personnel in the group, because this genre is so easily accessible to the people. However, turnover and change is not always a bad thing. In fact, if God has told a person to move on to a new chapter, I would believe it to be sinful to be disobedient to that instruction by staying around just to avoid a change. People go through seasons. That’s Biblical–check out Ecclesiastes if you disagree. What’s right now, may not always be what God intends us to do long-term. I dislike that groups typically get the brunt of the blame for a person leaving for the most part, rather than the individual. It seems like the concensus is that something surely must be wrong with a group’s leadership if there is a lot of turnover. And that’s simply not always the case. In this case, the press release is pretty clear cut. I think of the many great talents to have been in this group–Jay Parrack, Brian Free, Ivan Parker, Jonathan Wilburn, Mike LeFevre, Danny Riley, Bryan Elliott, and Mark Trammell, to name a few. Guess what? ALL of them replaced someone who left. So, change has to be a part of this process in order for new faces to appear so we can continue to grow and see this industry into the future.

    • Even Tim Riley was a replacement bass singer for the group.

      • Yeah, and we all know how THAT group change turned out….in about 3 hours or so, he will be officially inducted into the SGMA Hall of Fame! He’s the last of the 6 inductees in today’s ceremony. Thank goodness whoever sang bass before him felt led to move on! LOL Although I’d dare say Mr. Riley was destined for greatness in southern gospel from day one, no matter whose bus he found himself riding. Truly a legend! And yes, Daniel, a replacement bass singer who was once the new kid on the block!! LOL

    • He was twice, in fact. He “retired” in 2004 after basically being the backbone of Gold City since the mid-80’s, and now he’s back. And as good as he’s ever been, if not better.

      • Josh, we heard Gold City last week and Tim was rattling the walls! LOL He’s crazy good!!! He gets better and better with time, I believe. And I have heard some behind the scenes stories from some of our younger bass singers in the industry of how he’s taken time to share with them, encourage them, and pray with them right at the product table when so many people are there wanting a piece of his time. One of the great ones, for sure!

  12. I’ve known Chip his whole life. We have known from the time he opened his mouth and began to sing that he was going to be an extraordinary vocalist! We are so proud of him! Even more than his exceptional vocal talent (and something he would never boast about), he has won more souls to The Lord during His time singing than I can count. It doesn’t seem to be the most popular topic among interviews, and I am sure there are MANY who have won many, but even greater than the joy I feel hearing him sing with that unmistakeable and effortless, smooth lead voice, is the joy I feel every time I get word of him winning a soul for Christ! I am thrilled for him and I know you folks will all fall in love with him the moment you meet him. Best wishes to the departing vocalist and his family group and can’t wait to hear Chip with my all-time fave men’s quartet, Gold City!