Groups that Stood the Test of Time: 1990s

Today, we wrap up the four-part series we started on Monday. Which groups’ recordings from the 1990s stand up best to the test of time?

As before, I’ll start things off with a list. Just for fun, if you like, indicate in your list how many recordings you have by that group from that decade.

These choices need less explanation, since this is more recent history than the last three posts.

  1. Cathedral Quartet (15 recordings—10 w/o compilations).
  2. Gold City (5 recordings). Gold City started the decade with one of their two best lineups and finished it with the other.
  3. Greater Vision (10 recordings).
  4. Hoppers (2 recordings plus a compliation).
  5. Kingsmen (11 recordings). Though past their peak years, the Kingsmen still put out a great live show through the ’90s, and released several solid live projects this decade.
  6. Gaither Vocal Band (3 recordings plus a compilation).
  7. Bishops (5 recordings).
  8. Dove Brothers (2 recordings).
  9. Kingdom Heirs (4 recordings).
  10. Inspirations (1 recordings).

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  1. Let’s see, of some of those albums, I have the Cathedrals: “Worship His Glory”, A Farewell Celebration,” and “Radio Days”
    Of Gold City, I have: “What A Great Lifestyle” and “Within the Rock”.

  2. Some of my favorite Southern Gospel music came from the late ’80s / early ’90s era. Here is my top 10 list.

    Hoppers – IMO they dominated this decade all the way from Here I Am to Yes I Am.
    Crabb Family – they were an instant hit when coming on the scene it the mid to late ’90s.
    Kingdom Heirs – especially the late ’90s version.
    Bishops – they were the trio of choice before GV.
    Greenes – the Amy Lambert years.
    Gold City
    Tony Gore & Majesty – a strong debut recording made them an instant hit.
    Perrys – even though this current decade they are finding their peak, the music they recorded in the mid ’90s with Mike Bowling and Nicole Watts also found success.

    *McGruders – one of my personal favorite groups in the early part of the ’90s. They had one of the best bands ever in Southern Gospel music.