Random (but Biblical) group names

It appears that, in other genres, picking rather random group names is currently considered to be cool, and has been for quite some time. What if Southern Gospel groups were to use the idea, but use Random Biblical names?Β 

In all seriousness, this will probably never happen, and it might not be a good thing if it did. But mentioning ideas for random Biblical group names could make for a fun discussion.

I’ll get it started with two:

  • The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon (Judges 7:18)
  • A Bell and a Pomegranate (Exodus 39:26)Β 

Any others come to mind?

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  1. “A Bell and a Pomegranate” should be a name for a duo, like Wilburn and Wilburn! πŸ™‚

    • Actually, I was also thinking of the more expanded version of the phrase which I believe is also found in one of the source verses: “A bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a pomegranate.” That would perhaps work for a mixed quartet. πŸ™‚

      • Cool, but if you don’t know the reference it’s total nonsense so I doubt it will fly. πŸ˜€

  2. Jawbone of an……..uh, never mind. πŸ™‚

    (OK, you KNEW someone was going to say this, so I just got it out of the way!)

    Fun topic today, Daniel, and I think I’ve taken it in the whimsical spirit with which it was intended. But indeed, a good name is hard to come up with.

    How about The Eye of the Needle? Or Casting Lots? Or Flying Roll? (Zechariah 5:1-2 for all you Lambert’s lovers.)

    Maybe we should just stick with Triumphant, Tribute, Gold City, and Legacy Five! LOL

    • I actually really like “The Eye of the Needle.” “Flying Roll” is also pretty cool.

      Maybe we can get something out of Ezekiel’s visions, or maybe some of the visions in Revelation. πŸ™‚

  3. I knew of a regional group named The Sons of Thunder. Probably a mixed duet by the name of David & Bathsheba would be frowned upon by some denominations! πŸ™‚ But a really cool Christian rock band could use The Floating Axeheads….talk about great album graphics.

    • “The Sons of Thunder” is a spectacular name! πŸ™‚

      “The Floating Axeheads” is another one – exactly the sort of thing I was hoping readers would come up with! πŸ™‚

  4. If one singer was named Jonah and the other partner in the duo was rather large they could be Jonah and the Whale…. πŸ™‚

    • Now that’s a cool name πŸ˜€

  5. Here are some Old Testament Children of Israel references.

    The Tent Dwellers
    The Wilderness Wanderers
    The Red Sea Splitters.

  6. Fine Linen
    The Remnant
    Pillar of Fire
    Temple Train

    Wish I had more time to play with this topic today. Besides being an exercise in creativity, it put me in the Bible for at least 30 more minutes extra than I would have normally spent this morning. Nice!!

    • Cool!

      • Back on my college days, i sang with a quintet called The Remnant.

  7. Balaam’s Donkeys (its a quartet)

  8. The Heaven Gazers ( Acts 1:11)
    Sore Vexed Souls ( Psalms 6:3)

  9. Oh boy. It’s time to trot one out from my Usenet past:

    Pilate Error

    A few more:
    Valley Of The Dry Bones
    Four In The Fire
    Bald Women
    Whale Bellies
    Five Smooth Stones
    Loose Shoe Latchets

    • Anyone need references for those, or are they all obvious?

  10. When I was getting started with my group, our bass singer suggested the name 7th Church Quartet, as reference to Philadelphia Church, described in Revelation 3:14-22. But I had a dream one night earlier with the name Vocallys, and then we started praying about it, God confirmed, and here we are. But I think it’s a cool name: 7th Church Quartet

  11. Correcting my early comment, Philadelphia is described in Revelation 3:7-13. It’s the 6th, not the 7th, so nevermind…

    • That would’ve been cool, but I guess it’s a good thing you ended up with what you did!

      • When I started listening quartets, about 7 years ago, I remember I heard an Opus Dei Quartet. It was at the same time when The DaVinci Code movie was released, so I was getting to know about the secret catholic organization with the same name and that had something with masonry. For a moment I thought they had something with evil because of their name. Only when I came to know that Opus Dei means “The Work Of God” in latin I calmed down hahahahahahaha’

  12. Golden Calf Milkshakes

    • That literally made me laugh out loud, even though I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I know the calf was ground up, but I’m not sure of the milkshakes connection. πŸ™‚

      • Moses made ’em grind it up, put it in the water, and drink it. Exodus 32:20.

      • Yes, and I did know that; it was the milk part that threw me off. But I guess that’s the beauty and thrill of randomness. πŸ™‚

  13. Malchus Ears

    • Oh, my. That one is BRILLIANT. πŸ™‚

  14. Fit Man and the Scape Goats (Leviticus 16:21)

  15. Bald Head and the She Bears

    • (2 Kings 2:23)

  16. Kinda obvious one: David and His Mighty Men

  17. The Giant Killers.
    A duet called Locust and Honey

  18. Kinda hip, modern one:

    7PIPESx7LAMPS (Zechariah 4:2)

  19. Sweet Mouth & Bitter Belly (Rev. 10:10)

  20. The Singing Jailbirds….Paul and Silas

    • Especially if they wore striped suits!

