Video of Tracy Stuffle singing on stage

Over the weekend, the Perrys appeared at Dollywood, and Tracy Stuffle—who has been recovering from a stroke and five cerebral hemorrhages since January—was able to sing with the group on stage. Here’s a video of “I Rest My Case at the Cross”: (The video is set to public, so it should be viewable by readers without Facebook accounts.)

There have been so many days over the last ten months when it seemed like this day would never come, that I dare you to watch it with a dry eye! To God be the glory!

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  1. Praise the Lord! Very happy to watch the video. The Great Physician is in control.

  2. Awesome!

  3. I was there and saw it live. It was memorable. Though obviously Tracy isnt able to sing yet like he used to, he knew all the words to each song and was singing along with them. Also another observation, David Ragan is quickly becoming my Favorite lead singer. He is a great singer and seems to be even a greater guy.

  4. Praise God! What a miracle! I know God did the miracle, but Libbi did a whole lotta groundwork. <3

  5. I cried through the whole video. It is just so special to see Tracy on stage and singing.It is just like our God to make this happen.When the world says its impossible,tun God says,watch Me,and turns things around.

  6. Tracy testified and part of it was pray for this little lady right here. She has been a rock. There is no doubt that Libbi is the epitome of a faithful wife

  7. Tears in my eyes!!….incredible…when you stand faithful to the Lord…he will reward you….thats why “….i rest my case at the cross”… closed!!!

  8. Amazing! Christ is evident throughout this whole ordeal. Agree that Libbi is a Proverbs 31 wife.

  9. Wow!!! So great. Now I will go finish off this box of tissues and continue my happy cry. 🙂

  10. Please send me updates

    • Burt, if you check back on this site, you will see updates. If you sign up to get posts via mail, you would also get them.