Random Biblical Group Names: The Winner

Last week, I asked:

It appears that, in other genres, picking rather random group names is currently considered to be cool, and has been for quite some time. What if Southern Gospel groups were to use the idea, but use Random Biblical names? (In all seriousness, this will probably never happen, and it might not be a good thing if it did. But mentioning ideas for random Biblical group names could make for a fun discussion.)

There were so many great suggestions that we ended up having a contest to pick favorites. Despite voting being far down from the normal thanks to one of the biggest news stories of the year bumping it within a couple of hounrs, the results are in!

We actually have a tie: Floating Axeheads (submitted by Slade Adlay) and Five Smooth Stones (submitted by David Bruce Murray) are the two winners. Honorable mention goes to two more names tied for second place, Malchus Ears (submitted by Brian) and Rent in Twain (submitted by Daniel’s Siblings). I will be contacting Slade and David shortly regarding their prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated in all stages of this contest!

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  1. The History or the About Us has already been written.
    The would make great prizes for the new groups.

    For Malchus Ears;

    For Rent in Twain:

  2. Okay, We should totally start a quartet with the name Five Smooth Stones haha.

    • Not so totally far out there. There is a CCM group that goes by the name Pocket Full of Rocks. Obviously in reference to the David vs Goliath account. Before David was a great king, he was just a shepherd boy with a “pocket full of rocks”.

  3. Wow, looks like “Golden Calf Milkshakes” didn’t get much love! Still think it’s the funniest of the names, but agree it wouldn’t be a good name for a group. 🙂

    • “Golden Calf Milkshakes” and “Rent in Twain” are both on the darker / less upbeat side – probably both too dark / negative for this genre. So I’m not too surprised.

      • “Rent in Twain” is a reference to something glorious and wonderful, not dark. But when applied to a group and not a veil…yeah, it doesn’t have the same effect. 🙂

      • That’s what I meant – applied to a group, it implies that the group can’t stand being around each other. 🙂

      • “for this genre” was the key phrase in that earlier comment. 🙂