  21. The Falling Stars (if you don’t mind being a plague.)

    Ezekiel’s Flying Machine

    The Ten Commandments? (A Quartet would need a FULL band to make that up!)

    • Thinking like this, The Apostles should be a bigger group in numbers…

  22. Straight Street (or The Street Called Straight)

  23. The Fiery Tongues…Act 2:3.. Sounds like a group of gossiping women lol!!

  24. Samson And The Wives… That would be more like a Mass Choir.. πŸ™‚

  25. That would be Solomon, sorry about that

    Though you could have Samson and the Foxes.

  26. The Damascus Road Experience (doubles as a song title).

  27. The Seven Goldenstcicks
    Chariots of fire
    Stormy Waters
    The Ten Lepers

  28. The Four and Twenty Elders

    • …as if SG’s reputation for not being able to count isn’t already bad enough. πŸ˜€

  29. Imagine Gerald Wolfe at NQC introducing a group called Navel Like A Goblet.

    • HA! Great one!

      Please make welcome, Navel Like a Gobleeeettttt.

  30. The Four Horsemen…not sure I would use it, but its an idea…

  31. Left at the Door ~ Based on Rhoda leaving Peter at the door after he escaped prison
    We’re Not Drunk! ~ Based on Peter on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2)
    Outrunning Peter ~Based on John outrunning Peter to the tomb of Jesus (John 20)
    You Laughed ~ Based on Sarah’s denial (Genesis 18)
    Honey and Dead Lions ~ Based on Samson
    Furious Drivers (2 Kings 9:20)

  32. There are some spectacular ones in here! Tonight, after church, I’m going to need to do an update to the original post with your favorites.

    (Or would we have a way to turn it into a contest?) πŸ™‚

  33. The Singing Tongues Ps. 126:2

    One Accord Phil. 2:2

    • If I’m not mistaken, One Accord has already been used.

  34. Cloven Hooves

    Tongues of Fire

    Urim & Thummim

    Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

    Whited Sepulchres (probably wouldn’t particularly want that name)

  35. Order of Melchizedek

    Shrunken Sinews

  36. “Floating Axeheads” is awesome and “Malchus Ears” is too.

    Loaves and Fishes
    Glorious In Holiness
    Glorious and Fearful Name
    The Tent Makers
    Kings and Priests
    The Singing Angels
    The Wine Bottles
    Swords and Staves

    And the goth gospel group
    Among the Tombs

  37. OK, y’all, there have been so many great suggestions that I think I’m going to have to extend the fun for one more day and make a contest out of this. So this is nominations time! Anyone who would like to help with nominations, reply to this comment with your favorite five of the ones posted above.

    • My nominations:

      1. Navel Like A Goblet
      2. Pilate Error
      3. The Floating Axeheads
      4. David and His Mighty Men
      5. Samson and the Foxes

    • Not counting my own suggestions, my picks are:
      1. Floating Axeheads
      2. Malchus Ears
      3. David And His Mighty Men (I might use that one someday!)
      4. Fiery Tongues
      5. Red Sea Splitters

    • At the moment my favorite five are:

      1. Malchus Ears
      2. Chariots of Fire
      3. Floating Axeheads
      4. Rent in Twain
      5. Pilate Error

  38. Leaving mine out…

    Floating Axeheads
    Malchus Ears
    Shrunken Sinews
    Urim and Thummin
    Fives Smooth Stones

  39. The City Inhabitants ( maybe the Village People won’t sue) Genesis 19:25

    The Arrows of the Almighty ( Job 6:4)

    The Writing on The Wall.

  40. The Floating Axeheads
    Five Smooth Stones
    Balaams Donkeys
    Golden Calf Milkshakes
    Sweet mouth & Bitter belly

  41. Think most of us agree Floating Axeheads is a definite winner.

    2. Malchus Ears. Just because it is such an obscure reference.
    3. Navel Like a Goblet
    4. David and the Mighty Men
    5. Shrunken sinews.

    • There seems to be consensus on a top two – “Floating Axeheads” and “Malchus Ears” – at least so far. I actually like “Malchus Ears” so much that I almost wish I could start a group just to use that name. It seems funny at first, but there’s such powerful spiritual depth to the analogy – how Jesus heals us from the wounds of our sinful life, even for those Christians who attacked Him or His truth before salvation, and gives us the ability to hear His truth!

      One other people have proposed for me, though, is “Daniel Mount and the Mountain Men.”

