Kingdom Heirs’ pianist departs

The Kingdom Heirs have announced in a concert that their pianist, Adam Harmon, will be leaving the group. Harmon, who stayed with them for four years, will apparently be taking the Music Minister position at Southside Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The job of playing with the Kingdom Heirs is often considered the nicest position in Southern Gospel music, despite the fact that the Kingdom Heirs are not necessarily Southern Gospel’s most popular group. The opportunity to stay in one place for nine months of the year, have your audiences come to you, and go home to your families every evening is the sort of prospect that many find irresistible. With the exception of pianists who lead or are longtime members of groups, the Kingdom Heirs will be able to take their pick from just about any pianist in Southern Gospel. It will be interesting to see who they select.

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  1. HMM….Does the name Andrew Ishee come to anyone elses mind?

  2. Ishee would be good especially since he isn’t with anyone at the moment. As far as a quality goes, the best that comes to mind is Matthew Holt from The Perrys.

  3. Although you said that the Kingdom Heirs may not be the most popular group in gospel music, they have become my favorite group over the past couple years. The songs they do are godd gospel music and you can understand all the words they sing on a cd. By the way I hope everyone gets a copy of their latest OFF THE RECORD. it is OUTSTANDING!