Random Biblical Group Names: The Contest

Last week, I asked:

It appears that, in other genres, picking rather random group names is currently considered to be cool, and has been for quite some time. What if Southern Gospel groups were to use the idea, but use Random Biblical names? (In all seriousness, this will probably never happen, and it might not be a good thing if it did. But mentioning ideas for random Biblical group names could make for a fun discussion.)

Quite the discussion ensued. So many incredible suggestions, both serious and funny, were offered that it makes sense to highlight some of the best (or funniest) by spotlighting ten of the best and asking you all to pick a favorite.

  • Dry Feet in Jordan
  • Five Smooth Stones
  • Floating Axeheads
  • Golden Calf Milkshakes
  • Heights of Nebo
  • Malchus Ears
  • Outrunning Peter
  • Pilate Error
  • Red Sea Splitters
  • Rent in Twain

Vote by posting a comment naming up to two names. Whichever name gets the most votes will win; I will email the person who submitted the favorite entry and offer them a CD from my current stack of duplicate CDs as a prize. Voting will be open for 24 hours, through 7:30 AM Eastern Time tomorrow morning; any votes submitted after the deadline will not count.

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  1. Floating Axeheads
    Malchus Ears

  2. This isn’t necessarily the most hilarious but it’s the one I think could most possibly work for a group: Dry Feet in Jordan.

  3. The one that woks for me is 5 smooth stones, but if you want another knowing some of the groups Floating Axehead might be approriate

  4. Outrunning Peter
    Floating Axeheads

    (Our pastor just preached on the floating axehead yesterday morning, and my first thought was of this upcoming contest.)

  5. I like Rent in Twain and Heights of Nebo!

  6. I like Five Smooth Stones and Floating Axeheads.

  7. Although I admit to thinking Pilate Error is very inventive, the one I seriously think might fly is Five Smooth Stones — assuming it’s a quintet, of course!

  8. Pilate Error
    Dry Feet in Jordan

    Assuming I can’t vote for “Outrunning Peter”…:)

    • It’s fine with me if you want to revise your vote to vote for your own. 🙂

      • Well then, of course I vote for my own. Who doesn’t want a bigger collection of music? 🙂

        It seems this contest is doomed to be trumped by GVB news.

  9. My vote goes to Malchus Ears. It’s such a cool and creative name that it’s almost enough to make me want to start up a group just to use that name! 🙂

  10. Five smooth stones

  11. The Red Sea Splitters
    Five Smooth Stones

    i love them all BUT really they all sound like contemporary gospel groups names rather than southern gospel —– for southern i like Five Smooth Stones

  12. Five Smooth Stones
    Floating Axeheads

    Some of these names actually would suit Christian Rock quite well, I’m reminded of Casting Crowns.

  13. My favorites are Five Smooth Stones and Red Sea Splitters. I’m already shopping for a bus to hit the road wth and use one of my favorite names.

  14. Change of plans: The Gaither/English/Lowry story is too big to bump for a contest completion post. So voting will be open for another 24 hours, until 7:30 Eastern tomorrow morning.

  15. Job’s Boil Scrapers.

  16. Fiery Furnace Trio with surprise appearance by one like the Son of God.

  17. Rent in Twain
    Pilate Error

  18. Floating Axeheads
    Malchus Ears

  19. Floating Axeheads
    Rent in Twain

  20. Voting is now closed! Here are the results: http://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/21266