Saturday News Roundup #196

Worth Knowing

  • Songwriter Joel Lindsey announced on Facebook that he has signed an exclusive publishing deal with Word / Warner Brothers / Curb Music Publishing.
  • The Ball Brothers mentioned in their most recent email newsletter that a video crew will be filming them over the next few weeks; their Rollin’ With The Ball Brothers web series is being turned into a reality show.
  • Worth reading: John Rulapaugh shares the story of how Freedom Quartet formed. He mentions that a Kickstarter campaign will be coming soon. 

Worth Watching

The Cathedrals Family Reunion CD releases next Tuesday. Here’s a video preview:

Speaking of Cathedrals memories made new, here’s a video of Danny Funderburk joining Legacy Five at a recent concert, singing one of Danny’s signature songs:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. According to his Facebook, Adam Crabb has been singing with the Gaither Vocal Band.

    Here’s what he said:

    “Wow so much fun singing with the GVB the last two nights. Such talent and great people. David, Wess, Bill, and Mark. And all of production you guys Rock!!”

  2. I am curious about the new EH&SS concert DVD and cd coming in February. Anyone know why it is on the Gaither label? Do you think it is to help with production costs?

    • I am curious, too. I doubt it’s production costs; EHSS has had multiple DVD releases in their StowTown era. It’s more likely for the benefit of Gaither’s marketing efforts.

      • I definitely believe marketing plays a big role. Also, a majority of the songs have been on previous projects. By putting it on the Gaither label, it should attract audiences who might not normally know about the project and who haven’t heard the songs. Plus, it will likely put it on the Gaither TV slots, which is a major promotion.

  3. Wow, Danny still rocks that song!

  4. I’ve saw on a couple of blogs where people were asking about David Hester. I can tell you where he was tonight. He sang with us (Jordan’s Bridge) and made us a quartet. That guy can still get it done. He hurt me with a few low F and G notes tonight. Lol. Then turned right around and sang Leaving on My Mind as beautiful as I’ve ever heard it sang. Anyway just thought I would drop that one on y’all.

    • Wow! Now there is a voice that any trio would be better for having!

    • I believe David is working for the electric power company in NC these days. It would be great to see him with a classic quartet again…

  5. My family went to the Night of Music in Lancaster, PA on Friday night to see the Triumphant Quartet, The Collingsworth Family and Taranda Greene.
    I estimate there were 1,500 in attendance. Paul Heil (The Gospel Greats) was the host/MC.
    The evening started on time with Triumphant performing first. Their set was for 40 minutes. It included a harmonica solo and piano solo and ended with He Is.
    Next up was Taranda. She opened with the Hallelujah Chorus and then sang songs from her new CD. She shared her testimony of how painful it was when Tony passed away and how God brought her out of a terrible 9 month depression. Her set lasted 30 minutes.
    The Collingsworth Family was next. They performed 45 minutes; all songs from their new Hymns from home CD. Their set also included a trumpet solo, twin violin solo and finished with a piano solo.
    The evening started at 7:00 PM and did not stop for “intermission” until after 9:00 PM. We left while the artists were doing their product pitches. Large crowds were already in front of the product tables in the lobby. My kids were tired and we live an hour away.
    Paul Heil did say that each group would come back out and sing 2-3 more songs after intermission……I am sure it was a great finale and am sorry we missed it.
    Let me know if you would like more detiail or have questions.

    • This is a comment, not a question, but I’ll post anyhow: I’m intrigued to hear that the Collingsworths’ set was all-hymns.

      • I was hoping to hear some of their other songs from previous albums, such as At Calvary, The Blood of Jesus etc……but they may have saved those for after the intermission. They were excellent.

  6. I don’t know if I should ask this here or not, but, does anyone know where I can find a copy of The Cathedrals “Land of Living” LP? My dad has been looking for it and I’m trying to find it before he does so I can give it to him for Christmas. lol Any info helps.

    • I guess it almost goes without saying that used is the only option. Rather expensive used copies surface on Amazon and eBay semi-regularly.

      • Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on Amazon.

  7. I agree with Scott. After hearing Danny this past weekend at the Cathedral Family Reunion he still has it and is still the best. Their rendition of I will serve thee with him and Pat Barker Friday night was worth the whole trip. Pat also did Thanks to Calvary and it was stellar. Pat was better than I’ve ever heard him that weekend. Incredible clarity and depth in his voice I hadn’t heard. Even Gerald complimented him on stage about it.

    • It’s a good thing for Pat and for us that he didn’t hit national prominence until around a decade after the Cathedrals’ retirement. While many bass singers’ voices have some resemblance to George Younce, his voice has more resemblance than any other bass singer I’ve heard live and in person. Then add that to the fact that he’s in a Cathedrals alumni group alongside the person with the longest Cathedrals tenure still living (now that Roger, Glen, and George have all passed away), and he’s in the right place at the right time.

      I did say right time; it’s a good thing, I think, that he didn’t come to prominence sooner. Suppose Legacy Five had hired him right out of college in 1999. The pressure on him to be the next George would have been out of this world. It probably would have been more than any singer, especially a young singer, could handle. It’s a good thing that he had 35 or 40 years of his life to be himself, know who he is, and develop his own style before being George. That way, we get the best of both worlds, since he has his own distinctive personality, on stage and off. That may not have developed had the role of being George been on his shoulders ever since college.