Sony’s Thoughts: Always Praising

As I was worshiping yesterday morning, my heart overflowed with thanksgiving to God. As I lifted my voice in song, I was again reminded that we are to praise God continually. Not just when we feel like it but even when we don’t. Praise can lift the spirit like nothing else can.

I hope I’m not over-beating the “praise” drum but it is a burden of my heart–to encourage others to get past their trials and heartaches to praise the God who is truly worthy. Praising can bring you to that point where God means everything to you. As you begin to praise Him, you realize He is all you truly need. It’s saying, “Lord, I love You no matter what. You alone are worthy of my praise and devotion.” When you can do that from the heart, even in the bad times, you will begin to grow closer to God like never before. It brings new perspective to Brian Free and Assurance’s song: “If it takes a valley to really know your grace and if it’s in the desert where I’ll meet you face to face, then turn this road I’m traveling to some dark and lonely place ’cause if it takes a valley, then a valley’s what I’ll take.”

And all God’s people said Amen.

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  1. Great post as usual. Praising God in the midst of trials cannot be emphasised too much. We often ask God to upgrade us, to lift us to a higher plane and plant our feet on higher ground, but oft we forget that for us to be dimmed fit for higher ground, we have to be purified and refined in the heat of the fiery furnace. If all we can do is murmur while in the furnace, then our prayers for higher ground would all be in vain. But if my sincere and honest prayer is:

    So wash me, Thou, without, within,
    Or purge with fire, if that must be,
    No matter how, if only sin
    Die out in me, die out in me.

    If this be my prayer, I ought to praise Him while in the furnace and He will draw near to me, as He did to the Hebrew trio who had their eyes set on higher ground.

    • Amen. Thank you so much for your comment.