Saturday News Roundup #197

Worth Knowing

  • Tracy Stuffle is riding the Perrys bus for the weekend for the first time since his stroke in January. He has made it to selected dates relatively near his Tennessee home for the last few weeks; this is the first time Libbi and Tracy are going to try a full weekend.
  • Old Paths tenor Jeremy Peace has launched a website offering Southern Gospel-specific vocal training,
  • The Mark Trammell Quartet announced this week that they have just launched an online store. They were one of the final holdouts among major Southern Gospel groups—perhaps the final one—to not enable online orders.
  • Mansion Entertainment has hired Daniel Johnson as their new Director of Publishing.
  • The Hoppers passed the 50,000 likes mark on Facebook. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound has almost reached the 90,000 mark.
  • Karen Peck Gooch announced that “Revival” will be #1 on the January 2014 Singing News charts. Kenna Turner West shares the story behind the song here.

Worth Watching

For those of us who couldn’t make it down to Texas for the Cathedrals Alumni Reunion last weekend, here’s a little peek at what we missed:

And more:

Also, from the same user: Thanks To Calvary, Movin’ Up to Gloryland, Into His Presence, and Whosoever Will.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Last week David Phelps passed the 100,000 mark on Facebook. 🙂

  2. Saw where Jason Crabb has passed the 175,000 mark

    • Dusty, on my FB page I’ve passed the…..hundred mark.:) Of course I’m not talented like Phelps, Jason, and Mark Trammel. 🙂 I’m just a pastor of a small Texas church.

      By the way, my son’s name is Dusty.

  3. Looking at Mark Trammell Quartet’s online store, I noticed that the “Always Have A Song” project has been renamed “A Song To Sing.” When and why did that happen? I am just thinking out loud, but could the rights to the masters reverted to Mark and he re-released a non-Daywind version under a modified title?

    • Brandon, I’m pretty certain that the album title hasn’t changed, and that the album artwork displayed on their website has always been incorrect.

      • Brian, thanks! I had not noticed it before today.

  4. I have spent countless hours on the internet trying to find song lyrics of newer Christian music songs, to no avail.
    I especially want the Perry’s songs. I have found a couple of websites featuring the Perry’s, but they are mostly
    the real popular ones. There are just so many songs out there, and I really would like to have the lyrics. And not
    just the Perrys —- others, too. I thank you for your kind help. I dearly love this music, and you are just some
    good Christian people. Thanks again.

    • Sara, unless the lyrics are being posted on the songwriter’s own website, or on the artist’s own website, there is a pretty good chance that lyrics on nearly any other website are there illegally and in violation of copyright law. Not too many sites secure permission to reprint lyrics from the copyright holders.

    • Sara..
      I would be happy to find the lyrics for you — they are out there — let me know which you would like.. Lyrics ‘freak’ (name of site and many many others have entire album lyrics shared. And yes, including modern Christian . Also, “YouTube” people, will make full videos with the lyrics on the particular songs .. again, let me know. It’s not illegal to share lyrics only to profit from or plagiarizing for ones own benefit (which is wrong of course) .

      • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but copyright law prohibits reproduction of copyrighted lyrics on a website without the copyright owner’s permission, even if there is no financial profit involved.

    • Sarah I don’t think any of us has the time to hunt down or transcribe all the songs you’re looking for, but are there a few you’re especially interested in? If you leave your e-mail and a few ideas we might be able to help.

  5. Hey anybody know what the crowd was like of the Cathedral Reunion?

    • It depends on which session you are referring to. Friday night, the floor and the balcony were, pretty much, packed! For the Saturday morning session, the floor seats stayed the same, but the balcony was not near as full. And Saturday night, the floor level was packed out again! The balcony was full in the middle and empty on the sides, but, due to the camera crew, Wesley Pritchard had some of the people move from the middle to the sides (to give them a closer seat (and make the auditorium look more full) and they dropped the lights up at the top. It was an AMAZING event!

  6. “No other genre of music chooses to sing as many dates, night after night, as we do. ”
    Interesting quote from Jeremy Peace’s website. I think I know what he means, but if artists had the choice, would they sing as many dates as they do? Maybe they would. I don’t know.

  7. Matt, what you are thinking I’m meaning is probably what I am meaning! Lol Now say that really fast 5 times.!!!

  8. Daniel, I believe “Revival” will be #1 in January 2014, not 2013 hehehe

  9. I almost teared up when they started singing “I’ve Read the Back of the Book.” Looks like an absolutely wonderful concert, but I sure wish Roger were still here! He is missed, but Scott is carrying Legacy Five on in a fitting manner. Thanks for bringing these videos to our attention!!!

  10. I was wondering if Bill Gaither has provided any clues as to who will replace Michael and Mark? Yes, I know. No one can replace them, so who will be singing lead and baritone?

  11. I was at the Reunion and it was great! The whole weekend from the, singing, to the music, to the special effects like George, Glen, and Roger appearing in video and synced to sing with the guys was just awesome! The new album they did is good too. Any fans of this music I would defiantly recommend getting it. They stayed true to the Cathedrals heritage, but did make the songs new.
    The tickets were a anniversary gift from my wife and the videos posted above (not the compilation one) are from her phone. We were in the balcony and know that the quality is not the best but it was too good not to capture. Especially good is Pat Barker on Thanks To Calvary and Danny on Whosoever Will.

    • Jealous!! Wish we could’ve been there. Can we get a full report from somebody??? I’ve only read snippets here and there. Did you get to go on the old Cathedrals bus?

      • Yes we did go on the bus. I was not going to go over there and not do everything. Whew a full report would take awhile! I will try to come up with something (including pictures) and see if I can make it available for everyone. But if anyone did not go then shame on you. 🙂

  12. As a side note, the website that everyone in the industry has had a love/hate relationship with for 9 years has posted its “final blog”. Many within or familiar with the industry have very strong feelings about the site. At times, i have uttered hearty amens to the site and other times i have vowed never to return to read that “filth”. Of course i never did stay away long.

    In retrospect, whatever our opinions may be of the topics, the blogger, or the sometimes “vile” comments the site served a needed purpose. The industry was forced to confront issues that needed to be confronted. A conversation was sparked about the quality and viability of the music that we all love. A conversation that needed to take place. While i definitely do not agree with all of the discussions that took place, nor many of the “values” espoused on the site, I do believe the industry is better place because of it.


    • Yes, I noticed that, after this morning’s post went up.

    • May blogs like Daniel’s that practice Ephesians 4:29 live on ’til Jesus comes!

    • If the website, specifically the commenters, had stayed focused on issues within SG the site would have been a much better place. When people curse and speak with vulgarity, I reduce their opinions.

  13. Video of the Pelfreys:

  14. Open thread question………
    What type of song would you prefer a quartet to open with? Something simple with tight harmony, not a lot of music? Something with or without a solo feature? Up tempo? All comments welcomed.

    • Honestly, I’m so happy to see one of my favorites in person that I don’t really care how they open. 🙂

      I’m all for them singing something easy to sing and something that, for those prone to stage fright, might help shake the jitters before they move on.

  15. Were all former cssthedral members invited to participate in the Texas event?

    • I have been told that they were all invited to come. I don’t know who all took the planners up in the invitation, though I believe I recall hearing a mention of ’70s pianist and all-around nice guy Haskell Cooley being there. I don’t know if he (or any other alumni present) came up on stage.

      Of all alumni, Cooley probably lived the closest to Texas.