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  1. It was an interesting read. WHERE is this radio station located? Since I don’t know the geography and names of towns in all states, I couldn’t figure out where she’s talking about!

  2. From the rest of the website, it appears it’s located somewhere in North Carolina.

  3. Dunn, NC, to be exact.

  4. Lottie is great. To say that she is a faithful attendee of concerts and supporter of gospel music would be an extreme understatement. She is a great supporter of local artists as well as pro groups. She’s been doing Front Row Follies since before blogs were popular, so I doubt she really considers it a blog. (Not to make her sound old, cause she’s not) Anyway, she’s great!

  5. Yes, I have seen Lottie at local events and I’m on the other end of NC from her…and NC is a looongg state. She came to my church a few years ago when I had the Melody Masters in for a concert.

    I waved at her at NQC this year, but I don’t think she recognized me.