Southern Gospel Kickstarter Updates

Legacy Five’s Kickstarter campaign, which we covered here, is four days away from completion, and around $500 away from their $25,000 goal.

Freedom Quartet has launched a Kickstarter campaign of their own, here. This will be for their debut project as a quartet—their first since Dale Shipley and Burman Porter came on board. It’s a much shorter, one-week campaign; they’re nearly halfway to their $5,000 goal already.

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  1. When I first saw the headline, I thought you were starting a Kickstarter campaign for the ol’ blog! 🙂

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on the Kickstarter campaigns. Sometimes it is difficult to locate Christian artists who I want to support when searcking Kickstarter. Maybe you can consider keeping this topic a “permanant” addition to the blog. Thanks Daniel.

    • Hmm; that’s in interesting thought. I’d be open to considering that.

  3. An update: Legacy Five’s Kickstarter is now successfully funded.

    • Most of the time when a project goal has been met they keep receiving funds until the expiration of their date with kickstart, I know when Union Street funded a project they ran over about $5000 above their goal. I’m sure L5 will continue to receive funds also.