Daywind signs Amber Nelon Thompson

Nelons members Kelly Nelon Clark and Amber Nelon Thompson announced today on Facebook that Amber signed a solo recording contract with Daywind. Kelly posted a photo of the signing here (limited accessibility Facebook link). Every indication so far is that the Nelons will continue touring as a group, in addition to Amber’s solo work.

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  1. Way overdue!

  2. Tears in my eyes!!….incredible…when you stand faithful to the Lord…he will reward you….thats why “….i rest my case at the cross”… closed!!!

  3. sorry for the post…..i reposted the right place……but just to say…..she has a great voice!!!!

  4. I remember Kelly telling a story at NQC a few years ago about her daughter who won an “express pass” to audition for American Idol. The pass allowed her to jump to the front of the line and bypass the hordes of people waiting for auditions. Was this Amber who she spole of? I remember her saying that the judges were greatly impressed by the singing, and when they asked if she would be willing to change her standards to accomodate the requirements of American Idol, she said “NO”. Praise God for her commitment to the Lord.

  5. Well deserved.

    I remember her singing on one of the Gaither videos when she was young. Lovely voice.

    • The “when she was young” part brought a smile to my face. It’s not like she’s exactly an elderly legend just yet; if I’m not mistaken, she’s a number of years younger than I am! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • And she’s not going to pass you any time soon either Daniel! lol

        BTW, she’s about 3 years younger than the both of us

      • For some reason, I thought she was even younger than that – e.g. 5 or 6 years younger. But I believe you. 🙂

      • Great news, the young lady has got what it takes. I think what Yolanda meant to say was, when she was younger. She’s been on the videos since the late 90’s, and the first time she was featured on a song was in 1999, on one of the christmas videos.

  6. Great news! Amber has been working with Lari Goss on a project with some secular inspirational thoughts thrown in the mix.

    Considering that Kelly Nelon kept a successful solo career in addition to the group work, Amber will follow in the same footsteps.

    IF she did leave the group for that solo career (that’s a big if), her sister, Autumn, holds a similar vocal range and actually sounds more reminiscent of the classic Nelons soprano.

  7. This is the most exciting news for me to date! I am so happy for her and it is so deserved!