Saturday News Roundup #199

Worth Knowing

  • Singing News’s Danny Jones has been selected as the new director of the Southern Gospel Music Association. Previous director Charlie Waller stepped down after eight years in the position.
  • Legacy Five’s Kickstarter project has met its funding goals. Fans who still want to contribute and receive one of the rewards—which include a CD with a bonus track which will only be available to people who sign up here—can still sign up through Monday.
  • Mansion Entertainment has hired Tony Griffith as their new Social Media and Marketing Director.
  • Worth reading: Wes Burke’s ideas for Southern Gospel album remixes.

Worth Watching

(Hat tip, Wayne.)

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Hey Daniel, who’s the bass singing/trombone player? I know it’s not Buddy Lyles. Lol.

    • It’s Billy Todd. He was with them from 1959-1972.

  2. Gracious. Looked and sounded familiar to me but obviously never put this video and his name together. I met Billy back when he sang with the Dixie Echoes. Very nice guy and I loved to hear him sing. His notes were true voice and he could rattle a building.

  3. Other noted SG “trombone players” include Ken Turner and Little Roy Lewis.

    • Yes. Didn’t one of the LeFevres to it, too? I tend to think that Billy Todd and whichever LeFevre did brass instruments had the most convincing imitations.

      • I would love to see the handsome, humble and very talented Pat Barker take up the “trombone.”

    • I believe Melvin Klaudt with the Klaudt Indian Family played Trombone in their group. One of them and and I’m thinking it was Melvin.

      • Yes; however, I was speaking of vocal imitations of trombones, not the real thing.

  4. I believe the person in the Lefevres that you are thinking of Daniel was Big Jim Waits.

  5. Ken Turner used to do the trombone imitation, former Dixie Echoes and Blackwood Brothers bass singer.