2013 Dove Awards Announced

The 2013 Dove Awards were handed out yesterday in Nashville, TN. The Gospel Music Association, which hands out the awards, has not issued a formal press release congratulating honorees; in all likelihood, this is because the awards will be televised in about a week. However, thanks to posts by and congratulating artists on social media, we have been able to learn many of the Southern Gospel-related honorees:

  • Southern Gospel Album of the Year (tie): Pure and Simple, Gaither Vocal Band
  • Southern Gospel Album of the Year (tie): Canton Junction, Canton Junction
  • Southern Gospel Song of the Year: “What the Blood is For,” Jason Crabb
  • Bluegrass Album of the Year: The Gospel Side of Dailey & Vincent, Dailey & Vincent
  • Bluegrass Song of the Year: “He Washed My Soul,” Little Roy Lewis and Lizzy Long Show
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: New Day Christian Distributors (part of the same corporate empire as Daywind)
  • Inspirational Song of the Year: “Satisfied,” Jason Crabb
  • Inspirational Album of the Year: Love is Stronger, Jason Crabb
  • Country Song of the Year: “From My Rags to His Riches,” Devin McGlamery
  • Country Album of the Year: Eyes Wide Open, Jeff & Sheri Easter

Also, while this was apparently not associated with an award, there was an all-star salute to Bill Gaither headlined by Dailey & Vincent. Gaither took in the festivities from a front-row seat.

Are there any others?

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. Glad to see Devin finally get some recognition. Known him since he was about 12. And best of all he is one of the ‘Good Ole Boys’ from Ed O’Neals University and also from Georgia.

  2. I may have missed something, but didn’t the Dove Awards show used to be in April?

    • Yes – they moved it to October this year.

  3. Wasn’t Beyond The Ashes nominated for several awards? Even though they didn’t win any, I am glad to see them getting recognized. Within the last several days I have been listening to and enjoying their music online. Might need to actually go out and buy several of their albums.

    • I agree! They are one of the most underappreciated SG groups out there. Since hearing their album “Living in the Moment,” they’ve become my favorite trio, a spot that was previously held by the Booth Brothers.

      • I enjoy the Booth Brothers as well, but I would say that BTA gives them a run for their money when it comes to the energy they put into their songs. If I were to convince a young person who didn’t particularly enjoy SG music to go to a concert with me, it would probably be a Beyond The Ashes one. I would say they have a style that appeals to multiple age group.

      • It’s always an interesting question: When inviting a young person to a concert, do you invite them to something as close to what they already like as possible, or something completely different, presented with professionalism and class? I have tended toward the latter option, extending invitations to groups like the Kingdom Heirs or The Collingsworth Family that aren’t like anything in CCM or secular genres, and I’ve gotten great responses. But, of course, it partially depends on the young person in question!

    • I’d like to chime in here and say that I agree with Daniel. If I were to take a young person (I’m still a teenager myself, but I’ve been raised with SG) to a concert, and that young person was used to CCM or an even more progressive style, I would take them to something on the complete other end of the spectrum, i.e. the Inspirations, Dixie Echoes, or Dixie Melody Boys!

    • BTA was nominated for Inspirational Song Category 13 – “When Love Whispers Your Name”. You can find the winners and nominees at http://www.doveawards.com – Awards

  4. Is there a place to see a list of all the nominees? Would love to see who all was in the running.

    • Yes. Just go to http://www.doveawards.com. There is a place on there that has all the nominees for this year’s awards.

      • Unless I am missing something, it appears as if this link has the list of all the winners. looks like it was a CrabbFest!

      • It does now. (It didn’t earlier.)