Cathedrals Alumnus Roger Horne returns to the road

Cathedrals alumnus Roger Horne has come out of retirement to join Mercy Road as their new tenor. Mercy Road is a part-time quartet based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Horne was a member of the Gospel Harmony Boys from 1969-1971. He joined the Cathedrals in 1971, after Mack Taunton’s departure. He recorded two albums with the group, Right On (1971) and Welcome To Our World (1972).

After Horne left the Cathedrals, baritone Roy Tremble moved to tenor to take his place. Horne would go on to perform with the Scenicland Boys, Jerry and the Singing Goffs, and his own group, the Roger Horne Trio. He eventually went into the insurance business, retiring earlier this year.

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  1. I’m interested, purely from an historical perspective, how the overlap between the two groups worked. Did he float back and forth between groups? You say he was with the Gospel Harmony Boys until 72, but joined the Cathedrals in 71…

    • The group’s press release said that the change happened in 1972. I think the release was wrong, since I believe Horne is on two 1971 Cathedrals releases. So I changed the one date but forgot to change the other.

      • Yes he is on two Cathedrals releases. Welcome to Our World and Right On. Roy sang tenor on Somebody Loves Me. Roger is an incredible tenor. I heard him with the Goffs in the fall of 1978. It was in a high school gym. I thought my ears would come off that night.:)

      • Thanks! I took your word for it and updated the post.


        Roger Horne left GHB’s in 1971. Replaced by Clacy Williams

    • Roger left the Gospel Harmony Boys in either M
      ay or June 1971. I started there on July 4 th.

  2. Gracious that has ran chills all over me. He’s a great tenor and then there was Roy another great one. The talent that came through there early on was incredible. I’ve listened to this video about 4 times now. The arrangements they had back then were not easy either. That kind of singing is close to my heart.

    • Roger came through in the early 70’s when the Cathedrals were not very popular. He also did not stay very long. Had he come through in the 80’s and stayed 5 or 6 years like Danny, I believe Danny would have had some stiff competition as the favourite tenor. Roger also commented some time ago on youtube on one of the videos he was in with the Cathedrals. He said something to the fact he loved to watch Glen sing, that his hair had a lot more white in it now and he had put on a few pounds. :). I would love to hear him sing again. Hope somebody posts something with the group he is in now.

      • Mercy Road sang at Olive Branch United Methodist Church last Sunday night and Roger did a great job. He blended with the group like he had been with them for years. He doesn’t sing as high as he used to but his tones are still clean, crisp and clear. Not only is Roger an excellent tenor, he has written hundreds of songs. Many of his songs have been recorded by the top groups in the country.
        After the concert we went to a local restaurant and ate while we fellowshiped for awhile. Roger is humble, kind and seemed to be glad to be singing again. He said, “It just felt right.”
        Mercy Road consist of Mark Smith; bass, who is the father of Brad Smith. Also Mike Wiggington; baritone, Danny Duke: lead and of course Roger Horne; Tenor.
        Go out and see them when they are in your area. You’ll be glad you did.
        Reverend Garry Polston

  3. This line up of Horne-Tremble-Payne-Younce is as skilled, vocally, as any the Cats had in my opinion. Extremely underrated because of how short-lived it was. Tremble and Horne blended beautifully and of course, George and Glen were George and Glen.

    Horne wrote this jam called “He’ll Soon Be Here” that somebody needs to revive and reintroduce to live crowd’s today. Total and complete jam.

    He also wrote an underrated Inspirations jam from 1982 called “Someday.”