Saturday News Roundup #192

Worth Knowing

  • As Tracy Stuffle continues to recover from his January stroke, his wife Libbi was able to bring him to their church’s Wednesday night service for the first time since January. Each milestone is perhaps a little deal by itself, but each brings him one step closer to recovery.
  • Southern Sound has hired Randy Shaw as their new baritone singer. Randy is a cousin of Southern Sound tenor Will Shaw.
  • Rochesters members Scott and Becky Matthews welcomed a daughter, Mallorie Kate Matthews, on October 1.

Worth Watching

Just because this song deserves to be heard again:

Also worth watching: Legacy Five bass singer Matt Fouch interviews Nick Trammell, lead singer for the Mark Trammell Quartet.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Daniel, the “Jesus I Come” video is beautiful. Sometimes it is just nice to hear the old hymns sung with grace and softness!! Would you know which video/CD this comes from.
    As cameras scanned the crowd, there are some of the older singers, and many of the new ones as well,
    but several faces I am not able to recognize, either. Very big group, and some of the videos do not have that many present anymore. (This might be from those done in Nashville )??

    • Jesus I Come is on the Rock Of Ages video

      • Thanks! Sorry I didn’t get there sooner; thanks for answering for me.

  2. Daniel, thanks for posting links to the interviews. I’ll try to keep bringing a new one every month or two.
    Rest of the readers: who would you like to see me interview for “On the Couch With Fouch”?

    • Actually, we were about to post that we wanted to see you attempt to interview Pat Barker. It would be interesting to see if he is more or less of a missile/ missile launcher if he’s on the Couch with Fouch. If that is too dangerous, maybe you could interview Josh Singletary, Bryan Walker, Jon Epley, Gerald Wolfe, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Michael Booth, Scott Fowler, Kevin Williams, Jonathan Wilburn (or Jordan about Jonathan), Gordon Mote, Claude Hopper, and lots of others!

      Maybe you could interview Matt Felts. And if you can’t find a couch, you could do it on a mat, then it could be Matt & Matt on the mat.

      Thank you for doing the videos. We like to watch them. And we think that someone should interview Fouch on the Couch! Maybe we should nominate Caleb Garms & siblings.

      Oh, Oh! If you could ever find a guy by the name of Daniel Mount, that would be a great interview! 🙂

    • I second the nomination of Pat Barker; I’d love to see you interview him. It would also be rather fascinating to see Matt Fouch interview Matt Fouch.

    • I third the nomination of Pat Barker, and I think Daniel’s Siblings’ suggestions of Jon Epley & Gerald Wolfe are spot-on!