  42. Abishag & The Cold Kings(I KIngs 1)

  43. Parbar Westward Quartet

  44. I sing a cappella with three other guys and we’ve been trying to come up with a name. Reading with interest. πŸ™‚

  45. I’ve heard some groups where “Jesus wept” would fit!

    • That’s funny! We were talking about that one!

  46. Your Calling Brethren (1 Cor. 1:26)
    Two Mites (Luke 21:2)
    The One Who Said Thank You (for a soloist)
    The Third Loft (Acts 20)
    Bringing Up Eutychus (Acts 20)
    Rent in Twain (Matthew 27:51) –This might be good for a Bluegrass group!
    Rent Asunder (Ezekiel 30:16)
    Elijah and the Ravens or The Ravens to Feed Thee (1 Kings 17:4)
    Rahab’s Roof
    Stalks of Flax (Joshua 2)
    Up From the Pit (Genesis 37:28)

    And thinking of Rhoda, how about “Forgotten at the Door” (Hey, songwriters, is this a title?)

    One time our preacher called us The Sons of Korah. We don’t think he trademarked it, so it could still be used.

    • hey would someone come up with the name “A Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand”? it’s on Revelation 7:4 πŸ˜€

  47. Daniel,
    The best name for your own personal group would be Daniel’s Dynasty. Just saying… πŸ™‚

    • Combining the way I look with where I live, my favorite in that department is still “Daniel Mount and the Mountain Men.” πŸ™‚

  48. How about Moses and the Bulrushers?

  49. A not so good QT with a 3-pc band – the Seven Plagues…

  50. For two reasonsβ€”first, because interesting submissions are still coming in, and second, because there was a news story of significance to run this morningβ€”I’ll extend entries and nominations for another day.

  51. All right, here are some ideas:

    Elijah & The Ravens
    Split-Hoof & the Cud-chewers
    Legion (“For we are many”…sounds like a Gaither Homecoming tour!)
    The Fallen Walls
    Goliath’s Carcass
    Jezebel & The Dogs
    Matthew & The Tax Collectors
    The Tree Climbers
    Faded Flowers
    The New Creatures (Sounds good for a group with a lot of turnover!)

  52. Apples of Gold

  53. The Ephrahimites or The Shibboleth’s Problem (for people with pronouncing problems) based on Judges 12:5, 6

  54. Based on the message I heard in Church last night…

    Drops from the Beggers (Luke 16 – Rich Man/Lazarus)

  55. The Scarlet Cord (Or Scarlet Chord, to make it more musical)

  56. A Canaan Land Homecoming Concert, hosted by ‘Joshua and the Elders of Israel’,
    featuring [in no particular order]:

    The Scarlet Cord,
    Seven Times Around,
    Stones in the Jordan,
    Heights of Nebo,
    The Unmarked Grave,
    Forty Years Wandering,
    Daily Manna,
    Smitten Rock,
    Shekinah Glory,
    Eastern Gate,
    Rivers of Blood,
    Altar of Incense,
    Tent of Meeting,
    Tables of Stone,
    Finger of God,
    Hands Upheld,
    Sun Stood Still,
    Miriam’s Chorus,
    Dry Feet in Jordan, and many more!

    • Good to see you back around again!

      Great suggestions all around, but there’s a particular genius behind “Heights of Nebo” and “Dry Feet in Jordan”! Those both could be used in real life! πŸ™‚

  57. Seriously, these names are better and more memorable than most group names out there today.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing; we pretty much cross-posted. There are some incredible suggestions here!

  58. There are so many great nominations so far that I’ve decided to keep submissions and nominations open through Sunday night. (Well, it is also a factor that I had a story this morning way too big to bump for a contest!)

    Also: Anyone who has made nominations so far would be quite welcome to make a second comment with more nominations over the weekend.

    I’m not necessarily going to put every nominated name in the final poll; that could result in a very long poll! But I’ll certainly include the consensus leaders that keep getting nominated over and over.

    Any thoughts on whether I ought to do two separate polls for serious name and goofy name?

    • Both

  59. β€œDelilah” – would have to be a barbershop quartet though (get it?)

    • Yes, I did get it! It took a couple of seconds, but that made it all the funnier once I got it! πŸ™‚

  60. Much Better Than The Angels… ( Heb 1:4 )

  61. -Herd of Swine
    -Five Foolish Virgins (or wise)
    -Chief of Sinners

  62. How about “Throw down Jezebel” !

  63. I know the nominations are already in but just thought of this one today.

    The Golden Emerods… πŸ™‚

  64. Another one I thought of is:
    “Cornelius and the Italian Band.” (Acts 10:1)

    • That’s great! That’s what I think of every time I read that verse! A bunch of little Italian guys sitting around playing accordians and singing “When The Moon Hits Your Eye…” I have a weird sense of humor!