Saturday News Roundup #191

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I recently had the opportunity to film a Southern Gospel group from the Faroe Islands in the studio:

Also of interest: Here’s a video of Matt Fouch interviewing contributor Sam Garms. So it’s a chance to get to know him better.

Video link:

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It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. So Garms Family, did Legacy Five do “Count Your Blessings” during their concert? 🙂

    Fun interview!

    • No, they didn’t. After the concert I mentioned it to Matt and he said, “Nope, and no free CD.” 🙂 The interview was a little bit scary when it happened, but Matt is a great guy to talk with. 🙂

      – Sam for TGF

      • We can understand that! We wonder if the Garms Family has ever interviewed Mr. Fouch? (Particularly with all the fast questions at the end!)

  2. It was also officially announced on The Williamsons FB page that Anchormen Tenor Karl Rice was leaving NC and the Anchormen to join The Williamsons in OK.

  3. Did I miss some news? Did Matt Dibler return to The Inspirations? Just saw a video uploaded of a concert performed 2-3 days ago and he was singing lead. . .

    The Inspirations singing at First Baptist New Life Center in Hudson, NC. Video from October 5, 2013. Matt Dibler – lead, Mark Clark – tenor, Luke Vaught – baritone/guitar, Jon Epley – bass, Martin Cook – piano.

    • Steve Srein had the weekend off.

    • I just saw the same clip. Does this also mean Jon Epley will be the bass singer for the interim (until a replacement for Holcomb) is announced, or for at least an extended period?

  4. Albeit not a “A-list” group, this was a pretty major announcement:

    • Saw that today too, thought it worth noting as well, Justin.

    • For those of us who don’t “Facebook”, what was the announcement??

      • Daniel posted it today – Roger Horne joining Mercy Road.

  5. I hate to comment twice in a row but I just noticed on YouTube that just like Gaither has GaitherVevo, the Isaacs now have TheIsaacsVevo which you can watch their performance Grandpa from the Women of Homecoming video.