Cathedrals song on Haskell Cooley record

During Haskell Cooley’s years with The Cathedral Quartet, he released an LP titled A Meeting With God. I recently got a copy of this LP from someone I’ve traded quite a few LPs with over the last few years. On the song “What Are You Gonna Leave,” George Younce is featured vocally, and the Cathedrals appear on the chorus.

Two more notes of interest: It’s the Roy Tremble-era Cathedrals, which isn’t exactly surprising since that was the era in which Cooley was the pianist. Also, the song was written by George Younce.

I figured this would be of interest to Cathedral Quartet collectors on what is a slow news day so far (though saying so seems to be the surest way to guarantee it won’t stay that way!)

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  1. This is interesting! Haskell sent us some recordings recently which are in rotation at The Southern Gospel Station. If you have a digital version of this cut please get in touch.


    • Thanks! My LP copy is too scratchy, with too much surface noise, to be radio quality, even if it gets converted to mp3.

      • Do you have Adobe Audition to clean it up?

      • No, I don’t.

  2. Cathedrals backed Johnny Cash on about half the songs on an early 80s album called “Believe in Him” which was released on Word. All the songs from the album are on a relatively new double CD of gospel by Cash (Bootleg IV). Younce is especially prominent on a song called “Another Wide River to Cross.” The double CD also includes songs (previously unreleased) in which Cash is backed by the Oaks.

    • Which tracks do the Cathedrals appear on?

      I was listening through the iTunes soundclips, and there isn’t always enough of the song to tell. It sounds like it might be them on “Back in the Fold,” “That’s Just Like Jesus,” “Don’t Give Up On Me,” “Over There,” and, of course, the one you mentioned, “Another Wide River to Cross.”

  3. Of the 10 songs on the Believe in Me album, the Cathedrals are on four of them – Another Wide River, Over There, You’re Drifting Away and One of these days I’m going sit down and talk with Paul. The Oaks are on a number of songs including That’s Just Like Jesus (written by one time pianist Garland Craft and also recorded by the Oaks and Cathedrals), Sanctified, Would You Recognize Jesus (Statler Brother song), Keep Me from Blowing Away. Don’t Give Up on Me and possibly a few others .