Mark Lowry confirms departure from Gaither Vocal Band

UPDATE, 10/28/2013, 5 PM: It’s official: Michael English and Mark Lowry¬†are both leaving the Gaither Vocal Band.

Last week, the Gaither website indicated that Lowry would leave the Gaither Vocal Band prior to their 2014 dates. In a video posted to Facebook this morning, Lowry confirmed his departure:


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  1. That’s too bad, but it was good for him to get out in front of any rumors that may start popping up after the initial announcement.

  2. I’ve often wondered who would be the first to depart from the all star GVB. I never thought it would be Mark.

    • At any rate, they sure had a great run. When Bill brought the lineup together, I thought it might be for a year or two retirement run. In fact, he made some comments at the time that seemed to indicate that he also had some thoughts along those lines. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that he would have kept this lineup together for a few months short of five years.

      • Wait, does that make it one of the longest-running lineups Gaither has had? A quick glance at SGHistory, the other contenders are the Jim-Michael-Mark group (88-92), David-Guy-Mark group (97-01) and the Wes-Guy-Marsh group (04-08), but I could’ve easily skimmed over something.

      • Good point. There’s a pretty good chance it’s #2 of all-time (with the 97-01 obviously being first). I say this because the announcement came out January 13, 2009, and Lowry is staying through the end of the year. That means that they’ll only be two weeks short of four full years.

      • Oh, you fooled me with your previous post saying it was just short of 5 years.

      • I miscounted. Math was always my weakest subject (well, until science bumped it in high school!)

      • Wait, no it would be short of 5.

        (Most of) 09, 10. 11, 12, 13

      • Oh, so I did count right the first time . . . and miscounted the second time. Ah, well, couldn’t pull out without a miscount either way on that one!

  3. Devastated at the departure of Michael English. . . .

  4. I had suspected something was up with Mark Lowry, but I hadn’t heard anything about Michael English…

    • Yes, this came as a surprise. We pretty much cross-posted, since I had a post that went up right before your comment.

  5. This post is now out-of-date, so I’m closing comments here. If you’d like to join the discussion about Lowry’s and English’s departures, join us on the current post, here: