Tracy Stuffle appears on stage

On Saturday, Tracy Stuffle appeared on stage with The Perrys for the first time since his stroke in January. The group posted a photo on Facebook here, adding the comment, “It’s another MIRACLE God has given us! Praise Your name, Jesus!” In a separate post, Perrys baritone Bryan Walker added:

What a night! Tonight was the first time in 8.5 months that Tracy was able to be on stage with the Perrys!! Hallelujah!! He gave The Lord a lot of praise and then sang a few songs with us! It was awesome!! Friends, if you don’t believe in the faithfulness of God, then let tonight be a sign of exactly that! To borrow Libbi’s phrase, “Go God, Go!” Thank you to all of you who came out tonight and were so kind to Tracy. We love you all!

Prior to his January stroke, he was the group’s bass singer and emcee. His road to recovery has been long and filled with many setbacks, including five cerebral hemorrhages and numerous life-threatening infections. It is a tremendous blessing to see his recovery moving forward!

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  1. Wow! That’s amazing!
    To God be the glory!!

  2. Awesome!! So glad to hear that!

  3. How glorious that must have been. It was inspriing to see the crowd react to Libbi at NQC when she Facetimed (I think that is what it is called) Tracy from the stage, and walked around the stage holding the phone as the group sang.

    I was on a CrabbFest Cruise when Tracy had the accident. We heard about it almost imiediately because Troy Peach was on the cruise.

    I can’t wait to see and hear what it will be like when Tracy takes the stage at NQC 2014!

    As Libbi says, “Go God Go”!

  4. It will be a LONG time till Tracy is his old self, but each step is a GIANT ONE…we have a GIANT GOD!! These outings are an encouragement both to Tracy and those who see and hear him. His therapy and therapists, the physicians, his attitude and work ethic, Libbie’s prayers and encouragement, the prayers of God’s people all play a part in Tracy’s healing. God is at work teaching us all something we desperately need to know!! And in the words of that loving, faithful, tireless wife, “GO, GOD, GO!!!” And thank you, Libbie!!

  5. An answer to prayer!

    Thank you for posting the news!

  6. AMEN and AMEN. I have followed this on the internet and certainly there were many dark days for these good folks, but their prayers and the prayers of God’s people have been heard on high. Thank you Lord for your matchless faithfulness!! Glory!! Glory!! Glory!!

  7. Praise God!!!! I do agree that Tracy Stuffle’s healing process has been because of all others involved. Including physicians, therapists, family, friends, his and others attitudes. But I do give God the glory for it all!!!!! It does not have to be a LONG time before he is complete again. God does not only heal as a process but God can and does heal instantly!!!!!! I have seen Him heal instantly. Nothing is too hard for God!!!!!! I like to take the one impossible and make it into 2 words: I’m Possible!!!!!!!! All things are possible with God!!!!!!! To Libbi and the rest of the family and friends, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! No matter what happens: God Is…………………………….